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Municipal Commissioner's of MMR--you are in a spot!!

Municipal Commissioner's of MMR--you are in a spot!!

RSS needs to intervene in BJP's working now--Period. If what RSS flaunts discipline & sacrifice as their sole criteria it's sister concern the BJP karyakarta's in Maharashtra are severely lacking both these qualities. They say a person trained at RSS knows the real meaning of life and lives happily ever after but in case of the BJP whose karyakarta's flaunt of attending shakha's are no where close to what is expected out of them or what is being taught at the Shakha's. Then what is the difference between you & the others, BJP? Why the double standards? I have taken case study of recent setbacks some Municipal Commissioners have taken and the reasons behind it. Let's go it detail...

What I hear, in the RSS there is an absolute discontent for BJP Maharashtra due to the latest imports the party has carried out since last 3 years in power. RSS wouldn't blink an eyelid before declaring the BJP atmosphere as polluted due to these recent imports who are the "non-sacred" one's. One of them a recent MLC is touted as the mini CM and supposed to be the closet to CM Fadnavis. Also the Sangh representative at the CMO has turned into another deal maker, I hear. How will the state progress? How long will the CM continue to hold the fort remains the question? And how long will the able officers work? It will take no time for these officers to loose faith in CM Fadnavis who otherwise is their messiah..Believe me, when I say this...They all have immense respect for Fadnavis, but the corporators and the MLAs are ruining it for the CM. Read on...

Anyway, the same BJP inspired by RSS has given us Atal Bihari Vajpayee & Devendra Fadnavis. Now time has come for RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to call each & every BJP worker & to make them compulsorily attend SANGH for next 3 months of their lives starting today. I say this, because I see no difference between a hooligan (whom we voted all these years) & BJP. The MLA's & the Corporator's all need to be under strict monitoring at the SANGH SHAKHA. Then only there will be a change. Now such is the time, that these BJP walas are behaving worst then Congress / NCP/ SS. BJP  flaunts about down to earth nature & discipline and all that right wing things right? Where is it these days my friends you see in the BJP? Have sangh waala's too have become businessmen? 

Take Mumbai Metropolitan Region's Corporations-To begin, lets talk about the biggest corporation in Asia -the BMC--In all honesty Ajoy Mehta, it's commissioner should tell me if he goes to perform his duty with absolute No Fear attitude? Earlier Commissioner's were scared of a particular caste or party but now in the last few months I'm sure there is no difference in any of the corporator; just the party symbol has changed to pressurise/blackmail the MC's. Take the case of Sanjeev Jaiswal running the show for Thane Municipal Corporation. Though many would argue that why did Jaiswal get frustrated only after completion of his term, the point remains--lets talk about the development this alone person has made. Thane is such a corporation that all the parties have equal dominance. And dominance in these semi-urban corporation need not be through phone calls coming from the top; it also means hooliganism display at all the meetings, morchas, dadagiri, pressurising MC to get everything signed when & where they want. For these people there is no IAS or IRS. For them the Commissioner's are a doll in their hand whom they have been playing with since years, but the recent crop of officers refuse to budge. 

Jaiswal is one of them. He did not budge. He kept on his good work. Then I read day before about Panvel Corporation's boss Dr. Sudhakar Shinde. The farer you move from Mumbai, the tougher it gets. AN MLA (changed party 4 times, till what I know) who got patted by PM Modi just day before I hear he is the most troublesome of all. He wants everything going his way. Says his father Ramsheth got everything on a platter even I want the same. Then there is closest associate of Nitin Gadkari who is the biggest Dalaal at JNPT again troubling the smooth running of business for the Corporation. Problem is these notorious one's are so thick with the rest of the corporation staff's that the Municipal Commissioner hardly gets any support for his team. OK, if these MC's catch hold of this staff for making some extra bucks or favouring someone, all the MC can do is suspend them. But again such is our code of business, that the appeal is in the hands of the same corporators who have got helped. Obviously, the suspension gets revoked.

Then there is messiah of all Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation headed by Dr. Yogesh Mhase. I always tell him, that your service to Aaba (Late RR Patil) has all this time saved you for either being shot or kidnapped or even a gun to your head for file clearance. 10 lakh people stay in Bhiwandi out of which only 2 lakhs are locals rest 8 lakhs are illegal. yes, the figure is correct. For 17 years now, none of the locals have paid Corporation a dime to get water. Such is the sorry state of affairs that Mhase had to work day in & day out to get it out of its financial mess. Property Tax collected from 8 lakhs is in tune of Rs. 50 crore now because of Mhase. Heard the Mayor of Bhiwandi had himself taken out a Morcha against Mhase as he had stopped issuing new tenders and payment of contractors. 500 people out of 10 lakhs participated with the MAYOR. What more you want. People want change, I'm sure. But again there is MP Kapil patil who is mother of everything. At first he got Ashwini Joshi transferred and now he wants all these officers to go. Similar thing at Ulhasnagar led by Rajendra Nimbalkar and similar story at Mira Bhayander which as led by Dr. Naresh Geete. I mean what was going on in CM's head when he obliged MLA Narendra Mehta by transferring Geete? It surely has given out a wrong message and nothing but the image of BJP gets hampered.

But what I have learnt or rather seen, these MLA's when a good officer is doing something good for the corporation or the city, these MLA's every night throng at Varsha. They pressurise CM so much so that ultimately the CM has to give up on his stand. And believe me the pressure tactics are not any less than blackmailing, emotional I meant. Some transfers happen due to political obligations. Like in the case of Geete at Mira-Bhayandar. 

But what has happened, if we look from the birds eye view, in all this process of honest officers getting the boot CM's image has taken a beating. Like, I'm sure CM knew about the antics of Narendra Mehta and his money making ways, CM could have strictly said no to him for transfer of Geete. Similarly with Tukaram Mundhe at Navi Mumbai, even though he is compensated by coming to Nahsik, almost a year he was given a side posting at Pune. By the way, it is not BJP MLA's doing this nautanki but the corporator's of BJP are doing this too. BJP, I mean, you were born with niti and discipline right ? That's why I mentioned all these people need to attend Shakha's for the next 3 months minimum to understand BJP its function and working style.

The only solace to these Commissioner's are Dr. Pravin Pardeshi, Dr Nitin Kareer & Smt. Manisha Mhaiskar. Like a rock this trio is protecting them from the ire of these conniving MLA's & Corporators'. But how long will these 3 hold the fort? At the end of the day, the only can give a report card when it comes to transfers but the baton lies in the hands of CM. How I miss Narayan Rane & Ajit Pawar who protected their bureaucrats? Shhhhh!! My appeal to Ajoy Mehta, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Yogesh Mhase, Naresh Geete, Sudhakar Shinde, Rajendra Nimbalkar--सर सलामत तो पगड़ी पचास!!

Vikrant Joshi

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