Friday, 31 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha wants Jinnah House demolished 
For your information, if at all you know Mr. Lodha personally---isn't this person on a trip, people? Today he (thinks) is bigger than the Chief Minister or Sate Party chief in the BJP.  Nowadays after looting Mumbai & Mantralaya, Lodha is spotted in the corridors of power in Delhi with his trademark vicious smile begging for favours, as always. If you observe Lodha anytime, always notice what he wears. He will always sport an low branded ill-fitted shirt & trouser (costing not more than Rs. 1000) and  black unbranded or at the most Nike's sports-shoes. Nothing wrong with being simple, but I always hated fake simplicity...And his tone of being a sweet talker & that a**licking attitude will prompt you to either do his work & on top of that give him Rs. 500/- for his evening meals. He always lives in this condition. Always with that begging attitude. Believe me, if ever he decides to count his (I'm sorry Pramod Mahajan & Gopinath Munde's wealth) with all the "handwork" Lodha should be a man of Rs. 20,000 crore officially. So the Jinnah House is nothing but yet another technique of land grab & increase his asset list to some 100's of crores more. 

2. Sachin & Rekha in Rajyasabha 
It's high time that political parties send artists & sportsperson who will actually contribute in some or the other way to the society to the Rajyasabha. Both Rekha & Sachin are financially in super condition. They make more public appearances in receiving awards and cutting ribbons than where they are actually meant to be! Isn't this a waste of opportunity & seat by that particular party? Instead appoint an actor --for example--from the theatre background who actually knows the struggles of the entertainment industry & from Sports Category ---- the Best Coach (Indian by origin) or senior most groundsman or a person as sincere as Dravid or Kumble should be given a chance who actually have the intellect & willingness to give something back to the society. 

3. Journalist attacked 
All thoughts for my friend cum DNA journo Sudhir Suryavanshi. But friends, just for your information, apart from Sudhir in the last fortnight one Hindi newspaper journo named Yadav was threatened by Youth Congress leader in a press conference, veteran editor of news channel Zee24 Taas- Uday Nirgudkar & his family were threatened for his stand against ban of Doctors. But the newspapers, and especially the English ones, never mentioned this in their write up today. I'm not comparing who is senior & junior, but if one journalist is attacked, everyone must come in support just the way they did for Sudhir. In fact Mr. Nirgudkar & Yadav regarding these attacks even met the Chief Minister yesterday but this does not find any mention anywhere.  Why such bipolar views, I dont understand? Only one person & believe me only S.M. Deshmukh and his associate Kiran Naik are pushing for the law to be made for protection of journalists. Rest support them as per their own convenience. 

4. From today, 290 city liquor outlets, including 5 stars & restaurants, near highways go dry 
In Mumbai, all my eyes & ears will be on Hotel Bawa International, Hotel Westin & Hotel Sahara Star. Credit must be given to Chief Minister Fadnavis & Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule for not falling for "proposals" received from these hotel's liaisons to create a bypass for their estimated loss due to  the sudden stop in liquor sale. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Names of Igatpuri caught in Drugs/Alcohol/Women Raid!!

By Vikrant Joshi

The cops late on Sunday night busted a striptease party at a plush villa in Igatpuri in Nashik district and arrested 13 men & women, some of them related to top IAS & IPS officers. A leading newspaper from Nashik had reported presence of Drugs & Alcohol at the Mystic villa where the relatives of top babus were having a merry. Now, not everyone knows the names & relationship with the bureaucrats. Also the reporter of a leading news channel when tried to run the story in Nashik, was threatened to hide the identity of these babus. But as usual, OFF THE RECORD I have got the names of all the accused & shall expose their relationship with the whose who of our bureaucracy. Just for a moment whilst writing this, it brought back memories of Hotel Intercontinental what had happened there 2 years ago.

