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Avinash Bhosale for CM of Maharashtra !!

Avinash Bhosale for CM of Maharashtra !!

Before coming to any judgements regarding the title of my blog, I'm listing some key pointers. Read them, absolutely understand them-the underlining meaning and then once you understand it, you will agree with me. No, this is not Journalistic news or gossip, this is my own personal thought. It is a hard political fact and for those who don't understand this blog, read it for the second time or better get yourself updated. Mere reading papers and watching news channels does not make you a political connoisseur! But this is the need of the hour. No Avinash Bhosle, then who? But is there anyone better than him since last 25 years? Answer is a NO! 

So to begin with, why Avinash Bhosale should be made the Chief Minister of Maharshtra with immediate effect ....

  • We all are facing toughest battle of our life in form of Corona. Even during such testing times, none of our political parties have shown any understanding or maturity to understand the concept or act--we should be ONE in such times. Everyone is trying to outplay each other. BJP tried to bring down the Sena by playing the Governor card later relented, NCP is leaving no stone unturned to down Sena's image (Bandra incident, Awhad incident) and Congress is as good as a mere spectator. Who would have been a man in the middle of all 4 major ruling parties who has excellent relations with every party heads? It is AB...Had all 4 party heads come & discussed in his presence he would have resolved everything amicably. Though in the beginning Kaka Pawar taunted AB when he reached (right after MVA was born) Silver Oaks for not answering calls in last 5 years, AB has compensated by visiting Silver Oaks regularly. Also the MVA government wouldn't want anyone else to play cupid amongst themselves rather than age old trusted friend in AB. Though AB would not have done anything better than what is happening to Mumbai, my point here is--had he been the CM--the internal fights would have been stopped and firm Government would have been showcased. This government appears fragile to me.  
  • Secondly, our state has become a joke for the public inside and for the one's living outside. Bureaucrats don't listen to Ministers and Ministers don't understand policies. Flip Flops be it Government Resolutions is common, or any particular decision taken in cabinet, either the bureaucrat does not implement/listen nor any important file which the bureaucrat has got , Minister signs without demanding "moolah" or wanting to meet the party first. Who has excellent relations with all the top bureaucrats of the state? It is AB. Just imagine AB role & significance. You talk about ease of business --I have given the solution. 
  • As to why I say bureaucrats are AB's friends--tell me with all honesty-We all know what AB means to every top bureaucrat of our state and city. Every IAS or even a Class 3 bureaucrat knows AB personally, if you were fortunate to work with him/for him. I know many bureaucrats  cabin whom AB has the power to just enter without prior appointment, for whom I have to wait for weeks to meet.  How did this develop? Any file which AB is involved in, leave it now, but for many years like Mangal Prabhat Lodha, AB himself took all the files to every table and has maintained relations .So bureaucracy which NEVER EVER any political party has been able to take control , AB has shown it, done it single handedly...Don't you agree that if relations improve within the government a lot can be achieved? And it's OK if one or two hate you AB, it does not matter....
  • Have you ever been to any of AB's offices or any 5 star hotels he owns? Just see the way he has built them and managed them. This shows he has qualities like discipline, vision, mission and if he decides to built something he will do it...Not like our Sarkar...When will memorial of Shivaji Maharaj will come, when will we have Babasaheb's memorial at Indu Mill, I don't see it happening quickly. 
  • Now, most importantly our state needs big financial assistance. We all must be aware of many politicians and bureaucrats having their monies invested or parked with AB. Now I have just heard this for a long time now.. But yes, have heard how offices get cleared and employees are asked to leave at IndiaBulls Centre when he and Sameer Gehlot use to meet a top bureaucrat at their Lower Parel building. AB can have his own amnesty scheme. Instead of just investing all this 'black money' in building line how about he gets full power to utilise this money in all sectors? They say in Maharashtra- if the top 5 political families-just decide to donate their black money, Maharshtra's loan crises can be far from over. Again who better than AB to approach these families, and believe me no one will say no. As they say, AB is a man of his words. No investment will ever go down the drain? Plus it will yield interest... You tell me--once you control the system everything is as smooth as silk, isn't it? 
  • Now what are Ministers & bureaucrats most worried of? To find a 'dalaal' or a contractor who can 'vouch' for the deal and take it through. As it is AB is in almost every department in regard to supplies of anything. Either he is there or his friends are there. Just imagine we media guys, and everyone in the system--we will be free of every supplier & dalaal. Ministers & Bureaucrats can too be assured for no taping or meeting here & there to collect 'parcels'. Everything will be formalised and systemised.
