Monday, 2 July 2018

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Who from the CMO helps two journalists of same newspaper to blackmail top bureaucrats?
2. Pravin Pardeshi- topmost bureaucrat's email account hacked? 

1. Bureaucrat from the CMO on telephone: " Hello Journalist (friend or partner would have been more appropriate) of a big newspaper...How are you? Ok, coming straight to the point---one file of this XYZ bureaucrat's transfer  has come to the CMO from his department. It has been recommended by 2 MLA's supported with the letter from guardian Minister--But the post this XYZ bureaucrat is asking for transfer would certainly won't be granted by CM or PP. There are two other options you can give him. Get down to your work " Following is a one way message of a bureaucrat via telephone call to one of the two top daily newspaper's journalist working together in the same newspaper. CM has a clue as to how these two journalists from one newspaper use his office, but he is OK with it--at least one newspaper remains silent to attack him. OK to continue with the story, then one of this journalist calls that bureaucrat and blackmails him to come to any of the two post the official from CMO suggests. A deal is struck and money is distributed amongst these 3 equally. Now this is when the bureaucrat surrenders. In the other case, when the bureaucrat does not surrender or has another approach of getting his work done, or in short if these 3 think they won't be able to overpower this officer, they get dirty then. One of the two journalist will call the bureaucrat and tell him that there is a complain in his name in the CMO, obviously the bureaucrat being corrupt, or even if he is not, succumbs to the pressure and comes to an amicable settlement, which of course is monetary. The money is yet again distributed equally. Now you tell me, how is this for a business opportunity? One such victim recently was a top IAS officer who didn't succumb to the pressure of these journalists. What happened then? His news of transfer to Delhi appeared in the Marathi version of Times Of India. Now these 2 journalists often brag about their connection in the IPS & IAS lobby. But hey....don't worry end of the day these two live in the glass walls which requires one stone thrower LIKE ME to break it. Who is the bureaucrat from the CMO? Have you seen this Hindi Movie? the name is hidden in that.....HADD-KAR DI AAPNE...

2. Transfer of Manukumar Shrivastava as the new BMC Commissioner is recommended by Pravin Pardeshi but not recommended by Avinash Bhosale. Transfer of Sanjay Kumar is recommended both by Pravin Pardeshi and Avinash Bhosale as the new UD 1 Secretary....such an email generated contained names of 12 such high level bureaucrats which either had recommendations of either CM's PS Pravin Pardeshi and noted builder cum liasioner (be it any sarkar) Avinash Bhosale and some powerful liaisoner's. This email reached offices of 90% Additional Chief Secretaries and Principal Secretaries. I was surprised to know this. Generally any IAS who wants a transfer is often recommended either by his guardian Minister or a set of MLAs. This happens. THE CMO which is in charge of bureaucratic shuffles generally "in pencil" writes down names of the people who have recommended the transfer against his/her name. But never ever this list is made public. It came as a surprise when the list was sent via email from Pravin Pardeshi's account. The role or the say Pardeshi has in transferring bureaucrats was questioned yet again by his opposing camp and few names did raise eyebrows who were involved in recommendations. Those who had a say in transfers of high profile bureaucrats were--Avinash Bhosale, other one being a close aide from the RSS and the third one a close friend from Nagpur. On being asked about this whole episode, Mr Pardeshi had a clear message to me, "The mail was not sent from my email. It was sent by a namesake. The cyber police have arrested him for impersonation and trying to forge a look like Government document. The Author of the document has also been detected by cyber forensics who is now absconding in Thailand". I think Pardeshi haters have stooped to another level to bring him down. Not done. CM Fadnavis should intervene and finish this matter once and for all. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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