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OFF THE RECORD review on IAS Transfers--Part 2

OFF THE RECORD review on IAS Transfers--Part 2

Yesterday tired to solve the math that was underlying in the IAS transfers. Those who missed on to read, here is the link--OFF THE RECORD review on IAS transfers!

By the way, read Public eye in todays Times of India and the retired editor's newly found love for Minister Chandrakshekhar Bawankule--new ways of "earning" brownie points & goodies, I guess! And then read our beloved Yadu (Kaka) Joshi's Lokmat article wherein he is clear cut saving Minister Rajkumar Badole's a** which can get fired any minute in the reshuffle--The information was surely passed to Yadukaka by the Minister himself as that Agrawal who is the agent in the department  is not paying any heed to the Minister--hence the article against how the Social Justice department is suffering!

Anyway, subject is not that---my  yesterdays blog was an eye opener as to how the bureaucracy works in terms of relationship and how the same people get cream postings without even blinking an eyelid. I feel everything is planned in advance as to who will replace whom. Only the person changes. The procedure does not! It is a big money game. Just check the CCTV's of Mantralaya's main gate for the last 2 months and out of 60 people posted day before yesterday,  you will see how many of them came to Mantralay for lobbying for the posts they wanted. 

You will be surprised to know that there are so many officers who are direct recruit from the IAS cadre but they fail to make it to any of the governmental respectful positions because--One, they are relatively inexperienced and Two they dont have the right connect or the financial capacity to earn a posting. Very rarely a direct IAS recruit will find a suitable post for himself. Else they are often given the post of Project Mangers or SDO's in the remotest areas of Maharashtra. 

When CM Devendra Fadnavis took charge and took some bold decisions int regard to bureaucracy I was convinced that come what may, we will see the change. But that did not happen. Those who have worked with earlier governments will not be able to take any posting with any Minister was the basic underlined rule. Tell me in all honesty, don't you see the similar faces once who worked with the Cong-NCP government in all Ministerial staff today? Employees taken on Loan basis or as advisors is the biggest hurdle even CM Fadnavis couldn't pass. Every Minister has one or two familiar faces. Then why the farce of bringing in such rule? People who couldn't get adjusted anywhere in the Ministerial staff list have caught hold of Leader of Opposition (both houses) or the Chairman or the Speaker. No one wants to leave the pie to a newcomer! Now the problem with a new staff of any cadre joining the Minister does not know (still) who is who. They will treat an MLA with same attitude the way the treat any Journalist waiting for the Minister to clear his file. 

The idea is to invest in new faces/officers who will be the future of Bureaucracy tomorrow of our Maharashtra. I don't have any reservations against promotee's getting IAS stamp. Some of them will surely do a good job. Yesterday Avinash Dhakne on Facebook has promised to use all his 23 years of administrative experience and make Solapur a smart city. But then--he should refrain himself from people like Journalist Kulkarni form Lokmat who are opportunists. My basic question to GAD & CM is when we have direct IAS officers at hand why the promotee's are given important assignment such as Collectorship or Commissioner of any Corporation? See these promotee's are in the system for ages. They know the functions how the system works. They will definitely want to take a small share in the pie if given a chance, if they resist, the senior babu sitting in Mantralaya will show him the door. Instead why not give these young, dynamic new age youngsters a chance to lead any city or corporation? They are not in-experienced by the way. Now I have a list of 8 people out of whom only 1 was able to get ZP CEO position at Buldhana. These people are of the 2013 IAS batch. Since 2 to 3 years they are working in the capacity of Project Managers and SDO's in the most vulnerable i.e. Tribal areas. They are in Thane, Nandurbar & Gadchiroli. These young boys have minimum 32 years of working life ahead of them. They are fresh they know the ground realities and they are itching to prove themselves; against the ones who only have 5 to 10 years. These young boys are our future CS, Principal Secretaries & ACS...Why not invest in them Mr. CM? By the way, these young people are working without any hesitation with more than 2 to 3 additional responsibilities and for 14 to 15 hours everyday. 

The list is 

1. Shanmugarajan-appointed as ZP CEO Buldhana 
2. S. Ramamurthy 
3. Abhijit Raut
4. Rajendra Bharud 
5. Deepak Meena 
6. Gangadharan Devarajan 
7. Kaustubh Diwegaonkar
8. Majulaxmi K. 

My point is if our CM Fadnavis has taken decision to root out old people in Mantralaya who have worked within the 10 years frame as PS, OSD or PA, then why is this injustice happening with IAS that too direct recruits? At the end, it so happens that we write to the Centre for filling up the posts meant for the IAS and here we waste their curial time of their careers by asking them to Project Managers & SDO's. Then someone after serving in Delhi for 10 years comes and then he will just look at everything with suspicion--he does not trust any of our bureaucrats and the Minister of the portfolio also. He only works in tune with the CM. Don't we have had this experience with one of the  current Finance Principal Secretary? 

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