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Today Cabinet expansion. After working for only 5/6 months in the entire calendar year, hope the new cabinet functions smoothly now. What a coincidence! People who were in jail for nearly 3 years, people who SHOULD be in Jail- will be swearing-in as Ministers today! I'm telling you only some magical power or a force is running this state, my conclusion!! Not that only this Government has dubious characters, even in the previous government too, we had maniacs!! But such is life! It has to move on!! Anyways, best wishes for the new Government...

What's wrong with this Bureaucrat? 
Bureaucrats are in a tizzy now. No 1- they want to save their chairs and existing postings. No 1 wants to become another example like that of IAS Ashwini Joshi. No 2--they are trying their level best to show that how they were NO WAY close to Devendra Fadnavis in the last 5 years, and No 3- whom to report once a full fledged Government is in power. MoS will be from one party, Cabinet from another party and CMO from another party all-together..One senior bureaucrat just wanting to save his chair, I heard, met CM Uddhav Thackrey at the Mayor Bunglow and just when Uddhav entered a private room for one-on-one meet, this bureaucrat straight away fell on Uddhav's feet and actually begged to be forgiven as in the last 5 years targeting Sena and their accomplices was the sole criteria for this gentleman. Then he said how he could feel 'VIBRATIONS' of Late Balasaheb Thackrey every now and then since the time he has entered the Mayor Bunglow & Trust me, this senior bureaucrat hasn't even met Balasaheb Thackrey (maybe once or twice) in his entire tenure.  Uddhav is all smiles...Then he showcased Uddhav his knowledge & interest in photography...I mean why ? Just because tables have turned it does not mean one has to switch camps or stoop to this level to impress anyone.
CS Ajoy Mehta
I had also heard senior IAS bureaucrats are now upset with Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta too...Reason--Insecurity!! Just because every brick in the Mantralaya is moving only if Mehta says so, what's wrong with it? I think CM Thackrey is mighty impressed with 'straight-forward' nature of Ajoy Mehta. Hence, in the beginning only, Thackrey announced in a meeting that whichever file comes to him & if it is not signed by the CS, he will not sign it. This has upset many. So now everyone right from Journalists to Bureaucrats everyone are often seen impressing Mehta, and believe me, he hates it! In fact, what I hear, both Congress & NCP both have 'confidence' and 'trust' only in Mehta and with support of CM Thackrey and this surely makes him the most important person in Maharashtra today. I won't be surprised if all 3 parties decide to make Ajoy Mehta the official COMMUNICATOR between 10 Janpath, Silver Oak & Matoshri. Also, I  won't be surprised if our Government pushes for Mehta's extension at the DoPT end of January 2020. But sir, one request, please keep those "dalaal's" (you exactly know who blackmails the government regularly) at bay!

PWD's Indulkar, a maniac when it comes to greed!!
Such things will come & go, but I'm not undemanding one thing--tomorrow if say for the sake of naming--if Kushalsigh Pardeshi (ex PS of Ganesh Naik now PS to Chagan Bhujbal) decides to use CS Ajoy Mehta & CM Uddhav Thackrey's name and earn money--won't Uddhav or Mehta come to know about Pardeshi's intentions, sooner or later? They will right--and then they will either throw Pardeshi out of Mantralaya or reprimand him to NOT to use their names whilst making his moolah, in fact not to earn only...Then if such is the case then why aren't Ex CM and LoP Devendra Fadnavis and Principal Secretary Manoj Saunik understanding things which are happening right below their nose and with their names in it. Executive Engineer Mr. Sanjay Indulkar of the PWD currently working in the Presidency Division (Bandkaam Bhavan) is a character! Samna, Tarun Bharat, Pudhari, Lokmat have run news against how this Nagpurian is a pure blackmailer! He does not leave any opportunity to 'demand' money from any contractor be it e-Tendering or small works. The association of contractors are often threatened by his closeness to Fadnavis and Saunik and no contractor at least in the PWD want to go on the wrong side of Saunik, as he is a straight forward man doing his job very well!! If CS Ajoy Mehta is reading this, I want him to personally look into this matter and once and for all send this Indulkar some place where work should be like kala-paani sazaa for him. To make matters worse, I'm sure neither Fadnavis nor Saunik nor CP Joshi nor Sagne (both Secretaires) are aware of their names being used to extort money.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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