Wednesday, 17 May 2017

OFF THE RECORD review of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Sex Racket busted in Mumbai.
Every now and then one keeps hearing about these busts wherein a call girl (nowadays prostitute is a passe) is invited by a group of 'happening' people and there is free flow of drugs & alcohol at such parties, and it gets busted by cops. Northing unusual for a reader right? This happens everyday in Mumbai, in fact why alone Mumbai? Our Marathi Men in Pune or Nagpur are not any less.  Such busts happens only at tip-offs, mind you! But let me tell you, any illegal activity in your city without the support from our state machinery, is next to impossible, which is suppose to control all of this. But greed is more than everything my friends for most of the people in Khaki. Boss, there are call girls in Mumbai who do business right in front of police stations( Juhu Chowpathy). Any cop claiming that he is unaware of this businesses of these "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" are lying...Calling girls home for rich Mumbaikars is one, now the latest fad is SPA visits across Mumbai ...Pune is slowly but surely getting there. Most of the SPA's in Mumbai have chains; and major of them are financed and owned and backed by politicians and goons together. Here the rate you pay for a massage through which you get entry is different at the counter and inside the room, girl will give you a list of services she has to offer with different rates for everything. (Remember 3 floored ABSOLUTE SPA in Juhu raid 2 years back, exposed by Mid-Day?, by the way hafta was decided and the spa is still in business) It is typical Bangkok style. The term used for such  dirty things inside the room is SERVICE. Many girls who have migrated out of UP or East and even from Delhi & Haryana who came with a dream to live the lifestyle, are into this business. Mira Road & Malwani are filled with such people. Raiding of such places is a mere eyewash. A complain is lodged, the girls are released on bail and again she gets ready for her next customer.  

2. How contractor Raj prevails in Mumbai by Smruti Koppikar in HT
Excellent read of today at Hindustan Times. But as journalists we are continuously on the trail of Brahmin CM Fadnavis for every decision he makes...There are discussions on every media group in regard to his decisions and they are straight related to his caste/camp he belongs too... I wonder sometimes, were these same journalists sleeping formal these years when Marathas were ruling and backstabbing us? Anyway, why not a single journalist is behind these tainted contractors. Yesterday MMRDA suspended two of its engineers for backing a firm to bag contracts (Read Mumbai Mirror) but journo's how about actually following up and making sure that these contractors who get blacklisted go to jail? Mere blacklisting firms is not enough. Blacklist the person, and at first, freeze all his accounts & assets...Make this public...Humiliate him...This will surely put a check on the contractor raj. Ask them to cough up names of babus who support them, take bribe from them...Do the same with them too..Don't let their families reside in peace.... Let the fear be installed in them, then only these shameless people (including our babus) will think twice before giving kickbacks. Last heard, the 5 contractors who were caught in the 350 cr road scam, Delhi's TOP MOST politicians made sure that they are given a clean chit and out of this mess. A leading contractor who was named in the FIR recently held a bhumipujan and look at his arrogance; he made sure clean image CM Fadnavis was present at the occasion. This is how egos are polished and the same person instead of JK, opens a new firm by the name KJ, and starts bidding again. 

3. Raj Thackeray meets Ramdev baba 
All I will say is, in a photo wherein Ramdev baba is seen with family of Raj, I was devastated when I saw Amit in that photo...I rest my case here!!

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