Tuesday, 9 October 2018

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Team of Minister Girish Mahajan in Mantralaya keen on removing minister's favourite PA Rameshwar?  
Do you remember Bala Shukla ex-PA of Minister Girish Bapat? Bala Shukla knew Girish Bapat more than Sharad Pawar or his own family members. But as soon as BJP came to power and when Bapat was made the Minister in Fadnavis' government, Bapat removed Bala Shukla who was with him for more than 17 long years as his only PA. Bapat without even thinking twice removed Shukla and you know why, no not because the PA was caught doing anything illegal, only because Bapat's current team in Mantralaya wanted entire control in their hands; they brainwashed Bapat & Shukla was removed. Nothing changed when Shukla went, but no PA will ever remain loyal to his boss ever again, I feel... 17 years of life you dedicate to a neta, and in go when power comes, you just snub him... Not done! Today Shukla is with one of the BJP MLAs from Western Maharashtra, often crossing paths with Bapat's personal staff in Mantralaya, not talking.... My agenda here is to tell you the above story is that someone very powerful in Girish Mahajan's staff (IS it Mr. 10,10,10 10??) is trying the same to remove another Bala Shukla of Girish Mahajan now, only the name changes, it is the most famous Rameshwar Naik! Rameshwar is Mahajan's oldest friend cum everything for a very long time now. If you don't know----in the entire history of Maharashtra only 2 MLA's have done good for PATIENTS from their constituency. It is Girish Mahajan and second one is NCP's Hasan Mushrif. If you are from Girish Bhau's constituency, just one phone call to Rameshwar-- right from the patient's train ticket from Jalgaon to Mumbai, receiving him here, getting him admitted at hospital, to taking care of patient's relatives, their food, their accommodation everything is systematically handled by Rameshwar, obviously on instructions of Girish Mahajan. Every MLA from Jalgaon district has to compulsorily hand over their quota of 1 out of 2 room in the MLA hostel to Girish Mahajan where a kitchen with a cook for 24 hours, space for relatives and people from constituency to sleep everything is arranged. If you don't find Rameshwar anywhere, you will find him at JJ Hospital pulling strings to get his work done. So Girish Mahajan does not do this personally, he has someone called Rameshwar to do this, and now if on instance of certain bogus PA's & Staff's of Mahajan, if these guys get success in removing Rameshwar it will yet another Girish's loss.

2.Sanjay Nirupam on Mumbai without North Indian's (UP & Bihar)? 
City Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam is of the view that if the North Indian's especially people belonging from UP & Bihar stop working in Mumbai, the city will come to a standstill...How many of you agree to that? I place my bets 50:50. As a matter of fact right from our milkman to the person who launders our clothes to the person who drives our cars and to the person who rides the auto rickshaw everyday not forgetting our vegetable/fruits vendor, every work be it small or big, is done by these people whom we refer to as "Bhaiyya". If you ask me as the Devil's advocate yes, they practically run our city moreover. Tell me in all honesty, Mumbai always belonged to the Marathi Manus right? But friends, how many Marathi people happen to do these small jobs which are below dignity for the Marathi's? Our Ego is very big, mind you! But at the same time, Nirupam's statement that Mumbai will be paralysed if Bhaiyyas stop working is also not to be taken seriously. Apart from Delhi (which actually matters) and  corrupt & bogus Ashok Chavan no one takes Sanjay Nirupam seriously, yes not even at the Municipal Corporation. Everyone in Congress is tired of his tactics and high-handness. Congress will be left to No 3 or even No 4 in 2019 if the leadership does not find eligible leaders soon. Actually with this statement Nirupam has just created more animosity between the North Indian's and others. These Bhaiyya's are peace loving but disturbing their harmony and trying to create imbalance in that will surely hamper Nirupam. And to the flip side, my friends, these Bhaiyya's don't have bank accounts. Be it the maid of our homes or be it the illegal rickshaw driver running on forged RTO papers, the income yearly of these immigrants in terrific. And yes, it is tax free...Someone should just confirm the official figure, I remember Raj Thackrey had given annual income of Rs. 10,000 crore, that goes tax free to UP & Bihar from our state via postal department.  

Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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