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MMRDA & the coterie controlling it....

MMRDA & the coterie controlling it....       

 Exactly on 5th September 2020 I had exposed the MMRDA & it’s wrong doing of taking a decision to transfer the metro car shed to Pahadi Goregaon (Oshiwara) and how declaring Aarey a forest of 600 acres is merely an eyewash, even after NBT has not declared it...It was taken up by LoP Devendra Fadnavis 2 days later in the Monsoon Assembly Session. Now some more interesting facts on the same. The Pahadi Goregaon plot initially under 'accommodation reservation' belongs to a Parsi man who is allegedly NOW in partnership with our very own AB from Pune who is the middleman of a very powerful 'coterie'. So now instead of acquiring land under ( AR Policy ) accommodation reservation AB gets compensated in land acquisition (Govt pays two times; approx Rs. 1500 to 2000 crores for 60-acre land). My Marathi friend from Pune who controls Breach Candy & CMO too, (not CM) will participate in Tenders for the new car shed (a bonus). The beneficiaries of this coterie are AB and some very powerful IAS officers which includes R A Rajeev, the current MMRDA boss (though scared initially) but he was made a part of this. How? Read below.

 So, R A Rajeev wasn't keen on shifting the car shed. A loss of nearly 4000 crores to MMRDA wasn't a joke for him. He said to his boss (CM), only 5 to 6 months are remaining please let me go into retirement without any controversies. But at the same time, there was a case of a Raguleela who was penalized by the MMRDA for some irregularities for Rs. 432 crores. The coterie 'asked' Rajeev to help the industrialists, which again he refused. Even if I say, R A Rajeev isn't an active member of the coterie, he is surely in the good books of one of them, the advisor to the current CM. Before I forget, once the above Raghuleela was helped to 'waive off' Rs 432 crores by playing it smartly, next in line with similar case type is Reliance. Penalty for delayed construction issued by MMRDA is around 3800 crores of which I have heard Penalty of Reliance which can be waived because of this case law is around Rs 1800 crores . Now how & why did Rajeev do this? So, the coterie asked Rajeev to remove 'senior counsel' and appoint Attorney General of Maharashtra to fight in the High court. Everything was staged and very poor representation was made, I’m told. Obviously MMRDA lost in the High court, just that no one should challenge or smell a rat in this, MMRDA appealed in the SC and lost there too. It was on purpose, I'm told, MMRDA had lost this case and Raguleela was spared and penalty of Rs. 432 crores waived off. Now if Rs. 400 crores can go, why should Reliance be left behind. It won't come as a surprise to us, if Rs. 1800 crore penalty is waived off too soon. All credit goes to the coterie. 

Now in this circus R A Rajeev did not wish to help the coterie directly, he was then asked by AB and the coterie to speed up the administration process of shifting of car shed & giving permission for land acquisition for building another car shed (Line 3 & Line 6) at Pahadi Goregaon. He did that without battling an eyelid. Now the coterie HAD decided that if Rajeev fails to do both their works (waiving off penalties & speeding up administrative work for new car shed location) Anil Diggikar would be brought in his place as during that time, Diggikar was at home & without posting. Somehow the advisor convinced both Rajeev and the CM for this and Diggikar was given Mhada with a promise of MMRDA in March.  So, this is reality. The coterie headed by AB does not care a rat’s ass for you & me. All they care is how money can be tripled. Unfortunately, AB is in good books of almost everyone (Matoshri is still a no entry though) who matters and many IAS & IPS officers are on his payroll ( apart from the Dabbas sent regularly from the hospitality wing ) ; Ahh, a very serious matter in the meantime at Mhada of AB is stuck. It is the Aaram nagar project, I’m told. Watch out for this space on that....

Devendra Fadnavis & Sanjay Raut meet.

No 3 hours were not spent on asking one question, 'Interview doge kya'? The meeting was, am told, on insistence of the RSS. Sanjay Raut met Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur & in-turn Gadkari through RSS arranged this meeting with Fadnavis. Gadkari knew, Fadnavis would not meet Raut like this only, so intervention of RSS was required. The agenda of meeting, I'm told, is a straight submission. Let's not get into that. By the way, MP Arvind Sawant too met big wigs of BJP in Delhi recently. Is the Income Tax Notice trouble, is it the Drug case of Bollywood, or is it the SSR death case or what exactly one does not know might be the reason for Shivsena to be so desperate off late. But it surely won't be taken lightly by NCP supremo-Sharad Pawar. 

Varun Singh v/s Gurbir Singh.

Yes, both are established names in our profession of Journalism. But last year, there was a spat in between the two who coincidentally also happen to be members of the prestigious Mumbai Press Club, located opposite of the BMC. It so happened, Gurbir Singh on one of his 'days' hurled abuses on Varun for no rhyme or reason and there were bystanders, fellow journalists and members of the club who witnessed this. As a policy of the Club, with immediate effect on the complain received, with witnesses testifying, the said member has to be suspended; but it did not happen as Gurbir Singh himself happens to be the President of the Mumbai Press Club. That left the Chairman & the Secretary in a soup. But, a 3 member committee was appointed and decision of theirs was to be considered final. Varun, the complainant, kept on saying that in the Club rule book it is no where  mentioned that a committee has to be formed for such things, action of suspension has to be taken directly if the complaint is proved right. Guess what, 2 weeks back, the committee nearly after a year of its formation, has just fined Rs. 5000 to Gurbir to which Varun has decided to fight this the legal way. Before i conclude, this is the same Gurbir Singh who has suspended a lot of people himself when such cases were brought to his notice. 

 Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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