Thursday, 26 July 2018

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. CM Fadnavis's lone battle
Caste based politics is the only one thing where you can catch Fadnavis off guard, and his detractors know this very well!  We have seen this during Kopardi rape case where Bhaiyyu Maharaj bailed the situation for the CM, Bhima-Koregaon incidence wherein a lot was compromised with a veteran Maratha politician and now the Maratha "agitated" stir for reservation. See, we need to understand that no politician in Maharashtra can now compete with Fadnavis on the political front in terms of character and achievements. Devendra Fadnavis is competent and has proved with results from time-to-time. Now the opposition (even from the BJP internal ) have got together and hit the weakest bone of Fadnavis. His only problem in his political career in Maharashtra is that he is a Brahmin. Now Maharashtra, cannot handle this. They say Manohar Joshi never faced such problem, but friends who dared to go against 'Sir' who had absolute backing of Balasaheb Thackrey? Balasaheb & ShivSena was at their peak at that time, so no morcha no reservation fights could have taken place then....Fadnavis today is left in a lurch as his mentor has gone and the other one has his own lobbying taking place.

2. MLA Ravi Rana shows his support 
Finally someone came in the front and spoke about his extended support.No pun intended, but I guess some files are still awaiting CM's nod it seems. Ravi ji, today is Guru Purnima...Aaapke Guru Kaun? Baba Ramdev, Bar Dance owner Shetty or Devendra Fadnavis? It seems Rana arrives well before time to meet any top bureaucrat and waits in the lobby till his mentor Shetty comes for 'discussion' and then both of them meet the bureaucrat. But anyway, I'm happy he is, whatever it is, at least showing his concern for Fadnavis. But where are the imports who have taken maximum advantage of Fadnavis's good nature? Lad, Darekar, Ram Kadam are all known to have full potential to fight this stir single handedly. Also it is surprising for the likes of Ashish Shelar and Vinod Tawde who have chosen to take a back seat and enjoy the show. Forget it, hope Fadnavis at least now understands who are advantage takers and who are really behind him? In my view,  its high time RSS & Nitin Gadkari to actually step in now. Sharad Pawar will step in favour of the government, once the stir takes yet another ugly turn, proving that even today he is the master of the game.

3. Is Shivsena ignoring party veterans?
First MLC and Minister for public health Dr. Deepak Sawant and now MP from Sambhaji Nagar Chandrakant Khaire. Just think in your wildest of imagination had you ever imagined you could hackle a Sainik, forget an MP, and get away with it? You could have been tormented for the rest of your life for slapping or even pushing a Sainik. Day before yesterday--Sena MP was manhandled and hackled by the agitators at the funeral of Kakasaheb Shinde, and it was ugly. He was pushed and insulted. But surprisingly, till today, no official statement has been made from the Sena Bhavan nor any repercussion has occurred to my knowledge supporting Khaire. What should we draw from this? IS the party tired of the old generation? But then there are others too who are warming the chairs as Ministers and only 'eating' money at Mantralaya? When will their chance come--ShivSena?

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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