Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Why Maharashtra needs Devendra Fadnavis again?

Why Maharashtra needs Devendra Fadnavis again? 

People are quite judgemental when it comes to following political ideologies. But for me or, my father (Hemant Joshi), we would always report as to what is right. All said & done, tell me right now who is that one leader in Maharashtra in this crisis situation has the guts to come out of his home & think for the people of our state? Yes, there are Rajesh Tope & Anil Deshmukh in form of Ministers who are doing a splendid job, but then why take away credit from a certain Devendra Fadnavis? Boss, neither is he scared of Corona, nor the rains are damping his spirits. He is touring Maharashtra even today. We need such leaders, don't we who are at ground zero & taking facts. Why do I say so ? No, it does not have to do anything by me being a Brahmin or my grandparents being in RSS all their lives. I'm a journalist & for those who think this the other way-- check my /baba blogs (www.vikrantjoshi.com) how I have ripped the BJP-Sena govt when they were in power. 

We do have stalwarts in Sharad Pawar but friends, he is aging now & he has proved us far too many times what is he capable of. Let's move on from SP.  Those who had vision like Mahajan, Munde, Vilasrao are all gone... Gadkari is not interested in coming here. Rather PM Modi won't let him get any more "bigger"...I had my hopes on Ajit Pawar as he is an excellent administrator, superb leader but his own people are behind him to tame him down now. Narayan Rane, another one who has the guts to lead form the front even today, is yet again sidelined. So currently the one who is in the forefront, who has excellent control over bureaucrats, (these days bureaucrats control the MVA govt) apt knowledge to handle any situation and bring remote "roadmap of progress" somewhere in Maharashtra, no one comes even remotely close to Fadnavis ...

Although I say, he is apt, but even he ain't perfect. There were scams during his tenure too, there were 'stalwarts' like Khadse & others who were almost confined to their Taluka's but my only question is, then who else? Many might say, he does Naatak, but friends, naatak toh koi aur bhi kar ke dikhaye?

If you don't agree, Show me, one leader, today, in these times, in Maharashtra who thinks for Maharashtra even for a minute? We can have a friendly debate...

Till then, Hats off Devendra Fadnavis!!! 

 *Vikrant Hemant Joshi*

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