Wednesday, 22 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. BMC set to nail the Dirty Dozen 
Mere blacklisting of the contractors for shoddy road work is not enough for us, BMC! Bloody freeze their accounts, publish their names, photos, family members names in papers, let their neighbours as well as societies where they reside in boycott them, I feel criminal proceedings should also be initiated and every member of the firms that represented these 12 contractors should be behind the bar. After this please  let the Income Tax Department, Sales Tax Department and other government agencies ruin their lives for the next 10 years at least. They in all senses deserve this, people. They have played not only with the lives of Mumbaikar's but also with emotions of every citizen of this city just to fill their own and "Matoshri" pockets! Mere charging them with FIR's and putting some of their junior staff's in Jail will be an absolute eyewash! But let me tell you, such contractors are used to all this-- what they do, they register another company in some relatives name and continue to operate again---as the system is SET and they are the ones who know it the best! 

2.  1000 surgeries cancelled in 3 days, no doctors at OPDs
It is the fault of Doctors on strike. Didn't you all know whom to approach for solution to your problems and woes? Girish Mahajan is not the one surely, instead if you people would have approached CM Devendra Fadnavis directly till now not many would have suffered. Even now time hasn't gone. Hope someone of you may have cordial relations with Shaina NC. She is a master to solve "cases" relating anything to liason & lobbying! 

3. Adjournment of Vidhan Sabha/Parishad for the whole day is the new trend this Budget Session

Been a part of covering Maharashtra's Budget, Monsoon and Winter Sessions since 2010. Since the new government has formed in 2014, never ever the opposition were able to stall the House for even one full day. And this Budget Session, the Cong and NCP have successfully got the House adjourned almost everyday. Time to ponder who is supporting them from inside? I raise this doubt as when the 19 MLA's were suspended yesterday over creating a ruckus over the Budget, Shivsena sprang up from somewhere and was against suspension! Isn't it surprising that the Government suspends 19 MLAs of the opposition  and the partner in the government after sometime goes for those rescue of 19 MLA's? 

4.  Must read today in Loksatta--How proposed Nagpur -Mumbai Highway (Samruddhi) is MANAGED by IAS officers and Politicians-_Sanjay Bapat report. Excellent story!!

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