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Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai--OFF THE RECORD special !!

Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai--OFF THE RECORD special !!

Please, please & please do not feel otherwise if you see your name cropped up in the list of a wrong question. It is just in fun...Do not think otherwise...Also a very Happy Holi to you and your near & dear ones....

1. After the famous "river" song (with his looks), who has been offered a role against Sunny Leone in South Indian movie ?
A. Devendra Fadnavis   B. Sudhir Mungantiwar  C. Datta Padsalgikar D. Ajoy Mehta. 

2. Who is CM Devendra Fadnavis's pet journalist? 
A. Dr. Uday Nirgudkar B Kamlesh Sutar C Yadukaka Joshi D Prafulla Marpakwar. 

3. Most "Scared, yet have to be tolerated because of their paper they represent journalist of Mantralaya by bureaucrats" award goes to
A. Sandip Acharya B Atul Kulkarni C Sanjay Vhanmane D Arvind "Appa" Bhanushali 

4. Award to be being the most pissed off  on the system IAS officer of our state
A. Tukaram Mundhe B Ashwini Joshi C Arvind Kumar D Sanjeev Jaiswal 

5. Having the cutest face in bureaucracy of Maharashtra & who can still floor many women with their  charm...
A. Saurabh Rao B. Dr. Nitin Kareer C. Niket Kaushik D. Manukumar Shrivastava E. All of them

6. Minister with a cute smile & having charm over ladies every now & then 
A. Girish Bapat B. Girish Mahajan C. Rajkumar Badole D. Jaykumar Raval E. Sudhir Mungantiwar

7. Lady Singham of Maharashtra
A. Ashiwni Joshi B. Manisha Mhaiskar C. Ashwini Bhide. D. Nidhi Choudhari. E. Rubal Agrawal F. All of them.

8. Co op Department's most loved boy.
A. Mahendra Kalyankar B. Milind Shambarkar C. Jagdish Patil. D Shivaji Pahinkar. E. None of the above 

9. If you are at Varsha Bungalow to visit the CM whom will you often bump into?
A. MLC Parinay Fuke B. MLC Prasad Lad. C. MP Kapil Patil. D. Journalist Yadukaka Joshi. 

10. Name of the bureaucrat (IAS) who loves to sit on files and once a junior officer enters his cabin, his whole day goes in just sitting in front of him...
A. Manukumar Shrivastava B. Sitaram Kunte C. Sanjay Kumar D. Shree Kant Singh 

11. Which Minister enters his bunglow at 4am almost every alternate morning in his bunglow after his expeditions in 5 star hotels?
A. Jaykumar Raval B. Dilip Kamble C. Girish Mahajan D. Arjun Khotkar.

12. Bureaucrat with the softest heart, but yet appears to be very strict. 
A. Dr. Brijesh Singh B. Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee C. Vijay Singhal D. Dipendra Singh Khushwah E. Milind Mhaiskar  F. All of them 

13. Frequently seen MLA/MLC with files other than development in his hands at Mantralaya 
A. Shirish Choudhari from Amalner B. Parinay Fuke C. Prasad Lad. D. Yogesh Sagar. 

14. Congress leader who is often sidetracked 
A. Anant Gadgil B. Prithviraj Chavan C. Ashok Chavan D. Kripashankar Singh

15. Aditya Thackrey's favourite Bollywood actress
A. Jacqueline Fernandes B. Lalita Pawar. C. Sulochana D. Meena Kumari.

16. Medha Gadgil cannot become CS because 
A. She is a Brahmin B. She is Congress MLC's wife. C. She is very efficient D. All of the above.

17. The only Bureaucrat who can "actually match the pace of CM" and thats why he is there...
A. Chintamani Sangitrao B. Sumit Wankhede C. Pravin Pardeshi D. Rajesh Narvekar.

18. Often given side posting even after performance...
A. Dipendra Singh Khushwah B. Dr. Chandrakant Pulkundwar C. Atul Patne D. Vikram Kumar  

19. Mahesh Zagade's 4th transfer in a span of a short time.
A. He finishes his given assignment quickly B.He Made a lot of friends at the PMRDA C. He himself wanted to retire at a post in Mumbai D. None of the above.

20. Ajit Pawar in his free time ....
A. Travels to Dubai to be with his younger son B. Fights with wife Sunetra C. Checks Supriya Sule's phone whenever he gets a chance D. Gives lessons on ethics to Sunil Tatkare 

21. Actual a true loyal to his master Sharad Pawar 
A. Prasad Lad. B. Hemant Takle C. Sahebrao Krushibhushan Patil D. Narendra Patil 

22. We need IPS officers like..
A. Vivek Phansalkar B. Deven Bharti C. Paramveer Singh 

23. Actually Secretary who goes in the field and works for tribals.
A. Chandrakant Dange B. Manisha Verma C. RG Kulkarni D. All of them 

24. Jodi bureaucrats award goes to...
A. Milind/Manisha Mhaiskar B. Atul Patne/Anshu Sinha C. Pravin/Pallavi Darade D. Astik Pandey/Mokshada Patil 

25. The biggest Laisioner Maharashtra has ever seen
A. Vivek Jadhav B. Avinash Bhosale C. Nikhil Merchant 

26. Best non Marathi leader of Maharashtra
A. Prakash Mehta B. Bajoria's from Vidharbha C. Naseem Khan D. None of the above.

27 "Don't get that Black Hippopotamus in front of me" declared Bhujbal from the jail...whom did he refer to?
A. Sudhir Mungantiwar B. Swamidas Choube C. Sameer Bhujbal D. Dilip Kamble.

28. Divisional Commissioner Purshottam Bhapkar's transfer was cancelled in a day coz...
A. He & BJP State chief Danve are friends B. Zee Groups Subhash Goyal wanted him to be in Aurangabad due to reasons best known to him C. Bhapkar loved Aurangabad food D. MLA Imtiaz Jameel refused to sign the paper which is contradicting to Supreme Court order. 

29. The most decent bureaucrat who speaks few words but is worth every penny Govt spends on him 
A. UPS Madan. B. Ramnath Sonawane C. E Ravindran D. Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh

30. Party lover tag in bureaucracy goes to...
A. Parag Jainn Nainuttia B. Dr. Deepak Mhaisekar C. Asim Gupta D. Chandrakant Dalvi. 

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