Thursday, 29 June 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. '93 Blast convict  Dossa dies...
Since my childhood, my mother always screamed at me whenever I did anything wrong...It could have been for a mischief....It could have been for teasing someone....or it could have been for a beating to a friend, or many such daredevilgiri I possessed in those days...her common dialogue,  "Don't do this...if you do something wrong/disastrous, God will punish you with dire consequences"..."Go to Hell", "Do good Karma", "Fear the Lord" were some of the common philosophies of life which, I'm sure, we all have been hearing since long, and continue do confer them our kids also....But mind you friends, after seeing this Mustafa Dossa die a peaceful death, all my beliefs and superstitions have just vanished in thin air...I will no more use any of these "filmy" & "scary" dialogues on my two boys anymore...& Thats for sure!! Bloody hell, a person who was responsible for killing of some 300 people bloody hell dies of just an heart-attack? How bad can God be? Is this what is meant by Kalyug or what? no wonder our politicians even with CANCER and speech problems continue to rule our Maharashtra by dividing them caste-wise & milk our state for their own go on friends, get the monster out of you and don't think about the consequences....Not you, but surely your children or family will pay for your sins (now this is the new philosophy which actually scares me)... HEY RAM! GHOR KALYUG!! RIP Mr. Dossa after unresting some of thousands of families!!!

2. Congress leans on saints, priests to take on BJP 
This is not new what Sanjay Nirupam is doing...Ashok Chavan, State President, was a major believer of saints, priests and advices from the Godmen..Remember how one "tharki" Maharaj from Indore had got due importance when Chavan was the CM? Apparently one "Atulya" journalist from Lokmat had taken a certain boy aged some 25 named "Joshi" from Pune to forecast his knowledge to Chavan who has undergoing lot of pressure as Adarsh was spicing up...This Joshi boy made him wear some coloured stones which apparently costed few lakhs...Then someone asked Chavan to go down south to save his CM post and change his spelling/signature...Nothing of this saved him...So Nirupam is doing nothing but following his predecessors..right from Patangrao Kadam to Harshvardhan to Tatkare to the Thackrey's every politician has this liking & pull towards Godmen...The only politician who have actually kicked all these Godmen's asses and don't believe in "धागे दोरे" are Ajit Pawar & Sharad Pawar...Ajit dada has famously shown the same "tharki" Maharaj the door when Tatkare had got him to consult over irrigation scam...

3. Kaali-peeli aap 
I'm a Mumbaikar and have roamed all my life in these Kaali-Peeli taxis. The attitude these people have given us all along the years to charging us more than the meter showed, Kaali--Peeli--your days are gone..I prefer to travel by the super cool UBER or OLA or even an auto rickshaw as we pay far more less & travel with more comfort...Forget downloading the app, I might support people rooting for ban on Kaali-peeli's..

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