Tuesday, 12 November 2019

My Views on the current Dance of Democracy in Maharashtra

My Views on the current Dance of Democracy in Maharashtra

1. Shivsena "talks" with NCP & Congress on the Common Minimum Programme will not materialise as there will be huge trust factor. Sonia Gandhi does not trust Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackrey too has trust issues. But, if and when the Common Minimum Programme works out in everyone's favour, Shivsena will make the government having support of NCP & Congress, but the question will be how long will it last? Now that these people have 6 months to talk & negotiate, it is extremely dangerous to give a party like BJP, who has Centre in their hand, this period of comfort. They will be upto something. If they cannot leave a small state like Manipur from their clutches, you think they will let go off Maharashtra so easily?

2. Main game is now--If you observe Narayan Rane's statement yesterday, he said BJP will now active to stake a claim to form Government. Whom will it approach? Of course NCP. I feel repeat of 2014 will happen. NCP will declare outside support to the BJP (after all the circus with SS is over) and fearing this immediately SS will return back to the BJP to form government that will be on the "dictated terms" of the BJP. So if you are feeling why didn't Sharad Pawar give letter of support to the SS on the day SS could form government, and why did he ask the congress to hold, is simple --He does not trust Shivsena at all rather than vice-versa.

3. As per top sources in Shivsena--I have heard now the Corporate world has got into this mess and top industrialists houses are hell on ShivSena to join the BJP.

4. Everyone means everyone will agree to this--In the near future, if and when BJP & SS form the government--I have my doubts if we will see Devendra Fadnavis back as the CM. As already, Amit Shah is upset and he is reluctant to budge on his stand. But you never know, PM Modi might have the final say in all this.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi.

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