Monday, 13 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. More netas may use the backdoor to enter BMC 
Apparently as per a report in Mumbai Mirror, the government is scratching its head to increase the quota of sending more representatives as experts to the BMC via back door. Though this backdoor entry system restricts the candidates from voting, rest all the powers & perks enjoyed by the Corporator are vested to such candidates. Don't be surprised if the next "in thing" in lobbying will be lobbying for this in political parties. By the way these candidates who enter the BMC are experts in their own fields. Now tell me who on earth will sanction the expertise these candidates possess? Boss, those who have money will be the experts. Take it writing from me! If these seats or candidates do even 1% of the expectations of this quota, Mumbai will be a different place to live in. But CM Fadnavis thinking of increasing the quota is a little disturbing fact for me. As what I know him and his thinking, in fact Fadnavis would have been the one to scrap this quota...He does not believe in such thing as back door. He believes a loss is a loss!! But CM surely can amend some rules here if he is persistent with the quota. The person who has lost the election cannot apply for such type of entry in the Corporation and secondly the expert in his field has be interviewed with a panel of super -experts from the field he is in. 

2. Social Justice MoS 'castes' himself in controversy
A Minister who possesses the portfolio of "Social Justice" uttering these words is shameful. If he himself is so casteist how will he do justice to his department? Has he forgotten his Pune boss & CM are Brahmins? What he meant was surely aimed at Minister Girish Bapat. Hailing from Pune, Minister Kamble whose friend in the cabinet Girish Bapat is always butt of the joke for many leaders in this part of Maharashtra pre-dominantly occupied by Brahmins themselves. Bapat by nature is a very docile man. He takes criticism but does not respond. He lets his actions speak including holding hands... Kamble might have forgotten the Taluka/Council and Corporation election results in December and now. This is what Bapat does and are capable of. They will never use guns and swords to win a battle. A very famous dialogue I had heard in Hindi Movie: ब्राह्मण भूका तो सुदामा, समझा तो चाणक्य और रूठा तो रावण! 

3. Shivsena with Cong & NCP over Farmer Loan waiver issue 
Apparently nagging wife in the government, Shivsena, is back doing what it knows best! Nagging & not knowing what to do!! Apparently Uddhav Thackrey has warned his MLA's to stall the proceedings of the house (Vidhan Sabha & Parishad) till the loans of the farmers in Maharashtra are waived! Some way or the other Shivsena wants to disturb the harmony of this government, I feel. Now how many times does more BJP need to prove that they are way ahead & above Sena in all senses? Ministers of Sena have understood, but the party chief fails to understand. Loan waiver is not the only solution, but yet if the Sena feels so, they have decent number in the Cabinet & in the House, to force the government to think. To stall the proceedings of the house and not let it run costs the government. It is tax payers money. Devendra Fadnavis is capable of silencing the opposition in 10 minutes over any issue but if the partner in the Government is blackmailing, how is it going to be smooth functioning? Yes, loan waiver for farmers is one issue, but hey, didn't the Cong-NCP do it in 2008? What was the result? Need formidable steps to encounter this problem. Instead of fighting Sena, how about joining hands for one time with the BJP and thinking on positive steps to help the farmer. Your farmer leader who made maximum noise when he was a MLA, is merely a cat nowadays. Yes, Gulabrao Patil the Minister is hardly seen speaking these days, forget his fiery speeches.  

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