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The real story behind Mumbai's Garbage Contractors! The nexus, the plan & the action!!

--Vikrant Joshi 

Yesterday, you read it totally wrong in the paper's! City's Garbage contractor's story appearing in leading dailies yesterday was totally false and misleading. The contractors who are in fact on the loosing ground here, yes they are--for the first time--,are the sufferer's due to the connivance of some BMC officials. They all (total 9 of them) are blaming only 1 official for sabotaging their 30 year service to Mumbai and gifting the Rs. 1800 crore contract to a Delhi company and a player who has been the "mafia" in Mumbai in this Garbage pick up business since years. But as you'll know OFF THE RECORD, my work is to expose these officers, their intentions, their nexus with companies & alert the highest authorities of such upcoming contingency which in turn will paralyse our smooth operations in the city. 

So, yesterday it was reported that the "tainted" garbage contractor's have blackmailed the BMC and have threatened not to pick our garbage from the 27th Jan...Yes it is true-- but what made them give such threats? Whom are they blaming for all of this? Which officer took kickbacks from these same contractor's for years and has all of a sudden become a monk? Who is the officer who based on dubious facts submitted false reports to his bosses? To find out read on...

FYI, SHOWCAUSE notices have been issued to all these 9 contractor's and the main reason for the same is said that debris have been mixed with garbage (other than MSW material) to increase the weight of the truck and hence doubling their monies in terms of payments...

As per the news that appeared in the Times of India, I'm clarifying the following things which is nothing but the TRUTH

1. As reported in the TOI, the BMC pays the garbage contractors on WEIGHT...TRUTH is these contractors are paid on SHIFT's and not on weight.

2. Now the total DEBRIS found other than the MSW garbage is 50kgs..You will be surprised that the total value of this 50KG mixed debris is Rs. 10 ---yes you read it correct...All these 9 contractors who collect our garbage are working for more than 30 years to the BMC and in all this the value of CHORI or ZHOL is Rs. 10 or maximum if I may say Rs. 1 lakh...

3. 70% of the green garbage trucks running in Mumbai city are private players whereas 30% are BMC owned trucks. Even in these 70% of the trucks which they are paid shift wise, the staff (handlers of garbage) are BMC workers and all the contractor does is to provide the truck, the driver and a cleaner.

4. The contract of these contractors has expired on 24.12.2017 whereas these contractors are working on extension period, obviously for which they will be paid based on the "correct" report submitted ward wise. TOLL is borne by the contractor. 

Now what is the game of this officer who has sabotaged the entire process?
Allegedly, two companies by the name of MetroWest & Anthony are interested in this Rs. 1800 crore annual contract & eyeing to grab the same come what may. Yes, the same Anthony who left the BMC in lurch when Deonar dumping issue was at it's peak. Had it not been these old timer contractors, Mumbai would have suffered terribly...Anyway, these two companies and a couple of more approached this "Balam pyaare" for their "VIJAY" in getting their contracts. How could have they got the contracts own merit? It wasn't possible...If the staff who picks the garbage belongs to the BMC, how is the private contractor to be blamed for mixing debris? isn't it sabotage? Anyway, the debris were mixed and a detailed report was submitted to the authorities who obviously thought that everything was done bad by the old timers, since it was on papers. This Balam pyaare who goes to each table to get file signed was also approached by the old timers for revision in the "annual fees", but now he has turned into a MONK knowing that MC Ajoy Mehta will tolerate everything but not corruption.

Now the main problem remains. Even if these contractors get a clean chit, which I'm confident about, the BMC has decided to extend their 6 month contract, OFF THE RECORD, I'm told..but what if in these 6 months these contractors get played again? How & who will fix the jurisdiction? Will the showcause notice be withdrawn so that they can participate fairly in the next bidding, remains my main question...Also how about disrupting Balam pyaare's intention of blacklisting them? (Copies of the same with me)...See there have been instances when the contractors MAY have made merry, but this is not the right way to kill their loyalty towards the BMC who have given their life servicing us...But I would say, be it anything, these contractors have no right to BLACKMAIL the authorities  by calling for a BANDH or STRIKE on the 27th. I'm sure MC Ajoy Mehta & AMC Vijay Singhal will be giving them a fair chance to present their side before the 27th...All eyes on the meeting now...

Vikrant Joshi 

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