Thursday, 28 June 2018

OFF THE RECORD review on some of headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of headlines......

Topics covered below:
1. Detailed Analysis as to why Darade won Nashik
2. Detailed Analysis as to why Niranjan Davkhare won from Kokan
3. Plane crashes in Ghatkoper 
4. Plastic Ban. 
5. Poll conducted on my Facebook page as to which is the richest political party in Maharashtra.
6. CM's PA Abhimanyu Pawar.

1. Darade wins in Nashik.
ShivSena cannot claim credit for the victory of Darade. One month ago, when brother Narendra Darade won his MLC seat from Nashik, it was assumed that the teachers constituency would be a cake walk for brother Kishore yesterday. Credit for both brothers been elected to the upper house entirely goes only to one man-Chagan Bhujbal. A month ago, Narendra Darade, MLC,  had openly declared that his 'caste' votes played an important role in his victory. This time too, Chagan Bhujbal made it a prestige issue and at any cost he had to defeat the number 2 competing yesterday Sandip Bedse. Not many know, but Sandip Bedse was PA to Bhujbal....and when all hell broke loose on Bhujbal, Bedse had conveniently turned his back to his mentor when the veteran was sent to jail. Anyway, It was payback time for Bhujbal. In 2014 too, it was said when Bedse fought for the Vidhansabha elections against now Minster Jaykumar Raval, Bhujbal had used all his might to defeat Bedse. Someone had told Bedse that in his destiny there is Raj-Yog--but I have my reservations--till  the time the original king of Nashik is alive, it is only BHOG for Bedse. By the way friends, our teachers whom we consider our first gurus yesterday had allegedly accepted Rs. 2100 in cash and a Paithani worth Rs. 1100/-  (cheap as it is originated from Yevla) as a token of appreciation for voting from the Darade's. Whereas it is alleged Sandeep had distributed Rs. 2000/- per vote. Mast hai, Bhujbal will remain in NCP and slap his party by supporting Shivsena, Congress & the BJP whenever required. 

2. Niranjan Davkhare wins. 
Kokan Graduate MLC elections Niranjan Davkhare won. But credit---to whom--entirely to CM Devendra Fadnavis and his team of Prashant Thakur Ravindra Chavan and Prasad Lad. Many had thought that after untimely death of senior Davkhare, Niranjan won't be able to withstand the animosity with Jitendra Ahwad and cold war with the Naik's. Niranjan quit the party and entered the BJP. It is said for yesterdays elections Sharad Pawar had made it personal. He had flexed all his muscles and had sworn to teach Niranjan a lesson. He left no stone unturned to defeat Niranjan and had personally called Hitendra Thakur (a friend of Davkhares), and Sunil Tatkare to make sure Niranjan's defeat. He had summoned nunnery uno enemy of Davkhare Jitendra Ahwad for the same. It was a mission to defeat Niranjan at any cost for the NCP. Had Niranjan been defeated, I'll tell you, many in queue to enter the BJP from other factions would have dried up; as they might have seen what happened to Narayan Rane and Niranjans defeat it would have been detrimental to enter the BJP for others. But fate had other plans. Niranjan came out as a winner with a lot of thinking for the NCP camp to do now...CM--you are a genius!! 

3. Plane crashes in Ghatkoper. 
Sad, extremely sad for the crew of the flight. Had heard, the pilot resisted to test because of the weather. But I guess, destiny had other plans for them. Anyway, for information--the site where the plane crash landed belonged to the Haresh Mehta, who is known to flout rules in his construction time & again. In this property too--I have heard the height sanctioned was not as per the DGCA rules and regulations. Nevertheless, RIP brave hearts!!

4. Plastic Ban
I'm so for it. The pseudo intellectuals have come up with a new funda, that the government should have made some alternative before banning plastics. Dear readers, in the previous generations were there any plastics in your villages when you bought stuff? Still life moved on right. The entire credit of this ban goes none other than Aditya Thackrey, CM Devendra Fadnavis, Minister Ramdas Kadam, bureaucrats especially   P. Anbalgan of the MPCB, and the BMC for it's strict implementation. But did you notice one thing, whenever Sena wants to get something done on a wider scale, it always falls on BJP for implementing the same. Be it plastic ban, be it 24 hour night life, or be it anything. But yet again, now ban on retail plastic has been lifted. This is the problem of the BJP overall. Their implementation of any scheme or policy is just wrong. Be it demonetisation, be it GST or now plastic ban. Why do they think after making a decision? 

5. Poll conducted.
Day before yesterday on my Facebook page, I conducted a small poll as to which political party is richest in Maharashtra? Is it NCP or the BJP? I had requested my approx 4500 friends on Facebook to vote which included a lot of bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen &  young brigade of our country (including me). Also for the poll, I had kept one condition--while voting for BJP or NCP the voter has to keep in mind the 'heard' black money any of the 5 contestants I had opted for the parties. For BJP I had options in the name of Nitin Gadkari, Devendra Fadnavis, Prasad Lad, Ashish Shelar & Vinod Tawde. Whereas for the NCP the list was of Pawars & Sule, Sunil Tatkare, Praful Patel, Chagan Bhujbal & Sachin Ahir. Friends, you would be surprised that I had thought NCP would take the cake. But to my surprise it was nearly 50-50. And to my srurpsie again, bureaucrats too voted for the BJP. That means, BJP is no less now than the NCP in terms of money--I'm not saying this...the voters are...So is it only because of Devendra Fadnavis this government is functioning. Lot's for observers to read out from this. Believe me, 2019 Vidhan Sabha elections will be the dirtiest, yuckiest and the most costliest election Maharashtra will see....

6. Abhimanyu Pawar gearing up for 2019. 
CM Fadnavis's PA and 'left hand' of his boss (right hand is Sumit Wankhede) Abhimanyu Pawar is gearing up for 2019 Vidhan Sabha elections from Latur. All he is waiting for an affirmation from his party bosses which am sure he will get it done. A hardcore RSS karyakarta very few from the Sangh were able to create a niche for themselves in the CMO. Pawar tops the list. By the way, is Bhartiya from the cadre? Just asking....

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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