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More Breaking on Kamala Mill Fire--OFF THE RECORD PART 3

(More Breaking) OFF THE RECORD review on Fire in Kamala Mills-PART 3

Vikrant Joshi

So, my blog after few hours when the fire broke at Kamala Mills, I was the first person on the planet to write that fire was not because of short-circuit and it was caused due to hookah, seems to be true..I mean, thats what headlines of the newspapers are screaming today... No awards will be conferred, no channel will invite journo's like me, but friends, do you'll think I even care? Now to some more breaking news...

Where is Yug Tuli one of the main culprits of the Kamala Mill Fire? Authorities, try Srilanka...Heard form my Nagpur sources he has had business interests there for a long time now. And yes by the way, Yug Tuli is a repeated offender. Check news of October 2015 of Times of India where even in Nagpur Cafe Mojo's which was operational there-- was shut for illegal sale of alcohol, running of a pub and hookah joint in a residential property. 

Another story doing rounds is that of a young MLA from Vidharbha (what is the marathi term for SEA) scion of a big family having strong political & financial background, is also heard of being a stake holder in one of the pubs that caught fire. Now I wasn't able to confirm if he has some stake or not, but this 31st, the whole gang of the MLA was supposed to be there partying. Please note, stakeholders may not necessarily be partners on paper...So many names doing rounds including   that of musician Shankar Mahadevan's son is also on baseless theory. Ok as far as Kripalani's, whom can we ask about their whereabouts? Hmm...try asking the scion of Mumbai 's Marathi Manoos leader...they were supposed to open together the same pub in BKC...  By the way, if you really want to put the owners in trouble than take the total cost involved in putting up the whole place, if it does not match with the money the real owner is worth spending, investigate him and you will know his "sleeping" "silent" partner. 

By the way, has anyone heard from the Govani's? Are they that big that they cannot be traced by our media or even cops ? 

OK, moving on, has anyone heard that there is a letter written by the owners of MOJO's cafe to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, & our CP PAdsalgikar. If so friends, please be right behind per information & hearsay, the owners of MOJO's cafe have written that the origin of fire is not MOJO's but the fire broke out at 1Above...They say they can scientifically prove so, thats what letter claims, sources tell me....But God alone & the 3 above I mentioned, know if such letter is written. They say, the authorities & the top politicians are pressurising the agencies to make MOJO's the culprits and hence this is their desperate attempt. 

Since many days a news item is doing rounds that Assistant Municipal Commissioner of G-South ward Prashant Sapkale had asked for permission to Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta to remove the temporary shed of both the pubs which caught fire, and it was on verbal communication that MC Mehta has stopped Sapkale to do so. It is all BULLSHIT. As per procedure to remove a temporary monsoon shed, a team of BMC officers including Health officer go to the spot, they inspect it, they give a notice to the owner to remove it in 8 days, and if they fail to do so they submit an investigative report to the AMC for further action, and then the AMC takes action that deems fit. In this case the AMC was Sapkale.  If in remotest of possibility, lets assume MC Mehta had called Sapkale, wasn't it duty of Sapkale to write on the report "As per instructions from MC" on the order?  I mean thats what officers write, right if they receive an oral order from the top...Remember case of Minister Prakash Mehta who had claimed CM Fadnavis had seen the file? Hence it is bullshit. As an Assistant Commissioner, wasn't it a moral responsibility of Sapkale to remove the shed? By the way, I'm just getting started Sapkale. Why didn't you write a comment on that investigative report? Now one more internal communication secret I shall tell you'll in the BMC. Many times in cases even if top bosses are hell bent on stopping some good officer to work, or the officer wants to so something without taking permission of his boss, all the officer does, is with a green pen he will just put a tick mark on the report submitted with a green pen, indicating that the investigative report is OK and further action as per the report has to be taken or else a cross with red pen. Wasn't there a green tick option Mr. Sapkale?

Now on the night of fire, where was Mr. Sapkale? As per sources, Mr Sapkale was allegedly drunk to the core at his favourite restaurant at Atria Mall and in that condition he drove his Mitsubishi Pajero to the spot after the fire was reported. Check CCTV footages of Atria Mall. Hope repeated offender and owner of Atria Mall Bharat Shah will co-operate at least in this one....BTW, the minute anyone tries to investigate Atria Mall, you will hounded with calls from his powerful partner and one of Marathi Manoos party just be careful.....Anyway, Sapkal's medical test would have proved a lot, had some acted responsibly. Every Wednesday night, Sapkale spends his evenings at this popular joint at Atria Mall. He loves the food there...The night of fire, Mr. Sapkale was there, and yes, he was intoxicant, allegedly.  

3rd instance--Mr. Sapkale, again I'm alleging this, I have heard a very very popular MLA from South Mumbai who is building his towers in your area is said to have hired you on a monthly package of some six digit figure. The work which he has entrusted you is said to be very inserting. Apparently in front of his towers, there is a bridge/flyover passing by and the area below the bridge was used for car parks and the revenue came in some or the other form to the BMC. But this monied mLA found his Madhuri Dixit in Sapkale. Made a nice offer to him which he couldn't refuse. Apparently Sapkale made a proposal himself and now is following up at the BMC and at mantralaya level to make that area into a garden space...Wah...the no more cars can be parked in that crowded South Mumbai area but a lush green garden top just to please the MLA, who wants all of us (including me, common i'm a JOSHi) to turn into vegetarian. 

Lets wait and watch friends...a lot is happening...

Vikrant Joshi

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