So now the 13 names who were caught are:

1. Prithviraj Yuvraj Pawar, Nashik 
2. Sumit Shriram Devre
3. Kaustubh Vishwas Jadhav, Nashik
4. Sushant Gijabhau Gangurde, Thane
5. Lalit Sunil Patil, Pimpri-Chincwad
6. Shabbir Azim Khan, Thane 
7. Jinatbi M. Hanif, Andheri 
8. Razia Gulam Sheikh, Mira Road
9. Anjana Mahadeo Mandal, mira road
10. Shanaz Yusuf Sheikh, Mira Road
11. Chinnamma Anjalia Daania, Mira Road
12. Rahana Abdul hafeez Sultana, Malad'
13. Dharmendra Kumar Singh Santacruz

Now the relationship:

Apparently, Executive Engineer of Nashik who has worked with "corrupt & bogus & famous" Satish Chikhlikar-- his son is caught, Prithviraj is Deputy Collector Yuvraj Pawar's son, Lalit is IAS from Pimpri-Chinchwad Sunil Patil's son and the alleged kingpin of this starcast is this Sushant, who is the son of PWD Executive Engineer from Thane Gijabhau Gangurde & alleged son-in-law of IPS DG Dhananjay Kamlakar. No wonder when these families of called these powerful IAS/IPS officers called the police station and bail was granted immediately. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Uddhav Thackrey put down Rs. 11.6 cr for Matoshree-2.0
Todays Mumbai Mirror Page 1 story! This is what I don't like about MP Kirit Somaiyya. For once, he had disturbed the Thackrey's when he asked the later to declare all his assets publicly. The news created a stir for a while, and as usual it died its own natural death. No one followed with Somaiyya as to why he backed out with the same or why isn't he still pursuing the same? Or is it that MP Somaiyya did what he does regularly. Create a controversy and leave it alone ....ANyway, forget Mr. Somaiyya, I want to know how does one create a property worth minimum 25 crores by just sitting at home? By the way, the value of the property is showed as Rs. 11.5 crore but as everyone knows there is always a cash component involved in the deal. On top of that Uddhav has hired "unaffordable" architects Talati & Panthaky. The will of Balasaheb is still been fought in the courts. Uddhavji, please keep the penguins on one of the floors of your newly designed pad--as it is, it is our money that has gone in the both the cases, but with that we can have the fortune of visiting your new residence. 

2. A detailed report on which are the best coffee-shops in Mumbai by my father...Pls click the link to read the article in Marathi--
कॉफी शॉप्स : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. "Its odd that underwood goons can fly but not an MP"--Shivsena MP's in Loksabha
Yesterday, the MP's of Shivsena moved Privilege Motion against Air-India and other airlines who have banned chappal MP Ravindra Gaikwad. The same was turned down by the Speaker. But this strategy of Sena playing down the incident and coming to the rescue of their MP is surely not a welcome move not only by their collation partner, but the public as well. Social Media had gone gungho over slamming the MP for his shameful act. When I wrote day before about how Sena should come out of their false EGO trip and apologise for the whole incident, one of the friend commented--ShivSena and Apology? Are you mad?? But as in the Hindi movie Rajneeti actor Manoj Bajpayee had said, मिलेगा, करारा जवाब मिलेगा" 

कॉफी शॉप्स : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

कॉफी शॉप्स : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी 

पत्रकारिता आणि कॉफी ह्या दोन गोष्टी माझ्या जीवनाच्या अविभाज्य अंग आहेत असे अलीकडे मला वाटायला लागले आहे, अमुक एखाद्याने सांगितले कि चल, तुझी दीपक पदुकोनशी भेट घालवून देतो, कदाचित मी जाण्याचे टाळेल पण दीपिकाच्या घरी उत्तम कॉफी प्यायला मिळते, मला सांगितले तर माझे लग्न जरी असले तरी ते बाजूला ठेवून मी दीपिकाच्या घराकडे झपाझप पावले टाकायला सुरुवात करेल. याचा अर्थ मी दिवसभर फक्त कॉफी ढोसतो असे नाही, दिवसातून केवळ एकदा तीही स्ट्रॉंग आणि अतिशय गरम कपचिनो कॉफी घेतो. माझ्या घरी किंवा नरिमन पॉईंटच्या ऑफिस मध्ये जे येतात त्यांना ठाऊक आहे या दोन्ही ठिकाणी जगातली उत्तमोत्तम कॉफी हमखास प्यायला मिळते...

