Sunday, 6 August 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

Reshuffle on cards?
Apparently the much talked about news is here. Whenever there is nothing, we journalists have reshuffle news to feed you...So if the grapevine exists, so does our moral duty to tell you whats happening in the corridors of power... The base of the reshuffle as far as I know, if it does, will surely be based only on the performance of the Ministers so far. A lot of people in the current Ministry will be shown the door, claim experts & sources. 

As far as performance is the criteria,without a doubt the first one to get an axe will be MoS Vidya Thakur...Apart from her husband Jayprakash no one else worked in her Ministry. Jayprakash made his money whilst the FDA charge was with his wife in brokering various hearings. Last heard he even left behind a Congress scion son who had this charge briefly in the Cong-NCP government.  It was  Jayprakash who actually controlled the Ministry. 

Second in line would surely be corrupt Prakash Mehta who has left no stone unturned to embarrass Fadnavis on more than one occasion in the current ongoing Assembly session. He has left the ball in Fadnavis's court but Devendra ji might just hit it out of the park...As of now, for me Mehta is a goner!

The performances of Rajkumar Badole, Pandurang Phundkar, Babanrao Lonikar,  Raje Ambrishrao Raje Satyawan's & Pravin Pote  are also not up to the expectations of the CM. They might be shown the door or change in portfolios is also indicated. 

On the other hand, in the ShivSena, Dr. Deepak Sawant & Subhash Desai are the ones whose future as Ministers, will be in the dark. Sources present at a meeting conveyed by party chief Uddhav Thackrey of the MLAs before the assembly session began, many of them have openly showed their displeasure for these two in particular. 

Well, admist of all this, luck may finally swing in favour of Advocate Ashish Shelar who is looking for a birth in the cabinet since 2014. He, but no one in the BJP, is better equipped with all the laws & nitigrities of the housing department or even UD due to his experience in the BMC after Fadnavis. Ashish Shelar might face resistance from the current Mumbai gang of "senior" Raj Purohit, Yogesh Sagar & Atul Bhatkalkar. Believe me, Shelar is way above these people in terms of performance...I don't know why, whatever little I have read, understood & learnt about Sharad Pawar in my 8 years of Journalism only 1 leader comes very close as to whom do I see next Sharad Pawar is Ashish Shelar...He is defiantly Sharad Pawar of the BJP...(in all sense)...But the recent lobbying of him with the LAd's & Darekar's have certainly made his relationship a bit sour with the CM & the party workers say people close to him...But fortune favours the brave ! 

Underrated & low profile Minister Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar might be given PWD (earlier Chandrashekhar Bawankule wanted it desperately but Gadkari was not in favour) or even considered for the post of State President-BJP.. Danve due to his super performance in the ZP & council elections  (yes as a party BJP has flourished right ?) may see his birth in Narendra Modi's cabinet soon or be given a responsibility at the National level in the party. Khadse's comeback is surely postponed. Madan Yerawar might be elevated to the cabinet level given his relationship with Fadnavis & Gadkari both...

Vishnu Savra is on the edge...Due to his caste & background he might be given a chance to prove his mettle again...OFF THE RECORD he is a good man, but his son Hemant & one of the staff's of his   are the real black sheep in the getting Savra's name tarnished...

Now the question comes, there should be another lady in the Ministry if CM decides to send Vidya Thakur home...Who will it be? Surely not Manda Mhatre (import category)..will it be Devyani Farande, Sangita Thomre or will it be a surprise to see Dr. Bharti Lavekar as Minister of State?  She will surely have to thank Vinayak Mete for this one ....

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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