Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Who gains from Violence?

OFF THE RECORD reasons I'm thinking behind Bhima-Koregaon Violence

Communal clashes once again paralyse state.

Vikrant Joshi 

Is the #BhimaKoregaonViolence spread state wide now a diversion of what happened in Mumbai #KamalaMillFire ? Anyway we have a habit of moving on as we would rather concentrate on feeding our family than standing in sun & fighting for justice for the deceased victims of fire....A big credit for #BhimaKoregaonViolence goes to the Maharashtra Govt. What were the law enforcement agencies doing when Jignesh Mewani, Umer Khalid, Prakash Ambedkar and Radhika Vemula entered Pune? Most of them have an impeccable reputation of fomenting communal tensions. I agree to this tweet from Sonam Mahajan. 

A great number of people are sitting at home today. One day of absenteeism from work means business loss, including a cut in your pay work for people who are working. State Revenue gets affected and at the end, the leaders of these protestors I have seen, come to a certain compromise with the government. None, I  mean no one who are on the streets right now, understand even one pence of politics that has been played with them for years. Had these mob lyncnhing or strikes or forced closures been able to gain some assitatcne to the shoddy standards our lower section lives in, believe me I would have been the 1st person to carry the baton.  Mumbai, where thousands of crores of rupees get exchanged in one form or the other everyday, a strike or forced hampers the growth. At least let people who work and pay your taxes & support the other (90%) of the non-tax payers by not holding us on gunpoint.  

But the credit to control the damage of the day so far goes to the Maharashtra Government's Home Department. The effect of protest could have been far worse had it not been for CM Fadnavis's persistent nature to get things done by the cops (even if most of them are casteist) on his own terms. This was an ideal situation for a veteran politician to jump in, which he did, & with a small talk... but even people have understood his tricks now. The veteran politician has been a successful torch bearer of caste based politics for all these years, it is alleged. He has injected rural parts of Maharashtra with caste spirited talks & successfully created the riff for years. From him--to his mentors, every leader of the same mindset never wanted the Dalits, the OBC's & Brahmins to live peacefully. Had this not been the case, the parity wouldn't had been in Maharashtra. If he saw a certain Samata Parishad leader going ahead of him, he cut-sized him and put him away for good. For people like these, if Brahmins were away from the throne or power, than they showed a lot of care towards them, but the minute a Brahmin became the CM, that is just not acceptable for any other caste spirited person specially to the politicians belonging to the  Western side of Maharashtra . To dethrone Devendra Fadnavis from the CM post remains sole agenda of many party leaders even today; and they will try all the tricks in the book. And believe me, it is not only Devendra Fadnavis because he is a remember Sudhakarao Naik's struggle as a CM, or do you recollect what happened to Chagan Bhujbal after he formed Samata Parishad? 

Now on to the media persons. On my what'sapp I'm a part of a group called "Maharashtra Media" wherein all the veterans of our state who write less and opiniate more are there. One of them is veteran Nikhil Wagle a staunch Brahmin hater...On the night of 31st, he posted a very derogatory poem against Brahmins. Generally I dont pay attention to anti-Brahmin sloganeering or views but when people like Wagle do so, who have a huge mass base, I tend to not leave the discussion..I gave him back then and there along with veteran Uday Tanpathak. You are a Nikhil Wagle, a journalist like you have millions of followers, what are you doing? Instead of preaching and making India ready for the next generation you are still stuck in the year you were born.  People who preach casteism, must also practice it...

Best part is,  if for all these caste spirited people who generally have politics as their profession, they don't mind if Brahmin's give them crores of money in form of bribe, they dont mind when they get a good looking Dalit girlfriend, and they rarely dont mind when they are bought a bottle of alcohol by an OBC friend...Any type of vice if "given" by another caste of person surely is acceptable, isn't it? If you are so stauanch about your beliefs, my challenge to these people is to stop having all this from other caste people. Go to their houses and live life their way and see what and how they do it...Dr. Babasaheb Ambdekar or  Phule or Tilak did that...They practiced what they preached and that what made them immortal...

Vikrant Joshi  

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