Wednesday, 13 February 2019

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Will IPS Sanjay Barve's fate be the same as IAS Medha Gadgil's? 
 What exactly went wrong with Medha Gadgil who was suppose to become the new CS but of all DK Jain was given the preference? Taken with a pinch of salt then. Yesterday she was "shunted" out of a prestigious assignment to a bogus one. All fingers have been pointed towards the CMO for this move. Now, as I had mentioned earlier too, that no one including Amruta vahini knows what exactly is going on in CM's mind. He has his own network of 'individuals' whom he consults before making any senior most bureaucratic changes. Yes, Delhi people do play an important role, but a negligible one...These "individual" sources of the CM include current and ex-MLA's, bureaucrats and many others who are very close to him. But at the end, Fadnavis does things which comes as a surprise even to them. He is one step ahead of veteran Sharad Pawar, I feel. So anyone claiming that this particular "transfer" of any IAS/IPS officer is done on influence of this particular IAS or a section of IAS officers, or Liaison or a Journalist is far from truth. Only CM decides what he wants to do. Coming to the most surprising change of Medha Gadgil from current posting as ACS  Revenue & Forest Department to much insignificant post of MD -Maharashtra State Financial Corporation--First of all, if I haven't mistaken, this post of MD is way too junior for the seniority of a Medha Gadgil. CM's not so close people had already put a stigma on her career by spreading the word "incompetent" and denied her the chance of becoming first Brahmin Lady Chief Secretary. Secondly, now where Medha Gadgil has been posted one should just go and see the office of this Corporation. Senior most IAS officer of this state will now have to share a common bathroom with visitors and other staff's to begin with. Thirdly, I have heard all allowances which an IAS officer gets whilst as MD of MSFC have been already curtailed and no reimbursements will be given. Forthly, an ex-Chief Secretary who is still with the IAS association tells me many  such "ignored"  IAS officers have lent their support to Medha Gadgil and ganged up against Fadnavis & Co, at a time when elections are nearing. Not a good sign of governance in our state. 
If IPS Sanjay Barve thinks his chances of becoming the new CP have brightened because of his Nagpur connections and being a Brahmin, mind you sir, here something else is cooking. Parambir has been lobbying for the post since last one year and have also knocked on to the doors of people in Delhi. Mr. Barve, requirement to become CP of Mumbai is not that to be non-corrupt & sincere officer. Criteria changes everytime. But again, if this is my argument-then how come another Brahmin-non-corrupt IPS Vivek Phansalkar got the post of Thane Commissioner? So nothing is predictable here. No fixed pattern. Depends on the person. Fadnavis and team will always make the right and best decision. 
In short, no theory or influence or money power works in front of this CM. He is no Ashok Chavan. 

2. BJP--take a note of this act by MLA Ravi Rana. 
Yesterday was outside the "exit cabin" of the CMO. As usual, Ravi Rana was there with a "पंटर" waiting even before Mr. Darade had  walked in. I along with a BJP karyakarta walked in with Mr. Darade to say Hello and leave for our work. Mr. Darade had to go out of his cabin for merely 2 minutes. Photo of our PM Narendra Modi was hanging on the wall behind Mr. Darade's chair..It had tilted slightly. My friend a loyal BJP ite immediately without even thinking twice adjusted the frame and put it straight. After all, for these BJPites, Modi is God for them. Forget God, he is their leader. Anyone would do it. If you were a supporter of Baba Ramdev and builder Sudhakar Shetty and if these people's photo was to be blackened for the their deeds, won't Ravi Rana fight back with everyone with all the vengeance? Any karyakarta would do right? Anyways when my friend was adjusting the frame of PM Modi, Rana with a sly look said, "the frame is tilted because the person has no straight intentions for the country". My friend being the smarter one quipped back, " Sir, we are getting elected and earning money only because of this leader. Today you earn crores of rupees per year all thanks to Modi & his government's easy policies right?, So do we have a right to say anything morally to this person at least?" We all know how Sudhakar Shetty his "पंटर" Rana have milked our government be it SRA or Mhada.  My friend floored Rana with his reply. As usual Rana did not have anything to say to this and in the meantime Mr. Darade was back to his cabin. We shook hands, smiled and left the cabin. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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