Monday, 2 December 2019

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Turned down Modi, got Sonia Uddhav together--Pawar
Yes, he turned Modi down to safeguard his relations with Sonia Gandhi and Uddhav Thackrey for obvious reasons. But wait & watch, I think Pawar will be responsible for sending Uddhav near the BJP and the Maha Vikas Aagadhi will break ONLY IF BJP's TOP BRASS PLANS TO PLAY DIRTY after Jharkhand & Karnataka results. Now, I presume Uddhav will be 'forced' or 'tricked' to make some decisions which will under the scanner very soon. It has already begun....if you recollect, ED had raided some BMC contractors a fortnight ago and entries to the tune of Rs. 750 crore were found from them. What I have heard, the contractors were asked only 2 to 3 questions as to who was the 'indirect' beneficiary since the contractors belonged to the BMC...and a detailed report has been sent to the PMO. Don't be surprised if the Centre involves CBI rather than local agencies for investigations. Pawar has shown his mettle in Maharashtra yet again, and now Pawar has one agenda before he retires. He wants to maintain the best relations with every party including the BJP and he knows for a fact, the day I hang my boots, the BJP will be gunning for his immediate counterparts & family members. So no, there is no truth in the statement made above--I think  Pawar will mend his ways with everyone including the BJP... but lets see how and when...

2. Fadnavis denies claim he was made CM to shift funds to Delhi
Of all, Devendra Fadnavis?? What a ridiculous statement!!!...But yes, there was surely an agenda as to why he became CM for 3 days. It was for a mission that Devendra Fadnavis took that bold decision to become CM for a limited time. If a common man on streets is blaming "if they didn't have enough MlA's backing, why was the need to commit political suicide for 80 hours" --you tell me, was Devendra Fadnavis so dumb that he didn't think about this and would have made a plan B? Something very serious did happen in those 80 hours... What happens in politics is not what it is shown, it is the shadow which we need to follow! Anyways, if and only if Fadnavis has shifted funds, his image even from his "bhakts" will go down drastically, as for everyone in this state, farmers and their welfare is of prime importance. 

3. Bureaucrats take a chill pill!
Since few days papers are reporting that the new government will shunt all those (IAS & IPS) were touted to be closest to Fadnavis. But can I tell you something, why do the papers and some media houses forget that those who all are touted to be "punished" they can be close to Uddhav also nah? Why everyone feels that bureaucrats are closest to one particular person or party only? Of all the  ones mentioned in the papers these days, some of them have actually worked and completed their tenures successfully where Sena was involved directly, for e.g. Mhada, MMRDA, SRA, BMC and so on...So, even these bureaucrats know as to which journalists has taken 100 favours from where and what tricks Sena leaders had adopted done to get their files cleared. So relax politicians, panga with bureaucracy will shake your smooth working in the government, and these people (bureaucrats) howsoever talk behind each others back, they all are one when it comes to personal attacks even on one of them. But yes, their troubles have increased now...Now they will have 3 bosses over their heads...CM, Cabinet Minister and MoS. And even if some of them even get transferred to say lesser significant portfolios, you think they will be sent to Chandrapur or what? It will in around only. So journo's stop imagining and don't forget your files (dalaali) is dependant on them or their friends, one or the other way.  

4. Sena MLA's are yet not accepting this alliance whole heartedly that is running the government. Yesterday at the Mantralaya one very powerful Sena MLA and me got chatting. He sill maintains that most of them (25 nos) are yet to come to terms about this newly formed government and shift of ideologies. This MLA  also said that Vikrant, I have known these Congress people since 25 years now...I only told Uddhav Thackrey, that the way these guys look and what they originally are, it is a totally different ball game. I'm only worried that these guys shouldn't put Uddhav in any kind of trouble; once these Congress & the NCP people come in the Government, it is extremely difficult to take them away from it; they will compromise anything and everything just to be in the chair, so now it is a tough task for Delhi and Fadnavis to have yet another power shift in Maharashtra, claims the MLA. And yes, he concluded, Subhash Desai did not even remove one rupee from his pocket to take care of Sena MLA's when we were shifting hotels and resorts, as reported in papers. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi. 

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