Monday, 30 December 2019

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines... (Swearing-In)

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

Silver lining of Silver Oak!
"It will take 100s of births to understand Sharad Pawar" or " Sharad Pawar taught us how to form government with minimum MLAs" were the statements of Shivsena-NCP-Congress's Maha Vikas Aghadi's Man-of-the-Match Sanjay Raut made few days ago...But I'm sure, Sanjay Raut has FAILED to understand Mr. Pawar in this birth itself. Sanjay Raut, who played the most crucial role in formation of this Maha Vikas Aghadi is not only miffed with everyone but he also chose to skip the swearing-in ceremony yesterday. MLA Sunil Raut, brother of Sanjay Raut,  who was promised a birth in the Cabinet was not in the list of those who made it yesterday. This is Sharad Pawar, Mr. Raut...I won't be surprised if it was Mr. Pawar who must have insisted on dropping Sunil from entering the Cabinet. Mr. Raut, you could have met Pawar 3 times in a day during those "Minimum Common Program" days,  but where are you now? Also heard your brother is 'thinking' of leaving the party. Tell him not to do so, as it will finish his career. 

Uddhav's daring!
To leave the likes of Diwakar Raote, Ramdas Kadam, Deepak Kesarkar, Tanaji Sawant, Dr. Deepak Sawant & Ravindra Waikar from the Cabinet and giving newbies a chance to prove themselves is a daring move in itself. A total of 16 Ministers from Sena are sworn-in till now. Out of which 3 are Independant's and one Abdul Sattar is an import from Congress. 2 Ministers are Thackrey's themselves so it leaves only actual 10 Shivsainiks who are Ministers today. What was BJP offering? 18 Minister's na plus 2 in the Centre???? 😆😆 But to leave veterans like Raote & Kadam is a gamble which I think should go in Uddhav's favour. All the 6 Ministers dropped , am told by a close source, Uddhav was tired of their attitude especially the senior people. It is not a good sign for you if you advice or try and overpower/defy Uddhav's decisions in Sena. Raote & Kadam just did that, and plus many of the 6, I mentioned above, are allegedly very corrupt and Uddhav wanted to give a facelift to the party. 

When Hon'ble Governor Koshyari rapped Minister KC Padvi for not following the Oath format, immediately CM Uddhav Thackrey called up a protocol officer standing behind him and the protocol officer was seen carrying some sort of message to Aditya Thackrey who was waiting for his chance to be sworn-in. Apparently Uddhav told Aditya to neither add or delete any part of the Oath format. I'm telling you these Sangh wala's nah, are strict unnecessarily...😂

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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