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What actually happened in Ahmednagar ? OFF THE RECORD

What actually happened in Ahmednagar? OFF THE RECORD

What actually happened in Ahmednagar? Why and how were the two Sena men killed? Who rules Kedgaon? What is it have to do with the double murders of politicians in broad day light ? Who is the mastermind  behind all this ? For all this information read on in typical OFF THE RECORD style...


At first, will give you all the background. These two murder's are political ones and not out of old rivalry. Sena men Vasant Thube & Sanjay Kotkar were killed out of vendetta. When Sena Ministers Ramdas Kadam visited Nagar along with Diwakar Raote to meet the families of Thube & Kotkar he said, Maharashtra is becoming Bihar...I actually can second that now....Let's get to the bottom of the matter....

Just how Navi Mumbai is to the Mumbai, Kedgaon is to Ahmednagar. It is a part of "Nagar". This Kedgaon since years is ruled predominantly a person called Bhanudas Kotkar out of 2 other power centres. Kotkar is a Congressi. He was the city president of the party for many years. He has 3 sons & one daughter. Sandip, Sachin & Amol. Sandip is an ex-Mayor of the Nagar city. Now Sandip is married to the prime accused of the case former State Minister & MLA Shivaji Kardile's daughter, who is also a local corporator there.  All 3 brothers and father have been awarded life imprisonment for the murder of Lottery dealer Ashok Lande.  So when the Mayor was awarded life imprisonment, the post of corporator was vacant and a bypoll for this particular seat was declared for which these murders were planned & executed. The whole story revolves around this by poll election. 

Kedgaon is actually ruled by 3 people. First- the predominant Bhanudas Kotkar (Congress), Second  ex Minister of State & MLA Shivaji Kardile (BJP) & third MLA Sangram Jagtap from the NCP, son of MLC Arun Jagtap.  Bhanudas Kotkar was a bootlegger, Shivaji Kardile sold milk on cycle and Sangram Japtap's father Arun dealt in Desi Daru. All 3 were Goonda's of Kedgaon. Naturally there were powerful and obviously there existed animosity between 3. All 3 are former aides of ex Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat and now, even though they represent different parties all these 3 rulers of Kadegaon are pets of Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil.  Now understand the relationship between these 3. How the power centres are related. Shivaji Kardile of 3, is the smartest one. He knew if he wanted to survive & come on top  he had to do something out of the box. He has 2 daughters. Elder one he got her married to Bhanudas Kotkar's eldest son Sandip currently in jail and younger one he got her married to current MLA Sangram Jagtap. In one stone he killed 2 birds. In one go he ended animosity amongst his rivals and secondly he was given a chance to share the power. Bhanudas Kotkar couldn't be left behind. He too has a daughter, apart from 3 nalayak sons. Bhanudas Kotkar got her married to MLA Sangram Jagtap's younger brother. In this way all 3 are inter related to each other. 

Now that Sandip Kotkar ex-mayor of Ahmednagar has been awarded life imprisonment along with his two brothers and able father for the murder of Lande, the post of corporator was to be filled and by poll election was on the cards. And since Kotkar didn't have any support from the house, Sandip's wife, also a corporator, made someone from the family stand for the elections. Till now the history says it was an understanding between 3 powerful families of Kedgaon that If one died or due to any reason no important member contested elections, someone from the family will take the onus and will surely win the seat. But since no-one was there to support and campaign for the family since everyone is in Jail for the Kotkar family, MLA from NCP and family member Sangram Japtap took the onus and started campaigning. 

Shivsena who had never set their foot on the soil of Kedgaon worked day in day out. These two who were murdered did something which shook the power centres of Kedgaon especially Jagtap & Kardile. Even though the Shiv Sena candidate lost by mere 400 votes, Kardile & Japtap felt challenged. They thought about the future. They decided to eliminate these two sena workers who had toiled day in & day out and put up a fight which shook these muderers. To silence them, was the only solution. Kardile planned it along with Sangram. Sangram's father MLC Arun Jagtap too will be arrested soon. For your information, speeches of Sangram  Jagtap during campaigning are doing the rounds. In all the speeches Sangram Jagtap is heard saying, "आम्ही बंदोबस्त करून टाकू त्यांचा" (We will fix them). Surprisingly in one of the campaign rally, Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil's son Sujay was sitting and in his speech too he mentioned, "that we all know Sangram ji what are the ways you adopt to fix the matters"...did the son of leader of opposition really said that ? Is something of this sort happened before too which went un reported? How are we different than BIHAR? 

Role of IPS Krishna Prakash & Vishwas Nagre Patil 
When Krishna Prakash was the SP there, Bhanudas Kotkar has said something in the heat of the moment had said something which didn't go down well. Prakash was waiting for an opportunity. Luck smiled on Prakash & Kotkar's entire family who were the show runners were arrested in the Ashok Lande case. It is said Prakash did not leave any stone unturned to use his clout to deny them bails & other luxuries of jail. Once RR Patil, Balasaheb Thorat (then mentor of Kotkar) and Krishna Prakash were sitting to find a way out, but Prakash remained adamant and even warned Thorat to stay away as not today but one day they would prove to be nuisance to Thorat's magnificent political career. Thorat is a very smart politician. He listened to Prakash & slowly kept himself away from the 3 notorious men of Kedgaon and hence they tagged themselves to Vikhe.

Also for your information, Sangram Japtap now the MLA for NCP was beaten back & blue without his clothes on some years ago by Vishwas Nagre Patil in case of eve teasing filed against the MLA.

Also OFF THE RECORD, Kardile even though from BJP does not enjoy CM's support....

Vikrant Joshi 

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