Sunday, 11 June 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Crimes in city are getting more brutal, say cops & psychologists 
Why won't they? The phrase "The world is too small" aptly describes the headline today. With internet exploding information, social media being available & suitable at one click, and earning money without  tales of struggle, has definitely risen the dark side of development, CRIME. We love to apt the West, we want to drink like Al Pacino the way he did in Scarface, smoke marijuana & get the  jaw-line like the Dutt or John Travolta are some of the things we all try to ape from the world of Cinema. Easiest availability of Sex not only in Mumbai but all across the globe has made a "sacred union" between two individuals filled with desperation and lust. Today Sex is common. It's like eating, a very normal activity for both men & women early in their teens. Housewives want their husbands to do something very out of the world, so that she can brag about it when she meets her friends outside the school gate where she picks her child.  Husband trying to be "uncommon" and "peer pressured" does things which none of his ethics allow. 

My son's friends in secondary schools, class 5, discuss about having Girlfriends & are very much comfortable watching a kissing scene in a movie without getting uncomfortable. I so recollect my days. You will lie if we don't agree that we lust for every female at a night club and our phones are loaded with porn videos. The thought of being invincible after downing some 4 to 5 drinks make todays youngsters (mind you the 40;s is the new 30's) look dangerous. The body building fad that is accompanied with dosages of steroids which makes you the most powerful person mentally, is what 90% of youngsters going to the fancy gyms thrive upon. Just one of the news today, a person was caught with drugs worth Rs. 36 crore surely makes my stomach churn on the total outcome this business has in Mumbai or metros yearly. "Being stoned" is the new cool term. So when I hear headlines like crime has become more brutal, I'm not surprised. Boss, youngsters today are "depressed" even if you don't buy them a dress, forget helping them in careers till they are 40. Depression is leading many to drugs, alcohol, prostitution & worst of all, suicides. And what shit.... they are bloody filming it for others to motivate. Where are we heading? 

I come across many parents who are westerly influenced and don't believe in discipling their children with a whack (which is often needed) or a tight slap on their face at the right age. Today it is OK for a child to create a ruckus in a restaurant and throw tantrums. Still the mother who is enjoying her wine (for her ancestors LASSI or CHAAS for the drink), or the father who is busy discussing " BIZNES" with friends, ask the maids to handle the situation. I remember even spilling of water on my shirt at a restaurant was a crime for me when i was like 8.Agree to this, we all were "disciplined" in our own way our parents taught right, but hasn't that paid off? Day before one of my best friends was travelling abroad...he sent me a picture of his 8 year old kid & daughter just holding the beer glasses in their hands...I was falbbergasted and announced by displeasure immediately. Being himself bought up the way I did, he immediately apologised profusely and promised me of not doing this anytime. Bloody I remember my father sipping his drink in a steel glass till I was 18. This holding glass for fun, surely gives a birth to the thought of sipping daddy's apple juice...

On top of that, nobody is ready to accept that success or stability in whatever you do, will be achieved only after 35 years of age. The frustration these days my colleagues have is everyone wants to have Rs. 100 crore before they die. Are boss, please remember 90% of us have just seen money some 10 years back. Ask your fathers if you don't believe me. And I'll tell you the rich people of those times, who are more richer now, don't behave the way we do! Remembering God, just for the heck of some "mata ki chowki" for one night or showing off how you don't drink during Ganpati is more fashion  to me now. Where are the values? I'm sure every grand-parent reading this will agree to me word to word what I have said. 

If you want city or the world to be crime-less, just pledge to be ambitious and not over-ambitious in life. Give values to your children rather than foreign tours. Give them time rather than buying PS4s. Don't get peer-pressured! Don't get jealous if your neighbour is having "the" lifestyle and you are struggling to make ends meet. There is no bigger "nasha" than seeing success after failures, I'm an example to that! And yes, show less of TV to the children & your spouse...Body building, looking good with all the things they put in their bodies is "rozi-roti" for the people working on it, and not for you. So eat healthy, read & believe in any one power above! And yes MEDITATE...& ill share you  one more secret of mine...I sleep at 9 and get up at 4:30 every morning...15 minutes of just closing my eyes & meditating helps me take on the world, fearlessly!!! Just try this & things will fall in place!!!

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