सौंदर्य प्रसाधन विक्रीतले एक जगप्रसिद्ध नाव म्हणजे रेखा चौधरी, अमळनेरचे आमदार शिरीष चौधरी यांच्या त्या भगिनी आहेत आणि रेखा माझी अतिशय चांगली मैत्रीण जणू माझ्या कुटुंबातली एक सदस्य आहे. नरिमन पॉईंट ऑफिसच्या ओपनिंगला रेखा आणि तिचे ऍमस्टरडॅम मधले एक भागीदार जे. सी कपूर आले होते. येतांना मोठ्या मनाच्या कपूर यांनी माझ्यासाठी चक्क ऍमस्टरडॅमवरून अतिशय महागडे असे कॉफी मशीन आणले, मला गिफ्ट केले, या मशीन मधून वेगवेगळ्या टेस्ट च्या कॉफी बाहेर पडतात, कॉफी लव्हर्स खुश होतात, थँक्स मिस्टर जेसी आणि स्टायलिश लेडी रेखा....

मुंबईत चांगले कॉफी शॉप्स कोणते, असे अनेक मला सतत कायम विचारतात. म्हणून येथे नेमके सांगतो. मुंबईत दर्जेदार कॉफी प्रकार मिळण्याचे उत्तम शॉप्स म्हणजे नरिमन पॉईंट मधले पंचतारांकित ओबेरॉय हॉटेल, नॉट ट्रायडंट आणि विविध मोक्याच्या ठिकाणी असलेला ऑस्ट्रेलियन ब्रँड, कॉफी बाय डी बेला, त्याशिवाय उद्योजक जयंत म्हैसकर यांच्या मालकीचे अरोमाज आणि कॉफी बीन्स अँड टी लीफ असे अगदी बोटावर मोजण्याएवढे दर्जेदार कॉफी मिळण्याची ठिकाणं मुंबईत आहेत, कॉफी घेतल्यानंतर जर तुम्हाला पित्ताचा त्रास सुरु होत  असेल तर असे कॉफी शॉप्स शरीराला घातक आहेत, असे मी ठामपणे सांगू शकतो....

कोणत्याही कॉफी शॉप्सचा दर्जा तेथे वापरल्या जाणाऱ्या बीन्स, कॉफी तयार करण्याचे मशीन, दुधाचा दर्जा आणि कॉफी करणारा बरिस्ता यावर सारे ठरत असते. मुंबईत अनेक कॉफी शॉप्स आहेत पण बहुतेक ठिकाणी अगदी जागतिक दर्जा प्राप्त झालेल्या कॉफी शॉप्स मध्ये देखील अति प्रॉफिटच्या मागे लागल्याने हि मंडळी स्वस्तमिळणारे भारतीय कॉफी बीन्स उपयोगात आणतात आणि नाव मोठे लक्षण खोटे, असे ते त्या ठिकाणी घडते. विशेषतः पाश्चिमात्य आणि आफ्रिकन देशात तयार होणाऱ्या बीन्स आणि भारतीय बीन्स यामध्ये जर मला कोणी फरक काय आहे विचारले तर एका शब्दात सांगता येईल कि गावठी आंबा आणि देवगड-रत्नागिरीचा आंबा यात जो फरक असतो तो हुबेहूब प्रकार कॉफी बीन्सच्या बाबतीतही....

आम्ही मुंबई पुण्यातले अगदी अलिकडल्या दहा वर्षात कॉफी शॉप्स मध्ये जाऊन बसायला लागलेलो आहोत त्यामुळे नेमकी चांगली कॉफी कोणती, आमच्या ते सहज लक्षात येत नाही, जे जगभर प्रवास करतात त्यांना तो नेमका फरक कळतो पण असे फार थोडे आहेत त्यामुळे ग्राहकांना च्यू बनविण्याचा प्रकार आपल्याकडल्या कॉफी शॉप्स मध्ये मोठ्या प्रमाणावर कायम घडतो. कॉफी शॉप्स मध्ये ज्या बीन्स वापरल्या जातात त्यातल्या भारतीय बीन्स फारतर २००-२५० रुपये किलोने उपलब्ध असतात आणि ज्या दर्जेदार बीन्स आयात कराव्या लागतात त्या बीन्स साधारणतः १२०० रुपये किलोने त्यांना पडतात म्हणून बहुतेक कॉफी शॉप्स मधून हेराफेरी केल्या जाते, जे आरोग्याच्या दृष्टीने अतिशय घातक ठरते. बहुतेक कॉफी शॉप्स अव्वाच्या सव्वा पैसे आकारूनही जेव्हा दर्जाहीन कॉफीज ग्राहकांना उपलब्ध करून देतात, मनाला अशावेळी हेच वाटते, आम्ही कधीतरी सुधारणार आहोत किंवा नाही....? 

