Tuesday, 18 April 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

1. Mumbai Mayor wants civic chief 's bunglow as his residence
A hardcore Marathi manus who has eaten vadapav all his life cannot digest Italian Pasta everyday--and he will fume if he has to replace the same pasta with his staple vada pav in his everyday diet-- but at the same time, his ultimate dream is to always to eat rich "continental food" everyday, the day he earns enough money. For Marathi Manus (90% ambitious ones) they want to eat at the Taj Mahal but will ask for "rassa" even in a Panner Dish--By the way we are the only ones who can wear Sports Shoes on Formal Shirt & Pants. This is what a Marathi Manus is-simple at heart, since all our lives we have just struggled to earn those big bucks since generations! Our Mayor is no different. Lived all his life in Santacruz, this hardcore Shivsainik got shock of his life when he was denied the prestigious   Mayoral Bungalow at Shivaji Park (due to memorial). Then he was told he will have to still say in "Marathi area" at the Byculla Zoo. Now he wants to shift to BMC Commissioner's official residence at the plush Carmichael Road. Have last heard Mahadeshwar saheb has now hired a leading salon person to dye that french beard he has. Tell me isn't the Mayor one of us only? He is a Mayor now people! Why will he not express his desires? But Mayor saab, apart from these artificial and superficial demands of yours, please work in the capacity as what is expected from you. Uddhavji has a big heart. One day if convinced he will surely send you anywhere you desire. Reach on time for your meetings, meet the last corporator who might not be important to you, but even he represents some lakh of people, make these small changes and then see the result...But please--never ever get photographed in a Formal shirt & pair of BOXERS anytime in your life again (Mid-Day cover page a month ago)!!

2. Vijay Mallya arrested & set free
Mallaya saab, I was so curious to know so many things, but by the time we ate our BHEL you got bailed! Anyways, hope someone mails you my questionnaire
1. Who all travelled free of cost in your Kingfisher airlines ?

2. Which celebrities got drunk and did the jumla ?
3. Which cricketers enjoyed "firangis" and what all happened in After Hours parties?
4. Who travelled with a gangster in your private jet?
5. In fact what all happens in your Private Jet? Could you please tell the world that how much does 1 Wine Glass costs in your private jet ?
6. And then you tell me how did you manage to loot our banks and who all supported you?

3. Cases pile up as 3 FDA labs hit by staff crunch 
If you all recollect there was a Zagade Committee Report made in January 2013 to inquire about the SERIES Lokmat newspaper (Atul Kulkarni) had reported on the various loopholes of FDA department. How & why Lokmat stopped the series & how immediately Uday Bobshetty was appointed at a very important post by then Minister Manohar Naik still remains a mystery to me.  The committee submitted its report to then "Bogus, lazy & Corrupt" Manohar Naik in April 2014 who sat on it as if there was no tomorrow. FYI, chapter 3 & 4 of that report has recommended the Minister to initiate inquiry on all bogus officers including the one (Sindhi follow & legally is not fit to sit on the chair as Jt Comm) who is a puppet of Comm Harshdeep Kamble today--- and most important recommendation was  demanding CBI inquiry against cartel of Drug Association & Drug officers. It was found that the Minister Girish Bapat, also known (allegedly) to "manage & make merry in lot of hearings" in the department even today, has just took two meetings over such crucial report. Comm Harshdeep Kamble is ignoring meeting for obvious reasons. In fact in one of the minutes of the meeting, it was found that instead of actions & discussion on the burning issues of FDA, there was an eyewash and various demands like funds requirements, promotions, vehicle requirements & other such silly things were raised...I so wish had Mahesh Zagade been in Mumbai today, what would have been his stance against this MOST corrupt department & its Minister? So the news of staff crunch & all his just silly which appeared today!!

4. Purchase of equipments & implants scam 
Times of India a week ago reported on how JJ has been on money making spree. A message sent by RPY Rao a genuine RTI activist---It follows--This Bharati Kobdvilkar retired  prof Anesthesia continues to coordinate key aspects of Purchase of equipments in the JJ group hospital despite having exposed her dubious role in an activity she should not and can not exercise any conduct or coordinate any activity in a honorary post. Now another nautanki minister preparing to set up a committee of external persons with a retired Chief justice of Bombay High court with a retired Bureaucrat who did not stay in the department as ACS for more than a year and a doctor infamous for writing for doctors benefits in stents loot issue  and a run away Dean of BMC run hospitals, where he is alleged to have  virtually destroyed many doctors careers is coming to fore as per grapevine  All actions taken by a servant in a dabbawalla who minister trusts him more than Secretary. Allegedly signing on dotted lines or parroting what is fed by a coterie of few doctors working in tandem with two Deans of medical colleges  to look on to administrative lapses in DMER !!. Why do you require a committee of one more instituted persons and route your own imaginative ideas ?? Questions arise in setting up too many committee as like in implants one with Dr Tayade heading removing him and constituting another and now another with Dean BJ Medical college ?? So a fad of forming committee and fooling the most educated doctors in state goes on by a coterie. Let's continue our attempt to open every can of worms in DMER backyard and JJ and BJ in particular till everything is cleaned. Now will some one will wake up the sleeping minister and tell him to stop Dr Bharati operating as though serving as full tube prof and let her be divested of  prof and HOD chamber she occupies illegally and impunity,  we have nothing personal except rules and regulations are firmly respected by defiant persons in fools paradise.   

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