Friday, 21 July 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1.  IT raids Avinash Bhosale
People in the corridors of power, all my sources right from the BMC to the Varsha Bungalow,  to 6th Floor of Mantralaya, everyone claimed that Avinash Bhosale was just indispensable. No one could even have thought of touching him. Be it any BMC Commissioner, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary of CM--only Bhosale had the audacity to get his work done with arrogance that too. If you doubt any of this, ask your informants who were involved in DP preparation of Mumbai & Pune. They will tell you the clout he enjoys everywhere. Anyway,  no one ever thought that at least in this birth would any agency touch Avinash Bhosale. But yes, they did. And mind you, the Income Tax Department of Pune hasn't raided, it was the Mumbai division. Even though it is a Central agency, I have my doubts that the CMO wasn't taken into confidence knowing the "status" of the man.  Hats off PM Modiji /Devendra ji....Vishwajit Kadam is like a small fry who is caught up in the mess because of his infamous father-in-law. But one should never take down anything lying when it comes to Patangrao Kadam's dynasty. Small fry also can be worth some hundreds of crores. Next in line--the  Jadhav's, the Oberoi's,  & the Chudasama's--be extremely careful--for this CM & PM the dialogue of movie Company goes very well, "आम आदमी कभी भी ख़ास हो सकता है, और ख़ास आदमी कभीभी आम"  

2. Lokmat & it's character!
Happiest Birthday CM sir!! By the way--read todays Lokmat--My uncle Yadu (kaka) Joshi as usual has gone all the way to render his /his paper's love for the BJP's CM in his editorial. If anyone of you have forgotten, today is NCP's Ajit Pawar birthday also..Lokmat being a Congress Paper I expected some or the other journalist of Lokmat  to write an editorial on Ajit Pawar too being a partner party but I was disappointed. I always thought Vijaybabu or Rajendrababu are the best players in our Print Media business and they use everyone and anyone to get their way out & work done...But surprise, surprise!! three journalists of the same paper-- Madhukar Bhave, Atul Kulkarni & Yadu Joshi have in fact made Lokmat their tool and used it to their fullest potential...The former two got rewarded financially as well😜😜, but Yadu joshi was able to create "दहशत" because of his non-corrupt ways. Earlier in our Mantralaya circles, everyone thought, that Atul Kulkarni's reign will come to an end when Yadu Joshi was brought from Nagpur, actually that did happen for sometime, hafta from many departments were stopped, and Kulkarni had to fight to regain his control on department by giving pathbreaking news...but now I think they have made peace, divided their yard..

3. My father Hemant Joshi has today actually appreciated the Darda family and its functioning...Click the link below to read the same: 
विषय वेगवेगळे : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

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