  • Acha, as said earlier, AB has excellent relations with all parties & their bosses. So in this case say CM Uddhav Thackeray faces a tough situation in the Assembly over a LAQ or a question what does CM do? He will send a message via his Ministers either to the person raising the question or he will walk out. Imagine situation if AB is CM. LoP Devendra Fadnavis is also his close friend as when Fadnavis was CM, apart from Sumit and Prasad Lad, no one other person than AB had frequented Varsha. Later they say, he himself moved back. In short, no tension of opposition or Dharna or andolan's. Cops can breathe easy and actually do their job well. 
  • See we cannot rule out corruption from system. It was, is and will be there in our blood. Everyone wants a share of the pie. If AB is made the CM, everything will be organised. I use to like this ex PWD minister who is known to build bridges. What he use to do, say a bridge costs Rs. 100. This minister would actually get the work done for Rs. 90, raise the bill to Rs. 120 and pocket the Rs. 30. Who does not want this? People are like--boss eat as much you want, but show the work at least...Not like the irrigation scam where crores were siphoned off and forget dams, not even a single pipe was at the site. So AB is a crude businessman. I'm sure he believes in development. He can regularise a lot of liasion work and he can also legalise what is legalised in the UK--Lobbying. (I'm sure many journalist will be happy to read this)
  • OK, we all know any bureaucrat be the topmost is at ABs mercy when it comes to crucial transfers. Just take all the top posts of Maharshtra be it IAS/IPS and see whose stamp you can see on it. So what happened with Pravin Pardeshi will also be avoided, as he will be the sole dictator. And believe me no one can change his mind & heart. Bureaucrats can breathe a little easy. Once AB gives them one posting, until your 3 years are completed, he won't move you...Why? Coz he might have faced similar problems during his struggle days as when a bureaucrat shook hands with him to do some work, Government had changed him/her before they completed the term. Again the whole new exercise to befriend a new bureaucrat and again new packet to get the same file move ahead!
  • Also only AB can fulfil PM Modi's wish of having smart cities. I remember how AB has spent hours and hours over DP with Mumbai & Pune DP team to get the work done. Similarly with SRA. Also he does care for the poor. Similarly for Mhada. He is everywhere!
  • AB is well travelled has excellent corporate friends who are stinging rich and his company's credit history is super. If he gets Maharashtra's access, forget funds from the Centre, he can introduce funds or I shall go a step further--if he gets good back up even World Bank is not out of his reach.
  • Plus AB is fit. Not unlike other CM's who have had weight issues or has stents in heart who don't even get down from their bunglow 1st floor to ground floor. AB is well versed with languages, knows his subject better than the bureaucrat sometimes and is extremely helping if he likes the person. He has competition in Vivek Jadhav or small time dalaal's here & there.....But let me tell you...if these dalaal's roam in their Benz's he has a bloody chopper! That is the difference. 
  • Not many know (even I don't i'm assuming) AB must be a philanthropist too...So when people die in accidents or say natural calamities, he is the one who will take care of their entire family can be through various insurance policies or some schemes. I'm told once you work for ABIL even if you die, you need to worry for your family. And here our Government still believes a human life is all about handing over Rs, 5 lakhs or 10 lakhs or bloody setting up CM Relief Fund which in turns out to be another scam. So why not we have AB instead. 
  • Plus being a businessman, AB will do what none of us have been able too..He can work his way of fighting casteism. For a businessman, if you are worth something, you be a Brahmin or a Dalit, it does not matter. Merit will prevail. 
  • He might have a small disadvantage in the Education department. But for that when will son-in-law Vishwajit will come handy? 
These are some advantages as what I see to have a neutral CM. Instead of him funding numerous candidates, I feel AB should himself contest now independently and keep one condition-I will be the CM. My father who has been in Journalism since 1980 has told me---since 1995 AB comes to Mantralaya. Not a single person is there in Maharshtra who has been able to get as big as him in liasoning and contracting work. It is only AB to whom even Kaka has surrendered, and as for the rest he does not care and is nor does he even look too...He might appear a bit shrewd, but hello! Isn't he No 1 in Maharshtra when it comes to everything else....Don't we say, kiski bhi sarkaar, Bhosle dikhe har baar....I feel we in Maharshtra need someone like a Donald Trump. My Donald Trump is Avinash Bhosale!!

A proud Maharashtrian!

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

PS: My condolences to the migrant workers who expired on the railway tracks 

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