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Bollywood brigade took drugs at Karan Johar's party? Lokmat

Bollywood brigade took drugs at Karan Johar's party? Lokmat

There was a party held at film-maker Karan Johar's residence last weekend which is the talk of the town since the last 2 days. Thought, let's try and find some insights and give what we all give all the time absolutely free, "Gyaan"!!  

So, the A listers of Bollywood and every other sector now prefer attending these house parties rather being confined to a nightclub/pub which has several restrictions. These VVIP's don't get to let their hair down. Still many strugglers and not so famous type do hangout at Kamla Mills or BKC at night, but certainly not the ones at the top of their games.  The reason for not attending night club parties  for many of these celebs is that First & foremost being the decline to shut these clubs is at 1:30. These celebs arrive pretty late and by the time they hit the bar and gulp some shots, some thulla is already waiting outside for the pub to close. In that limited time frame too, these celebs half of the time are not seen happy. They are often cribbing of the late service or some or the "common public" ogling at them, which makes them uncomfortable. And yes, third & most obvious reason is the pricing associated with the menu card. These A listers won't go to a Shetty Bar & Restaurant for sure. They will either hang out at a 5 star discotheque or a PUB which allows only prior booking. There the bill amount (which often run into lakhs) I'm told the A listers are dreadful for the GST component along with service charges, if the pub does so! Hence House Parties are a HIT. The cost of 4 drinks in a pub is equivalent to the cost of the same bottle they drink. Remember Celeb never goes alone. Hence the math is perfect!

Let me tell you these celebs are no different than us after few drinks down. If you think they dance or even move in a very sophisticated way, just google actress Sonam Kapoor's wedding videos where Shahrukh, Salman & others danced as if they came from Nalasopara (no pun intended). But yes, coming to the allegations of drug abuse in the video which Karan Johar uploaded of all these A list actors --I'll tell you it's nothing uncommon for us Mumbaikar's to see or hear now. Majority of them, yes are drug abusers. If not at parties, the injections which these celebs use whilst working out at the GYM are far more dangerous. So don't let the camera fool you. Behind every Abb, and behind those bulging biceps are lot more drugs & AMP's & Growth Harmons going through their veins. It is very common for a TV actor too. If anyone of them wants to challenge me for this, we shall go to a pathologist for blood tests immediately. Yes, only Akshay Kumar seems to be the cleanest of all, but hello, why can't he keep his "HAMPTON" in his pants everytime he spots a new talent? By the way, heard again, he went ahead & "distributed" some lakhs of rupees to many girls when the "MeToo" campaign took our country with a storm.
Ok, coming to the video, (If you havent see it, just follow a Miss Malini or Viral Bhayani for Bollywood updates; all these two don't put is how these celebs make out in their bedrooms, rest everything right from their gym to what they are wearing everything is captured by the flash bulbs... ) yes, Karan did capture everyone, and yes everyone was slaushed & zoned out due to whatever these guys were doing. My attention went only on to Ayan Mukehrjee when Karan tried to cover him through his phone camera. He quickly whilst sitting on a sofa moved something back of his T-shirt. Was it a syringe or a joint Mr. Mukherjee?

 Netizens have pointed out that there was 100% usage of drugs at the party claims today's Lokmat. But is it something we don't know? Forget Bollywood, there are drugs been distributed at almost every other nightclubs of Mumbai/Pune now.  I had written this some years back. A leading politician from Bandra, now an ex-MLA's son, parties with his friends where, I have heard, only Champagne and Cocaine is there in their systems post 1am. He does it openly. Earlier drugs in Bollywood & Bandra were associated with only Sanjay Dutt now it has started becoming common in leading's actors wives lives too who are addicted. The biggest supplier of them is none other than a flopped hero having "Ram" in his surname. So do drugs, sleep with each others wives, have threesome, have gay relations we don't care, but just don't let the cat out of the bag.

But again friends, these Bollywood stars are nothing but a confused lot who don't want the tag" desi" or being Indian (for the sake of it they will go to Kashmir ) but ask them to donate money towards any cause towards their state, they might just reason you out and blame the system which everyone does, "Why should we do it? What do we get? Pathetic roads and Pollution---this is a passe isn't it?  I follow 90% of them very closely all they do is listen to English music, their favourite holiday destination is somewhere in the Europe and their favourite movie or a TV series has to be in "English"...but yes, these half minded people earn their bread speaking Hindi and dancing to Hindi songs. So wasn't I right? what is so Indian in these Bollywood stars? Not that it is compulsory to like Indian hill stations or Indian music--but hello, what about promoting India in India for Indian magazines, at least fake it, our country follows whatever you wear or do, some state's economy might just get boosted if promoted well. 

But this is not only about Bollywood. Corporate scenes are the same and so are our Neta's next kins and so are our cricketers too (Latest Prithvi Shaw). They have easy money and fame. No one understands the dialogue--"With Great power comes Greater responsibility". Again through this article, I won't count all of these celebs under one umbrella. There are A listers & then there are celebrities with no money . Look what Kapil Sharma did to himself. He was touted the next big thing but success got to his head and today I don't even feel like watching him anymore. Drugs are creating a mess. It is a racket which am sure even the cops know but nothing is done to curb it. So all you netizens, we are becoming one small world, don't get upset and start blaming Bollywood for everything. It is happening in every strata of our society. Time for the parents of teen agers to have an eye of the hawk!

Vikrant Joshi.

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