Monday, 12 October 2020

(A) Vinash Here, Vinash There, Vinash Everywhere....

(A)Vinash Here, Vinash There, Vinash Everywhere....

STP (Ghotala) Series--Part 2

                        --Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

Dear Iqbal Singh Chahal Sir, I hope by now you must have found out the work which I was talking about is the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) projects worth almost 21,000 Cr. (my previous blog in Part 1)

Now sir, what I'm hearing is really from my credible sources at Bureaucracy! So, please read it and ACT now...First of all, I am not getting it, I have heard a company who makes Towels & Bed-sheets called, "Welspun" is active in this STP Project. I mean what is Welspun even doing in STP project? The word around is that anyone interested in getting a slice of the pie has to approach them who then leads them to a Business man from Thane (Ajay, yes, the same person who a senior Cabinet Minister of Sena absolutely adores) who in turn puts them across to the wealthy Business man from Pune (“Vinash” kale Viprit buddhi). Now from when did Welspun garner the credentials for building an STP plant? And what I hear is that those who have built STP plants have been kept out of such important projects whereby it’s not only construction which needs to be done but also there is operation and maintenance which needs to be done for next 15 years. Surprisingly, developers like Welspun & Adani who usually subcontract their work are in the race but all building contractors are not being qualified. Isn’t STP also a building structure made of columns, beams and slabs?

 Also Sir, I wanted to know why the farce of keeping open technology done when the land loading criteria which have been put, forces bidder to go only for one technology i.e MBR which in turn favors only two providers i.e Suez who I had mentioned in the earlier blog of being the capable company who, allegedly, has not been able to complete even 15% of a 300 cr project in the last 8 years and that too in MCGM & the other is  "Memstar" a Chinese company disguising itself as a Singaporean firm, again all this is a hearsay. How the use of MBR helps in justifying the exorbitant rise in price is what I shall let you know in my upcoming blogs. It seems both of the above companies are moving around town claiming to have secured projects after they have done MOU with the influential Business man from Thane (Ajay Bhai) who claims to run the Urban Development department as per his whims and fancies. Didn't I tell you this Ajay is adored by a Cabinet Minister from Shivsena?

By now the grapevine suggest that all the projects have been allotted to respective parties which the two influential wealthy Business man from Pune and Thane have decided and the bidding supposed to happen is just a mere formality. Don’t worry sir, I shall through my blog let you know much more earlier as to who the lucky bidders are. Makes me wonder in such crucial time of Covid when the revenue income of MCGM has dipped and is further expected to dip due to mayhem in realty sector then why is there so much rush & desperation to dole out such bumper Diwali bonanza to some scrupulous undeserving contractors & that too at the expense of the poor tax payers? Is this desperation stemming out of the fact of a probable regime change about to be played out or for filling up the coffers keeping in mind the upcoming MCGM elections?

Sir, time is running out. Hope better judgement will prevail & I will keep posting enough material as proof for you to take cognizance & make necessary changes and save money of the MCGM exchequer.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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