Thursday, 7 November 2019

Dance of Democracy : Vikrant Joshi

Dance of Democracy: Vikrant Joshi 

As one of my Guru Praveen Bardapurkar ji declared since everyone and anyone is writing on Politics and the outcomes as to who will be in power in Maharshtra, even I had decided not to write for all these days. But now today being the 15th day, and people like me who have direct access and information from the horse's mouth, if I don't put down my views, it will be bit unethical to my profession. So let me pen down some happenings and what are the possible scenario's that are going to happen in Maharshtra. 

First & foremost, it will not be Gadkari, but our very own CM Devendra Fadnavis who will be sworn-in as the Chief Minister of our state. Today, Governor will invite the single largest party and in a very small & minuscule way, the swearing-in ceremony will be conducted at Raj Bhavan. Shiv Sena like 2014 what I presume, will not be a part of the swearing-in, but no one needs to hassle, they will give us a strong and balanced government once the day of floor test comes. ShivSena will come with the BJP. See, please write it somewhere--this is the last time BJP & ShivSena have come together. Henceforth, be it legislative or any Municipal elections, the ties will be severed. Both parties will be officially divorced and but keeping in mind the funda of keeping Cong-NCP away form power, they will be together but individually. 

Secondly, again note down somewhere--Maharshtra will undergo another legislative elections in a year and a half or two. As Shivsena will come to power only if BJP will promise something substantial. And as the time will come to hand-over power to SS, again the same circus. But of all this ruckus in 15 days, one person who really got "out of hand" even of Uddhav Thackrey was Sanjay "Pawar"..oops...Sanjay Raut. See, the deal between Shivsena and NCP was far from over. They had already decided to come in power. Now in front of Shivsena (SS) and NCP's maestro Sharad Pawar (SP)--these people had two challenges to overcome, if they have to come in power. One was Congress and other one was NCP belonged but a close friend of Devendra Fadnavis--AJIT PAWAR. Yes, I'm 200% correct when I say people like Ajit Pawar and Eknath Shinde are very close to Devendra Fadnavis nowadays. Shall explain...Tell me a week ago, Ajit Pawar at a Press Conference read out an SMS sent by Sanjay Raut. Why was the need to do so? Who told Sanjay Raut to do so? No it wasn't Uddhav, but it was Sharad Pawar who wanted to know if and when NCP and SS come in power, will Ajit Anant Pawar support them or no? Ajit has once already by resigning and leaving the house has emabrased Sharad Pawar when the later was served ED notice. On whose instance did Ajit Pawar resigned and walked out of home--no need to guess...Fadnavis, the great!

Now the second one to convince Sharad Pawar and Sanjay Raut challenge was Congress. But, but..Congress's Sonia Gandhi from day 1 was against the alliance of SS & NCP. Immediately Ahmed Patel walked into Gadkari home and declared that NCP & SS will not get support from Congress at any cost. The compromise what I have heard, is P Chidambaram, is their main concern. Don't be surprised now if in coming months Chiddu gets bailed out soon. As had Congress supported them, next in line to be behind the bars was Robert Vadra and following trouble would be hovering on Sonia Gandhi herself too. Now second interesting twists in the events happened when Yashomati Thakur voiced her opinion about her support to "join" the Government and make SP the CM. I have heard a group of young MLA's under her leadership are wanting to be a part of Government now...Don't be surprised, if on the floor test day, Devendra Fadanvis gets support from any corner of parties, claims a veteran journalist and Party President Waddetivar too expressed this fear of BJP trying to woo their MAL's. And when Sharad Pawar understood the above two factors are against him coming to power, and day before he declares that public has given us Mandate to sit on opposition benches. What a player? At 80, if my brain and this spirit is alive, bloody hell, I will bring the house down too...

Uddhav is upset. I mean, what I know when the discussion was on at Matoshri during Loksabha 2019 behind closed doors, only Uddhav Thackrey, Aditya Thackrey, Amit Shah, Devendra Fadnavis and Chandrakant Patil were present. Now the big part--Amit Shah had asked both Devendra and Patil to stay out of the room  and the promises to share power were made. Hence Fadnavis is hellbent on the statement--that the CM's post to be shared was not done in front of me. But then at the Blue Sea Press Conference during Loksabha 2019 if you observe the wordings more carefully no where it was said by anyone that CM ship will be shared. Hence, Amit Shah is the gamer--He has not come to solve the issue of Maharshtra in last 15 days, as he knows, what he had promised Uddhav!

Now the stand of BJP...What are Chandrakant Patil and Sudhir Mungantiwar saying in all their appearances in front of camera? "WE" (Mahayuti) has been given the Janadesh, right? Now they are hell bent on only one thing--Shivsena should break the alliance, which they will as for nothing, BJP will part from the CM post. So who becomes the villain in common public's eyes? ShivSena right? Now write it down somewhere again. If ShivSena does not compromise today or on the floor test day--it is again a grave mistake of SS !! Can't Uddhav see what has happened to Raj Thackrey when he cozied-up with Pawar? Is Uddhav actually taking the shots or is it Vahini? As the reason why Shivsena is stretching so much is that they know--this is the last chance we can come in Power and demand CM'ship. As from now on, never ever SS and BJP will have an alliance. They might come together but Shivsena will be restricted to 50 to 60 seats everytime and will be in no position to bargain either to come in power or demand anything. Hence the last effort!!! 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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