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IAS-- ZP CEO Nidhi Choudhari intimidated and threatened at Palghar by Vivek Pandit!

IAS-- ZP CEO Nidhi Choudhari intimidated and threatened at Palghar by Vivek Pandit!

Just for a thought lets compare Baba Amte and his work for the weaker sections to that of Vivek Pandit's. You people will shoo me away even if I try and put up some points for "businessman" Vivek Pandit known to do some social work for the tribals in the Thane & Palghar districts. Well, his NGO-Shramjivi Kamgar Rayat Sanghtna's and other NGO's he represents, the donations he receives is surely a thought to ponder upon, not by us, but by the Income Tax Department surely.  

Just yesterday when I was not having any interesting story to file, one of the media groups on Whatsapp flashed a small message.  A little skirmish between IAS and ZP CEO Nidhi Choudhari & Vivek Pandit has resulted in stoppage of work of all ZP employees till further action is initiated on the NGO Pandit represents.  I was chilling in the heat with my Americano at my store of Coffee by Dibella at Bandra.  Decided immediately to rush to Palghar (110 kms away from where I drove) to get first hand information and try and meet the ZP CEO & the Collector as the story seemed interesting. Dr. Prashant Nanavare newly appointed collector at Palghar who will be taking the charge from the outgoing---- "only good looking"  & thrown in the interiors of Maharashtra now by the CM for reasons unknown---Abhijit Bangar. But Dr Nanavare refused to answer to any SMS's or return my calls. Later it was found that Mr. Nanavre is rejoicing his posting and will resume only on the 7th of May. Hence the journey started without anyone to rely on. 

End of the day got my story. It so happened that Vivek Pandit along with his 400 to 500 people had stormed the office of the ZP CEO with various demands that remain unfulfilled for the tribals and majority of the women working at the anganwadi's of the Palghar district. The demands, against the behaviour and the incident that took place was truly uncalled for, it went to an extent that an FIR had to be registered against the mob leaders. It wouldn't be wrong if I say, Nidhi Choudhari was LUCKY  day before that she was surrounded by the cops-- otherwise a major untoward incident would have happened. By the way, the office of ZP CEO Nidhi Choudhari also has office of the SP of Palghar. The morcha was on the gate. Some 200 people stormed the cabin of Choudhari and began banging the door and began demanding money for various schemes that had not reached their accounts. How could the ZP CEO help in this matter? They surrounded her, threatened her, bad mouthed her, and continued sloganeering their demands and when this was happening, in one corner stood with a smile on his face Mr. Vivek Pandit! This all is happening right inside Nidhi Choudhari's office corridor tat is  about 500 sq. feet. The lone body guard, peon and the driver have tales to tell as to how the crowd tried to be vicious and aggressive with the LADY officer. BEST PART is the demands they were sloganeering were not to do anything with the ZP CEO's office but with the FAILED governments WOMEN & CHILD DEVELOPMENT & RURAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT. Because of Corruption and high hardness of these two departments, the music is to be faced by the officers on the ground..THIS IS THE FACT--PERIOD!

Choudhari tried to calm down the crowd but all in vain. At the end Vivek Pandit himself went to the PA cabin and typed a letter by himself, forcibly asked Choudhari (with tremendous pressure of manpower) to sign it and had the audacity to threaten the government with a message forced to write on the letter." IF NOT TAKEN ACTION ON DEMANDS, THEN ANGANWADI"S WILL GET CLOSED BEFORE MAY 1". Isn't this heinous for a mere NGO runner who cannot walk 10 minutes because of his sugar levels and blood pressure problems? All this while the JAT officer stood like a rock looked into everyone's eyes and said that the only point that relates to her department is the vacant posts to be filled. She has been doing that also and praised to followup with remaining demands. She shouted her lungs out but for no one to listen. To make matters worse, she was getting late to attend a program wherein the Legislature's women empowerment committee comprising of 7 women MLAs were waiting for her. She couldn't reach there on time. On stone throw distance, there was the Guardian, Bogus & Corrupt Minister Vishnu Savra chilling in the air-conditioned room with Collector Abhijit Bangar pretending to take some meetings. Don't tell me, none of the action happening just 200 meters away involving 500 people on the streets reached their ears. I don't believe it! But Savra has a habit of running away from problems and people back door! 

Now comes the real story. Vivek Pandit did not do this to fulfil the demands of the Anganwadi's. It was VENDETTA. Somewhere in April this year, there was a program organised by Panchayat Samiti  (only on paper) where Pandit was the Speaker in Mokhada for felicitating the teachers there. Program was mastermind of Sabhapati .Best part is till now there was no one who challenged Pandit for his absurd & hooligan behaviour that went against Government norms. Well the invites were sent for everyone to attend. Now as per protocol, to conduct any felicitations of government teachers at any levels the Block Education Officer (BEO) and the Block Development Officer (BDO) need to be informed and permission is granted accordingly by the RDC. But all three of them were unaware. ZP CEO and, women with a spine, Nidhi Choudhari took the call to cancel the felicitation. Messages for non cancellation of the event were exchanged between Pandit & Choudhari. The IAS took her stand of following protocol and cancelled the event. But if you all don't know , Vivek Pandit has a certain charm that I think works for women.  Allegedly one of his fan club member is working as OSD in CMO today. Here also the Sabhapati Sarika Nikam went one step head, broke all the shackles without caring for any outrage and went ahead with the program. How can a program wherein I'm the Speaker be cancelled,  must be the thought that crossed Pandit's mind. He had to get back to her and hence the morcha and all the ruckus day before. It was a BADLA!

Vivek Pandit slept on the road ahead of her car when she began to go out of office, she was trapped  in her PA's cabin for more than 30 minutes, she was pushed and manhandled by the ladies of the morcha (who were drunk as per one of the eyewitness) but nothing of this hooliganism could stop Choudhari to file an FIR. The staff's working at Zilla Parishad office and departments have gone on a strike. They will resume work only after action is taken on the NGO and the office bearers, section 353 is imposed on them and  the registration of the NGO is canceled. Till then no work will happen. In the meantime Nidhi Choudhari came to her office at regular time and was seen studying her files as she does diligently along with recording statement to the cops. She has asked the emergency services such as the doctors and medical staffs to continue the work, to which they have obliged but not before they tie a black ribbon to the sleeve as a form of protest. 

Beating up journalists was common, now the MLA's and social workers (blackmailers) have raised the bar to IAS bureaucrats. I salute Nidhi Choudhari for a brave front she put against these mobs. None of the mainstream media will cover this, but one Whatsapp from somewhere surely changed my attitude towards Vivek Pandit! 

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