Monday, 19 October 2020

STP (Ghotala) Series-Part 5

Before I begin the 5th part expose, one thing has really shaken me. I happen to lay my hands on of a chat group (Mantralaya Secretaries) wherein all the top IAS of our state are part of the group. Arvind Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary, has 
revealed some shocking information about his own colleagues & ex-Chief Secretaries D K Jain & Ajoy Mehta. I cannot write also; such are the words chosen to describe them by Arvind Kumar. Mind you Kumar is still in service. He has alleged DK Jain had helped Jain Irrigation get few thousands of crores (almost more than 50% of budget allocated for the dept) when he was in service. For Ajoy Mehta, he has asked him to have some kind of self-respect & quit immediately, which many of the bureaucrats are talking behind his back to me too. But if anything of this sort of DK Jain is true, it should be investigated. Oh yes, before I conclude--Drive-in-Theatre at Bandra East has been transferred to a Private Party, alleged Kumar. More Power to Arvind Kumar. Only if he chooses his words correctly, I'm ready to stand by him and expose whatever he gives me, though with ample investigation...
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STP (Ghotala) Series-Part 5 
A tale of 3 parties & a pie.

It seems that all is not well in paradise. According to the latest news, it seems a senior Cabinet Minister from Congress has set loose the cat amongst the pigeons. He has not written one but two hard hitting letters to the Municipal commissioner highlighting every major fault in the STP bid and its repercussions on the MCGM exchequer. Knives are also out in the NCP camp and my information confirms that the lady Corporator who represents NCP in the corporation also has shot a letter on the same lines. Congress has taken a tough stance and not willing to budge as it feels such glaring discrepancies in the current STP bid will be a fodder in the hands of the opposition especially when the elections are round the corner. 
The real reason however is that Congress seems to be rather miffed in the brazen manner in which the Thane Business-man is operating without taking the partners in confidence especially that partner who has 30 Corporators to its credit in the current fractured house in the MCGM and who has recently helped the Shiv Sena safely sail through filling important positions in the standing committee. NCP is quietly watching the game being played on and expected to jump in at the right time. I think no prior training was given to the Thane Businessman to deal with national parties and now he is caught in the eye of the storm. Can’t actually blame him as he has bitten more than he could chew, his prior experience in handling a small corporation for his boss is way too small as compared to the massive department of UD. His dealings & working style has not gone well with many a bureaucrat working under the UD department and many don’t heed to his directives and prefer to validate the same from the CM. He therefore relies heavily on the other affluent influential Businessman from Pune who has very slyly got all his YES MAN posted in all important bureaucratic position. 
Yes, this also couldn’t have been possible without help from the Pune Businessman’s closest bureaucrat friend who is the de-facto CM of the state. I as such wonder whether the so-called tiff between the CM and the Pune Businessman is a figment of imagination or a facade as it is, he who is actually calling the shots though through his proxies like the Thane Businessman. All those bureaucrats who have not taken his blessings are either been benched or have been purposefully given side postings. This was never the case earlier, postings to important positions were done on merit and capability of the officers and not on their loyalty towards a single individual. God save Maharashtra.
Thane Businessman is also torn between his blinded affection towards the opposition and trying to prove his loyalty towards the ruling party. Slowly the mask is fading as to on whose side he actually has the loyalty which has become another troublesome factor for him. According to my sources, to prove his loyalty he seems to have given some abnormal commitments of which STP is on top of the list. And to add to his worries the figure which he has committed has supposedly been leaked to the other partners of the government & by the same selected contractors who owe their allegiance to other partners. So much for management and secrecy!!!! Now it won’t be called a mistake na, if the other partners also want a piece of the pie. Love is all about caring and sharing, isn’t it? The only difference is that instead of one partner earlier there are two now, and those two who usually eye the entire pie.
Now how this event will unfold will be worth watching in the coming week. Whether sharing and caring will save the day or many cooks spoil the broth is what needs to be seen?
My advice though to my bureaucratic friends would be to be extra cautious especially when you see a political storm brewing because history has shown that when the storm passes it’s often the bureaucrat who is left to clear the mess or more often blamed for the mess.
Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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