Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Baba Siddique booked by ED

Baba Siddique booked by ED

I'm so happy with this. Allegedly a goon, blackmailer, settler, bogus politician who only thrived because of (Late)Sunil & former MP Priya Dutt has come under the lens. All thanks to the BJP city President. Baba Siddique belongs to Bandra, and all these years enjoyed supreme power in the area due to a large number of Muslims, and yes active Muslims in the area, backing him for 15 odd years. But walks in Ashish Shelar and comes the Modi wave! Beaten by just 1400 votes in 2009, Shelar vowed to finish off Siddique, which he did in 2014 by a margin of 30000 votes. All those powerful Muslims lobbies today are strongly behind Shelar; even they understood in the name of caste and politics, it was only Baba who got richer...neither the constituency had any development , nor anyones work happened. The alternative in 2014 was Shelar, whom they stood behind firmly and gave him thumping victory. Priya Dutt's (Baba mentor nowadays) career also apparently was over in the Loksabha elections of 2014 when she lost against a newcomer on the block Poonam Mahajan. Even Mahajan is no less, but on her, some other time...

Baba's parents had migrated from Bihar and Baba himself started making money by sending people to Singapore and other countries as carriers of to bring in electronic goods to India by means of smuggling, claims one of a social media posts. Baba is allegedly said to be addicted to substance and was a heavy drinker. His son Zeeshan is no less. Zeeshan who entered youth Congress had to be rushed suddenly to London to study--reasons unknown; but he is back here now to do what he does best, showcase of power with his fathers ill gotten wealth. Bandra's night clubs CCTV footages will testify what does the JR Siddique do when the champagne gets over. The white thing on his thumb can be tested. 

 I don't recollect the exact month & year, but somewhere in 2012, Baba had left an ongoing assembly session and dashed off to Dubai on urgent basis. Apparently he was summoned by the D Gang in Pakistan, where Baba travelled via Dubai. This all is hearsay. It was a news item those days on why had Baba received threatening calls from the gang, when he enjoyed both Salman's & Dutt's company? Anyway, when Baba left the ongoing session, it is alleged a huge amount was coughed up as "compromise"...To tell you in all honesty, Baba owns a lot of properties in and around Bandra and does not own flats mind you, he has a share in MALLS & Buildings....hence the call from the underworld must be for the share in the pie. Known for his iftaar parties, Baba hobnobs with the best in political circle---an ex municipal commissioner was often spotted at such parties regularly--who are either starstruck or go with an intention for some "jugaad" with models accompanying the stars to satisfy their fantasies, but at the end, get nothing.  Neither the actors respect them for being a Commissioner nor any models fall for their looks. In these circles, only cops make an impression, friends!! 

But now the time has come. Ashish Shelar, or even our CM won't and in fact should not spare such crooks. The builders of Bandra will be relieved, as whosoever wants to do anything  in Bandra has to have Baba as partner. Oh, by the way, read somewhere he is close & partner to another goon, the Dewans!! Linking roads mess (illegal stalls & shops) which the daredevil lady AMC Dr. Pallavi Darade had cleared is thriving & existing only because of Baba. The zhopdapatti near reclamation on the Nargis Dutt road is thanks to the former MP & Baba for vote bank. All the illegal businesses be it construction, open selling of drugs & rise of "calls girl business" can be attributed somewhere to the mess created by Baba Siddique. Bandra is the hub for fashion and one of the best areas to reside, but am sorry to say, it has become a station of all illegal activities & dominated by "tapori" youth who are attracted to monies & fancies this man showed. 


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