Thursday, 12 December 2019

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Portfolios distribution
I would consider this as a master stroke by CM Uddhav Thackrey. He is well aware of his health issues and currently in the last 15 days since swearing in, he has seen it takes a mountainous task to be the Chief Minister of Mahrashhtra. Apart from working for nearly 18 hours everyday, to tackle party, and allied friends is not an easy job. Also, it is not like appointment of a Mayor or giving "AADESH" to the Sainiks. This is a serious job and Uddhav Thackrey by not taking portfolios under him has proved, he is better off to maintain a bird eye-view over everything rather than himself getting involved directly and yet continue to be the BOSS. So Eknath Shinde is our (temporary) De-facto CM. Most important portfolios of Home and UD (money makers) department are given to him. Now every politician be it a Sarpanch or anyone, has some or the other work with the UD every now & then... and I don't need to tell you, what advantage it holds if you are a Home Minister. Devendra Fadnavis could survive all the backlash only because he had Home in his hand. Anyway, that makes Eknath Shinde very powerful in the cabinet. All the MahaVikas Aghadi ministers, mind you-senior than Eknath Shinde, in a way will have to keep Shinde happy and walk up to his cabin for clearances of many things. My gut feel says, be it for even this temporary period, Uddhav Thackrey has shown who takes the shots in this tripod government.

2. Pankaja Munde rally 
No, I wasn't happy with Pankaja's working style anytime. But at the same time, her one mistake (chikki) and she wasn't able to lift herself up, morally, in the last Government. To add to her woes was her brother Dhananjay who proved in every battle who was the better one. But should I tell you the real reason as to why Pankaja couldn't strike that hammer in her career in the last 5 years? What left her behind Dhananjay? The view is personal--I think it is the ATTITUDE and the AIR which Pankaja carried with her persona that led to her debacle at many fronts. Look at yesterday's speech. It was full of AIR about herself. I didn't feel the connect being living in a city like Mumbai and a modern thinker. Imagine what a poor citizen residing at Beed must be feeling. How to approach her and what treatment will I get, was a question even as a Jouro I felt. Imagine the plight of a farmer of Marathwada...I feel she is too dominating and comes on your face types. No, forget business, I would leave such people generally too, alone. And thats where Dhananjay scored. He maintained a low profile, was aggressive when needed, had a smiling face, everyone felt the warmth (I think even Devendra Fadnavis 😉😉) and people helped him and got help from him whenever required. His work and reach in the constituency was 2000 times much more approachable and better than Pankaja. Its Ok, Pankaja Tai, you might not leave the BJP, but you need to leave that attitude of yours and appear more friendly and warm. Imagine, I haven't stepped in your cabin for 5 years in mantralaya to meet you...I preferred to meet Raje Ambarish (remember he was a Minister too) than you. And yes, by the way, readers, the FRONT LINE OF PANKAJA MUNDE's rally yesterday,---IT WAS BJP 2 in making...A team against Devendra Fadnavis and yes, it is led by Chandrakant Patil. Many known faces were purposely kept away from the rally. "Sab chalega, Devendra Phir se Nahi" is the motto of this new BJP 2 team. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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