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Jalgaon & Sangli civic polls--BJP wins both

Jalgaon & Sangli civic polls--BJP wins both 

Jalgaon-a fort belonging to the undisputed king of the city--Suresh dada Jain for the longest time, somewhere in the middle, after Sureshdada was in the jail, Eknath Khadse took the reigns of the city in his own hands, not before he was the Minister in the 2014 cabinet. But destiny had planned something else for Jalgaon. Khadse had to resign from the cabinet and then Jalgaon too slipped out of his hands to produce a new hero and the present KING of the city-Girish Mahajan. Yesterday, the civic poll results were in favour of the BJP. But how and why? Why was the undisputed king uprooted? Instead of fighting on his own party ticket (Khandesh Vikas Aaghadi) why did Sureshdada fight on Shivsena's ticket? Was it planned? As per my sources, in any elections and be of any level, it is a known fact to any Jalgaonkar that Suresh Jain will be all cards in when it comes to any elections. Very aggressive and using all the possible tactics in the world for victory, is his mantra. For 40 years he has done that and has been successful...This time observers felt Sureshdada had not participated 'whole heartedly'. Some observation can be drawn that it was CM Fadnavis's wrath that worried Sureshdada more than anything. They say Fadnavis must have reminded him of how he was able to come out of the jail only after the BJP intervened and just when Shivsena had turned their back on him during his worst days. This factor must have played on dada's mind; hence the half hearted approach by Suresh dada, else it is impossible for anyone to corner Dada in Jalgaon. What a way to answer Uddhav Thackrey in Jalgaon by CM Fadnavis, is what I will say! Then NCP made a wrong start by sending it's most stylish but less spoken person to be incharge of Jalgaon civic polls--Dilip Walse Patil. Veterans like Ishwarbabu Jain and Gulabrao Deokar were helpless, rather they chose to be that way, claim sources. In Jalgaon, they say dams were built in last 15 years when the NCP had the department, but it actually had a lot of water free flowing (with a lot of Gandhiji's in it) when Girish Mahajan took the responsibility of the civic polls😉😉& the department 4 years ago. Now am a bit concerned what will be the fate of Khadse? Girish Mahajan has proved yet again that Jalgaon can be won even without Khadse. Now even if there were talks in the middle about Khadse joining some other party, with Girish Mahajan in this form, it won't come as a pinch of salt to anyone in the top brass of the BJP. But when I say this, may I also say, that it would be extremely foolish of the BJP to write off Khadse in Jalgaon. One election and a bad patch cannot be termed as "Khadse is finished"....Khadse will never be finished, mind you ! All he needs is some respect in the party and some trust. IF he gets that, with deadly combination of Khadse & Mahajan Jalgaon will be BJP bastion for a long long time to come....Anyway, if wishes were horses, I would be the PM of this country!!! I personally think Khadse should now contest Loksabha elections and go there in the centre rather than getting humiliated by the hands of Mahajan and Fadnavis regularly. Well, for the lion of the city Sureshdada, for me he still remains the undisputed King of the Jungle !!! 

Sangli--I just cannot get over the fact, that Sangli was won by the BJP (can I call it a Sambhaji Bhide wave) and not by the Maratha's who are predominant there. As I always maintain, leaders in any party are just concerned with their own growth, no one goes out of the way to keep the party flag shining, except for the torch bearers of the party. A failure for the NCP, especially for Jayant Patil who is considered to be Sangli's top leader. So has it become a trend that whosoever NCP opposes that person wins the elections there. First it was Niranjan Davkhare and now the Sangli civic polls....High time for the NCP top brass to get together and root out the main cause for the party to fail regularly now. Some observers in TV debates I hear (who are on the NCP payroll) that the party is building it's foundation in rural areas, but I beg to differ this. Results don't show this. Trusted people of Jayant Patil --like Sanjay Bajaj and many more should take it in their hands to spend some Gandhiji's now....Whats the use of that money if it cannot be spared for party elections? Jayant Patil should take the onus of this most embarrassing defeat of the NCP in recent times. Now for me only 1 person can save the party's face. Kaka should retire and handover the reigns of the party to only AJIT PAWAR; and Ajitdada should on immediate basis make some big changes in the party and get their old people, who were shunted out by Tatkare for his gains & ego, back..Boss old is Gold !! Rest Ajit Pawar is a go-getter and even today commands support and respect from his party. And mind you, he is the only one left who can rebuild this party which is on the brink of collapse. But again as I said, if wishes were horses my friends?

To sum up, shall share the same message I posted on Facebook !!
जळगाव आणि सांगली मध्ये राहणाऱ्या लोकांनी दाखवून दिलं, जात तुम्ही बघा, आम्ही विकासाला साथ देऊ!
 दूध सांडले, पाणी पाजले!!

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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