Friday, 24 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Tukaram Mundhe transferred 
If you have jaundice, only your eyes & nails turn yellowish--thats the reason you "think" the whole world you see through those eyes is yellow in colour--one line explanation of Mr. Mundhe. Our CM-Mr. Fadanvis had told me once--It is OK to have anger against corruption in your heart, but the day it reaches your head then you just create havoc and are termed as "disturbing factor" ---Mundhe is an upright officer, no doubt-but anyone entering his cabin than be it a common man or an MLA or any bureaucrat everyone is corrupt is the only attitude Mr. Mundhe possessed, I feel. It does not happen that way. Not all builders or any person approaching Mundhe had malafide intentions. What happened is then, the routine works which were well within the legal parameters also begun to take backseat. Mundhe won common people in Navi Mumbai but he miserably failed to be on the right side of the people who actually mattered in the bureaucracy & political circles. Talking rudely or having an aggressive attitude is not the mantra how an IAS should work.  He has to be calm as water and work positively with equal aggression for legal works, right ?  But nothing takes away from what Mr. Mundhe did for Navi Mumbai. The city had become an "adda" for all the possible corrupt activities we can even think off. Mundhe put his foot down and faced anyone & everyone with vengeance, just like his counterpart Ashwini Joshi did, who was Thane Collector a year back. But now, things are back to routine in Thane after Private Secretary cum promotee IAS Mahendra Kalyankar took reigns in his hands. Same thing will happen in Navi Mumbai. With this "everyone is corrupt" attitude a whole set of lobby who are actually there to work turns against you and then builds pressure on the State. But Mr. Mundhe you should really thank CM Fadnavis as he was the only one who supported you even after every MLA/Corporator went against you and pressurised him for your transfer. That shows how serious the CM was to eradicate menace of Navi Mumbai, but at the end I think even he gave up; after all business is business, Mr. Mundhe! Luck & "people who matter" will be always on the side of some bureaucrats heading MSRDC or SRA or even Mhada today but for people like you--May God be with you always!!

2. "Let the police arrest me, Uddhav saheb will take care of me"- MP Ravindra Gaikwad
If you all recollect, not so long ago in the month of January a lady traffic constable Seema Kale was beaten up badly by a Shivsainik Shashikant Kalgude in Thane. Immediately party bosses had come clean and I recollect Shivsena had distanced themselves from this Kalgude leaving him in a lurch. Mr. Gaikwad this Kalgude also taught he had Uddhav Thackrey's back. But see how tables turn. Also read how Uddhav Thackrey gave you a dressing down but  at the same time he does not feel you should be reprimanded. But the best explanation came from your wife--she said her husband reacted as the AI staffers insulted Modi--watta joke! I thought you were the one who screamed his lungs--I'm from Shivsena and not from the BJP; and it does not matter if anyone even complained to MODI. Mr. Gaikwad if you even one bit of common sense please make an effort to save your party anyways dying image--come on TV and apologise for your behaviour as the whole nation is angry with you. 

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