Wednesday, 3 October 2018

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Cocaine addicts in Pune's powerful circle
Well, if you thought Mumbai's high profile Page 3 goers were addicts, you should turn your attention to Pune. OK I'm not naming many of them due to a reason. If their father's who have just worked like whore's to earn those millions and billions in their accounts,  if I make their son's names public, these parents will kill themselves ...Life has its own way of screwing these ILL gotten wealthy people...We don't have to worry. Karma is paying them who have enjoyed all our farmer's, tribals and the ignored janta's money. Anyway,  this high profile son's and daughter's of all leading politicians, dalaal's, and bureaucrats are all coke addicts and they do things, which most of us can't even imagine. 
A high profile political family's son-in-law whose wife is a very powerful BJP neta is the leader of the pack. After his drinking binges at the expensive clubs in Pune, the toilets are often crowded by his men and you are not allowed to go inside as this son-in-law is busy snorting coke.  His penchant is only for school passed out or college girls when his manhood is challenged.. Secondly, a very powerful builder and allegedly considered as the most powerful builder/liaisoner today from Pune after AB and closest to a national party's founder-- is a major coke addict. His womanising ways are all due to his wealth. Once this builder/liasioner was sitting with very two good looking young boys at a club when a girl from the group addressed this otherwise nearing 50, half-bald, ugly man as Handsome. He was quick to say that, it was the money that attracted her towards him and the power which he enjoyed owing to his friendship with the crooked faced party veteran. "Chor--diya" jaaye ya maar diya jaaye" ?

2. Being a bureaucrat in Mantralaya is not easy. 
Believe me, when I say this! Yesterday when I was sitting with one of the high profile bureaucrats of the CMO, even when this bureaucrat who is known to meet prior appointment only, was not spared by the continuous inflow of MLA's to his cabin prior intimation. I was with him for nearly 20 minutes and in those 20 mins, nearly 6 to 7 MLA's just barged in, not caring for any privacy, nor whom he was sitting with. And yes, the MLA's visiting him were all from other parties other than the ruling BJP-SS. Work? They just came to inquire about the transfers they have got signed by the CM, to ask this bureaucrat to make one phone call, and son on... One of the party's ex-State chief even came to cancel suspension of a bureaucrat whom her boss was suppose, a municipal commissioner, was to do so. And then you blame that the BJP government hasn't helped any MLA....The day this bureaucrat opens his pandora box for the help extended to so many MLAs, I want to be the standing right next to him then. By the way, the same MLA's cannot do this at any Corporation, SRA, or even MHADA..They just cannot barge him. Just because CMO's doors are always open, MLA's should have some respect and maturity. By the way, even if SRA, MHADA or any corporation has barricades before you reach the top boss, the MLA's modus operandi of making money remains the same....

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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