Thursday, 20 April 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Sena MP Gaikwad booked for abusing Latur Cops on finding ATM empty 
Though the reason for MP Gaikwad to get angry is valid this time, but the constant media glare on this person (Times of India wrote on him everyday when he was denied ticket every time by AI) and the thought of being invincible (party chief also refrains from disciplining him ) has coaxed Gaikwad to adhere to hooliganism to get his work done now. He knows this is the last term of his being an MP. So gather publicity in every possible way. They say best form of keeping in news is to create one, even at the cost of it giving a negative impact. I certainly have my reservations against him being a professor. A noble profession with such mindset is nothing but being psychotic. But I feel the Home Department, otherwise quick to negate anyone coming on & against the force, are also taking it lying. Need your attention once again, CM!

2. Rape in MLA Hostel in nagpur 
I'm not surprised! Forget Nagpur MLA Hostel, you will be surprised if I relay you some facts of MLA hostel right in front of Mantralaya. With each MLA being granted 2 rooms in Mumbai MLA hostels (Aakashwani & Manora) one room is always reserved for the MLA himself, if he is not there, than only his nearest PA will occupy the room--and the other allotted room in the old & shady Aakashwani is strictly for people coming to Mumbai for various Governmental works from their constituencies. Hence drinking alcohol, chewing pan masala and dirtying the place is the foremost criteria at Akashwani. There the security is bit alright. But in Manora since only 'prestigious' people stay (MLA or his PA ) hobnobbing of prostiutes & call girls is no surprise during late evenings. The canteen at Manora is open to all. Pay Rs. 100 everyday & anyone can sit in the designated area for VIPs and MLAs and eat your meals. Parking of other vehicles is common by bribing the security. Now the mother of all scams these MLA do--Allegedly Every room is admeasuring 200-300 sq.ft. These people (MLA) with hand-in-glove with PWD officials & estate agents straight away give rooms for yearly rentals of cool Rs 5-6 lakhs p.a. I challenge any PWD official to deny any of the facts mentioned above. PWD officials pay a bomb to get them as incharge of any MLA hostel. The "tip" is very high here. Anyways, coming back to Nagpur--where this heinous crime took place, local police should first arrest the PWD incharge along with the security head & the MLA to be booked whose room was used. Those goldsmith who raped the salesgirl of the store must surely be having an "arrangement" of rentals with the MLA. Time for CM to tighten the noose on these errant officials. 

3. माझी भूमिका लोकांपर्यंत नेण्यात नेते अपयशी --राज ठाकरे
Raj Thackrey says my vision & message were not carried to the last person and hence blamed the debacle happening to the MNS--to the party-men attending the meeting held at Krishnakunj yesterday. But as per reports-the party men in fact were the ones to voice their opinions,  & concern on inability of Raj Thackrey to tackle any issue that were summoned to him time-to-time. Wrong set of advisors, journalists around him-- his own behavioural aspects & his own "I'm the boss" attitude has brought down the MNS-- Period! A person, once whom PM Modi considered an option to BJP when ShivSena were playing mind games, is solely responsible for limiting himself to mere a party leader whose turnaround looks difficult now. A brilliant man who had the same guts as late Balasaheb Thackrey  & people attracting quality is confined to the walls of KrishnaKung. 

4. Sada Kadam brother of Minister Ramdas Kadam, involved in assaulting dyslexic boy
Sada Kadam & his fighting with "Christian Community" is not new. Might ring in some bells in the cable industry when I mention the name Ganesh Naidu & Xavier. Anyway Sada Kadam is not a small cable operator as mentioned by Mumbai Mirror. He is a prominent MSO of Hathway and the company in fact is dependant on him in a lot of ways. Another mistake the paper did was to drag Minister and brother of Sada, Ramdas Kadam's name. Ramdas Kadam & Sada Kadam even though are real brothers don't see eye to eye even for a minute. One is in business & the other is a Minister in the Fadnavis government. 

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