Thursday, 1 June 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Farmers clash with cops, destroy veggies.
Everyone be it from politicians to farmers, seem to be in blackmailing mood to the current Government or CM Fadnavis, every now & then. But CM's statement-- behind this motive of farmers lie NCP/Cong brain, seems to be far-fetched. Had any of the Cong/NCP strategies of blackmailing the BJP/SS Govt paid off since last 3 years, this CM would have long back brought them to the dust. So whom is  the CM targeting actually in the name of Cong/NCP? At the same time, is it justified of spilling milk on roads or destroying veggies meant for Mumbaikars? Did not hear veggies or milk supplies getting stopped going to other towns anywhere else in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar does not want the Mumbai-Nagpur highway corridor happening for sure. He does not want development of Vidharbha & Marathwada. Why do you'll forget, that it was after the development of Mumbai-Pune expressway, the fortunes of Western Maharashtra changed... Many Journalists (few of them already did the stories) are already touring the areas and finding scams to stop this ambitious project of the BJP. Many officers (top IAS officers) own benami lands here. Attention divert was requirement of the day. So the farmer stir., is it?..Hence I say, is it motivated by our very own of BJPwalas?

2. My fathers (Patrakar Hemant Joshi) post in the link
 लोकसत्ता आणि लोकमत : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Cash for transfers scam
Yadu (kaka) Joshi of Lokmat did the story today with an interesting tale to tell which the other journo's who reported, couldn't grab. He has written apart from the 4 accused "a staff from the CMO" is also involved. Now my Yadukaka, as we all know,  is the closest Journalist to CM Fadanvis these days. No one claiming otherwise are remotely even close. "Jaish-E-Devendra" team also exists because of Yadukaka. Now tell me, how can anyone be saved from his network? Why is Yadukaka saving that person from the CMO in this whole scam? Now I will tell you, one of the staffs of Minister Vishnu Savra is also involved in these police transfers, it is alleged. He has caught hold of the same person in the CMO who gets transfers done. Time to find that man, or it will be easy if my Yadukaka himself breaks his silence.

4. Sion refugee camp episode
What wrong do these people? The refugee camp in this area houses many buildings which are almost in dangerous conditions. Notices were served. But people residing there refuse the BMC to demolish them. Now if any untoward incident/ natural calamity occurs, who will be responsible for the deaths that will go in 1000s?

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