Sunday, 14 May 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Thane Civic Chief in action.
Wah, finally Thane sees some action...Now understand the politics behind it. Why all of a sudden this happens? The reason is simple. To cut powers of Eknath Shinde & guess what! Who is the brain behind this? Of course our beloved CM Devendra Fadnavis. Everyone knows how unceremoniously Eknath Shinde was climbing the ladder with the power of illegally got money and ego. He needed to be cut-sized. What better way then to create a havoc in all the minds of local Shivsainiks who own all the illegal businesses there in Thane? Sanjeev Jaiswal who is CM's man, and yes even Collector Mahendra Kalyankar, are leaving no stone unturned to put an axe to the illegal activities that Shinde or his prodigies owned or headed. Tell me which Municipal Commissioner's house has been visited by the CM thrice? Such are relations of Jaiswal and CM. Eknath Shinde wanted to come in BJP along with 14 other MLAs long ago and his demand was simple. He needed to head the Home department, which in any case was unacceptable to Fadnavis. So the blackmail began. Then CM who does not even think twice to finish his enemies in his now party, would he have paid any heed to Shinde's demands? No never....It just took one phone call to cut wings of Shinde. Action has begun at ground level. Wait and watch for illegal constructions and land deals going kaput or exposed in Thane. OK, the police are also on Jaiswal's side. Thane Police Chief wants to come to Mumbai at any cost. So even if in the past he is known to be close to every corrupt politician, Paramour Singh is leaving no chance to side Jaiswal. After all it will be Jaiswal who will put in a word for the Page 3 party lover, allegedly connoisseur of beauties and drinks, Paramour Singh!! And dont be surprised if he gets plump Mumbai posting. By the way, MP Shrikant Shinde has joined the list of unsuccessful sons of leading politicians of Maharashtra. 

2. Praful Patels biography maps his political journe
--Very few connect with farmers the way he does -Uddhav Thackrey.
Wah! finally Uddhav Thackrey yesterday at the book launch (biography) of Praful Patel admitted that he knows a man who has the connect with farmers. It is Praful Patel. Kya Uddhav saheb? Will the farmers of Maharashtra accept this statement of yours? Don't you know what has this opportunist Praful Patel done with Air-India? Allegedly he has put Air India in doldrums. I prefer a prostitute from Grant road doing business for survival than this Patel. And to make matters worse, CM Fadnavis whom we know as epitome of self image goes for the inauguration? Shame!! 

3.  MNS's Sandip Deshpande's threat to city engineer 
Empty vessels are the noisiest. Apparently MNS's Despande has taken his wife's defeat at Mumbai Corporation to another level. He is so hurt that he wants to make his presence felt by making such claims. He has claimed that he will dump the Chief Engineer if Mumbai floods. And if you have observed, only Mumbai Mirror and that too the son of a journalist, writes his stories in the name of being 'exclusive'. No other newspaper entertains this Deshpande..Have you read anything of this story anywhere today? Then why does this reporter goes out of the way? Hope you all got the "friendship" deal here. Anyway, Mr. Deshpande, Shivsena and the BJP are already at loggerheads for the nullah cleansing. They both at the end of the day will find a solution to the city. By the way, does this attribute to threatening? What is the BMC waiting for to lodge to a FIR? 

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