Thursday, 17 December 2020

Bade Dino Baad...

Bade Dino Baad...

Hello everyone! Yes, we are meeting bade dino baad...but the situation was so grim around  due to this pandemic that took my birthday of this year (3rd November) too seriously! The celebrations with family & friends continued for good month and half resulting in me being 'heavier' (politically I always was 😅) by some 8 to 9 kilograms; but now back on track with healthy lifestyle and regime and advice of senior most IPS officer who swears by intermittent fasting. Anyways, here too our politicians and bureaucrats too din't do anything worthwhile that perturbed or mattered any of the 'seasoned' journo's. But have some interesting gossips coming your way....

1. "Bhaisaab", I asked a Delhi BJP waala , " If an Amit Shah, J P Nadda, CM Yogi, Devendra Fadnavis, Sharad Pawar of the BJP--Ashish Shelar, Tejasvi Surya and many such tall leaders of the BJP were present in Hyderabad for just winning a Municipal Corporation--isn't Maharashtra a bigger ball game for the BJP than a mere Hyderabad Corporation? He replied with that typical smirk, "Not giving you any date this time, in 2021 Maharashtra will definitely see a change". Believe me, I'm fed up of these BJP's promises of this date & that date. Even their karyakarta's are. Now whenever it has to happen, it will happen. At the same time can't take anything away from Uddhav Thackeray government the way they controlled Corona in our state. Everything depends on the grand old man of Maharashtra Politics. Mark my words! But off the record, BJP has started to woo Sena. Talks are on, I'm told. Those who got this hint, pick up YouTube and see for yourself the speech of CM Uddhav Thackeray at Vidhan Bhavan of recently concluded Winter session. Like his previous two sessions, his reply in this one was not 'pinching' at all to the BJP... it was very friendly and mellowed down, I felt! Enough for me to speculate many undercurrents.

2. So, insiders say, Ajoy Mehta's name has been finalized as RERA chief and after retiring CS Sanjay Kumar too will go to the MERC. Yes, quite the opposite & vice-versa as to what was being said. But wasn't more able and senior Mukesh Khullar (member at MERC) deserving to be the Chairman of MERC after veteran Anand Kulkarni retires in February? Saying that, in this Government anything is possible. Juniors can become Seniors. You never know. Both CS and Advisor to CM can get extensions too... But to tell you more inside news, I can't see Ajoy Mehta stamp on many of the IAS reshuffle nowadays. Look at this. Lokesh Chandra after CIDCO was made Principal Secretary -Water Resources in September 2020. Within 2 months Vijay Gautam managed his way to replace Lokesh. This wouldn't be easily possible friends so easily in the olden days. Welcome back Mr. Vijay Gautam! After 3 years seeing you in the main frame! Make sure the ghost (if any) of the loan waiver scam does not come back to haunt you! 

3. Vijay Gautam reminds me of another Vijay, Vijay Singhal. I feel pretty bad for this one. Heard many bigwigs are playing with his sentiments by gambling his name weather he will join MSEDCL (Asim Gupta will be only PS then) or will they place him at MIDC. Now that Ajoy Mehta's anger has mellowed down with age, Vijay bhai, would advice you to meet him and then our CS very soon. Don't depend on anyone. Anyways, nowadays CS loves winter Mutton coming to his house. They say way to man's heart is through his stomach and many of current IAS  know that 😅 

4. Who said to whom, "I'm the Metro Man-and Metro in Mumbai will be possible only because of me"...Yes please laugh out loud on this joke claimed by an officer in MMRDA whose retirement is on the horizon. He says, if others can be given extension why can't I? CM Uddhav Thackeray loves me and so does Aaditya...Aree but "chotte", never ever there was any question of Thackeray's love for you...the grand old daddy of Maharashtra Politics has other views...  And also you can be given an extension--no problem--but just control that brother of your wife...Last "heard" in EOW someone big has complained about him and referring him as your collection agent😉😆😆

5. Why is our Jitendra 'Bunty' Awhad quiet these days? He didn't appear at his best at the two day winter session too. Aree Bunty sahab, ED has come to Sarnaik's house baba...Don't worry. And yes, please pass my message to Eknath Shinde too...But actually Shinde is the most sorted out politician in Sena for me these days. Works for Thackeray's and Winks at Devendra Fadnavis😉😉 just like Ajit Pawar. 

6. Hmm...last one....a news appeared that 90 crores were spent on Ministers bungalows modifications. Aree baba, this is toh common, move your attention to bureaucrats working at the BMC and MMRDA. These officers too don't leave their houses where huge amounts have been spent on renovations even after their postings are gone. Now the one's who have been allotted these homes have to wait for good 8 to 9 months to convince them to GET OUT. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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