Thursday, 9 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Budget Session OFF THE RECORD: Apparently, since two days, the lower house (Vidhan Sabha) is not able to complete business of the day due to continuous ruckus over continous demands from the opposition for loan waiver for our farmers. The issue is such grave that any MLA or party who does not participate in the ruckus for sure, his/her 2019 dream of becoming an MLA is surely quashed. Hence every MLA (even Mumbai MLA's don't know which farmer they are supporting)  from Opposition was in the well chanting anti government slogans and not letting the HOUSE function smoothly. But surprising was the ruling government's "sleeping" partner Shiv-Sena  MLA's joining opposition party in the well against it's own government. Now what information I collected, apparently, "Land-Banker" Minister Eknath Shinde called up LoP Upper House Dhananjay Munde day before to know the strategy as to how to blackmail the government. Yesterday early morning before the house commenced, both leaders were enjoying cup of tea over a closed door meeting. Many things I could relate to this:

A. Dhananjay Munde is the ONLY and the NEXT best leader of opposition and a master strategist. 
B. Shivsena's Leaders (Uddhav Thackrey) NCP's (Ajit Pawar) and Congress's (Vikhe Patil & Ashok Chavan) are in regular touch since last 4 days and meeting at private bunglow, 5 star Hotel or guests houses to "disturb" BJP. 
C. Shivsena has primarily agreed to support Cong & NCP against the BJP indicating what I call "back-stabbing".

Now, everything depends on Saturday. If BJP makes a clean sweep in UP & other places Shivsena will not dare to pull out their support from the Government. But if not, then you never know, Shivsena & Cong & NCP can pull some strings. Hope CM Fadnavis is listening and acting fast. 

2. Paricharak, MLC who uttered sheer non-sense against wives of army jawaan was suspended for 1.5 years. Aptly punished! No one can tolerate such type of "cheap" comments for our army men, even if I have heard horrid stories about them for being "insensitive" & "corrupt" & "lethal" in North-East belt. We respect them even if I have again "heard" horrid stories about them when the entire belt of Kedarnath & Badrinath was flooded. People, we respect the army but it is the people who talk non-sense and give me gruesome stories....I don't believe in anything. I respect the army jawaan! Period!!

3. 100 crore for Balasaheb Thackrey Memorial. 
My heart says let's do it. Times of India report says Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for Shivsena Supremo Balasaheb Thackrey's memorial. Ok. No problem! Let us all come to a conclusion that he was the only person who will be remembered for years & generations to come. No doubt, a great personality who was responsible for installing fears in the hearts of notorious people from across the border. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Rs. 900 crore. No problem at all again. Another great man who gave the dalit's the reason to live with their heads being held high. But the problem is why State Government will bear the cost ? Is Rs. 100 crore a big amount for Uddhav & Raj Thackrey. Boss , people who have just looted us for years and years, one phone call from Uddhav or Raj, the memorial cost will be collected. If not and if these guys decide to disassociate themselves from being labelled as corrupt, the legal way suggests that EVERY Sainik contributes Rs. 1,000 for their beloved leader , I promise memorial will be done with money to spare. And as for Babasaheb, where is Uttam Khobragade? apparently all the Dalit leaders & bureaucrats compulsorily deposit a certain amount to a fund every month from mantralaya which is directly connected to Mayawati. This fund is then used for their people in solving various problems. Why not Dalits of the country unite and make contribution. My point is why a debt ridden state is spending its tax payers money for this? Cant we instead spend the same amount for more facilities or infrstructrure for our state instead?   

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