Thursday, 2 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Danve's Son wedding 
Time & again whenever any politician's son/daughter gets married we Journalist next day in our respective papers just rip apart that neta. And one common dialogue is mentioned everywhere-- Farmers in the state are dying and the neta is having a rich wedding. What non-sense? Do you care for the farmer when you drink and have merry with your family? That time farmers sentiment is not hurt or what? I understand political leaders should follow some decorum but hey! It's the time of their life for which every politician earns his "bucks". The marriage in the family...Thank God political journalists have access & information only about airport traffic & number guests and plates eaten and the food menu--What if they could understand what the neta really spurges on are the expensive outfits & jewellery... But on a lighter note, marriage of anyone's son/daughter --it's the biggest day in anyone's life. Waking up to news of your sons wedding & that too in negative form the next day, is not appreciated. And worst is, journalist who report such news are always given 5 star treatment at these weddings. They will drink there previous night, eat as if there is no tomorrow & next day wake up & report about how the "corrupt" neta celebrated the marriage. Hypocrites!

2. Student Elections -Mid-Day
Interesting story by Mid-Day on student elections to be restarted in the city after it were banned years ago. BJP MLA Parag Alwani gives a good insight as to why were they stopped & what will be the benefits of these elections at student level, if they were restarted. My views: Yes they should be started again. Since every alternate youngster in Mumbai talks about Politics and is giving his opinion left, right & centre, it will interesting to know in actual how many of them come ahead & be the torch bearers? I'm quite active on Facebook & Twitter. People will be facing acute situation every day in their life, but they will not forget to post their views on current happenings. But should I tell you who got all the youngsters attracted to Politics in our country hooked on again? It is our PM Narendra Modi, movement of Anna Hazare & to a very large extend fighter bureaucrat turned politician Arvid Kejriwal. These people changed our perception. Balasaheb & Pawar in our state attracted only Marathi youths but it was Modi & Hazare here, who got everyone hooked on to Politics. 

3. माझा प्रेमभंग झाला किंवा मित्राला हात उसने दिलेले पैसे बुडालेत म्हणून मी यादिवसात अस्वस्थ किंवा नाराज नाही, माझा गुरुदत्त झालेला नाही, म्हणजे माझी प्रेयसी उदय तानपाठक किंवा राजन पारकर किंवा आप्पा भानुशाली बरोबर निघून गेली, पळून गेली म्हणून मी दाढीचे खुंट उपटतो आहे असेही अजिबात नाही, उलट मित्र म्हणतात, तुझी एखादी प्रेयसी असलीच तर ती अजिबात पळून जाणार नाही उलट तूच एखाद्याची पळवून आणशील, त्यांचे माझ्याविषयीचे हे उदात्त विचार ऐकून मी मनाशी खुश होतो, त्या आनंदाच्या भरात मंत्रालयाच्या गच्चीवरून खाली उडी घ्यावी असेही मला वाटते..Pls click the link below to read further
 युतीची झाली माती २ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

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