अव्वाच्या सव्वा पैसे तर तुम्ही घेत आहातच, किमान दर्जेदार माल तर ग्राहकांना उपलब्ध करून द्या, दुर्दैवाने ते घडत नाही, मी या ठिकाणी नाव सांगत नाही पण एका अतिशय बड्या भारतीय उद्योजकाने येथे भारतात एक जगप्रसिद्ध कॉफी ब्रँड आणून, मुंबई किंवा महानगरातल्या नाक्या नाक्यावर ते शॉप्स उघडलेले आहेत पण त्या शॉप्स मध्ये ओरिजिनल बीन्स न वापरता त्या उद्योजकाच्या फार्म्स मध्ये उगवण्यात येणारे स्वस्तातले बीन्स जेव्हा हमखास वापरल्या जातात, तळपायाची आग मस्तकात पोहोचते त्याचवेळी ओबेरॉय किंवा कॉफी बाय डी बेला सारख्या गिन्याचुन्या शॉप्स मधून ओरिजिनल स्टफ उपलब्ध असतो, अशा ठिकाणी कॉफी घेण्याचा आनंद वेगळाच असतो. अर्थात ओबेरॉय मध्ये कॉफी घेणे नक्कीच फक्त आणि फक्त श्रीमंत माणसाचे काम असल्याने, तुम्ही आम्ही केवळ ऐकण्याचे काम करावे....

Friday, 24 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Tukaram Mundhe transferred 
If you have jaundice, only your eyes & nails turn yellowish--thats the reason you "think" the whole world you see through those eyes is yellow in colour--one line explanation of Mr. Mundhe. Our CM-Mr. Fadanvis had told me once--It is OK to have anger against corruption in your heart, but the day it reaches your head then you just create havoc and are termed as "disturbing factor" ---Mundhe is an upright officer, no doubt-but anyone entering his cabin than be it a common man or an MLA or any bureaucrat everyone is corrupt is the only attitude Mr. Mundhe possessed, I feel. It does not happen that way. Not all builders or any person approaching Mundhe had malafide intentions. What happened is then, the routine works which were well within the legal parameters also begun to take backseat. Mundhe won common people in Navi Mumbai but he miserably failed to be on the right side of the people who actually mattered in the bureaucracy & political circles. Talking rudely or having an aggressive attitude is not the mantra how an IAS should work.  He has to be calm as water and work positively with equal aggression for legal works, right ?  But nothing takes away from what Mr. Mundhe did for Navi Mumbai. The city had become an "adda" for all the possible corrupt activities we can even think off. Mundhe put his foot down and faced anyone & everyone with vengeance, just like his counterpart Ashwini Joshi did, who was Thane Collector a year back. But now, things are back to routine in Thane after Private Secretary cum promotee IAS Mahendra Kalyankar took reigns in his hands. Same thing will happen in Navi Mumbai. With this "everyone is corrupt" attitude a whole set of lobby who are actually there to work turns against you and then builds pressure on the State. But Mr. Mundhe you should really thank CM Fadnavis as he was the only one who supported you even after every MLA/Corporator went against you and pressurised him for your transfer. That shows how serious the CM was to eradicate menace of Navi Mumbai, but at the end I think even he gave up; after all business is business, Mr. Mundhe! Luck & "people who matter" will be always on the side of some bureaucrats heading MSRDC or SRA or even Mhada today but for people like you--May God be with you always!!

2. "Let the police arrest me, Uddhav saheb will take care of me"- MP Ravindra Gaikwad
If you all recollect, not so long ago in the month of January a lady traffic constable Seema Kale was beaten up badly by a Shivsainik Shashikant Kalgude in Thane. Immediately party bosses had come clean and I recollect Shivsena had distanced themselves from this Kalgude leaving him in a lurch. Mr. Gaikwad this Kalgude also taught he had Uddhav Thackrey's back. But see how tables turn. Also read how Uddhav Thackrey gave you a dressing down but  at the same time he does not feel you should be reprimanded. But the best explanation came from your wife--she said her husband reacted as the AI staffers insulted Modi--watta joke! I thought you were the one who screamed his lungs--I'm from Shivsena and not from the BJP; and it does not matter if anyone even complained to MODI. Mr. Gaikwad if you even one bit of common sense please make an effort to save your party anyways dying image--come on TV and apologise for your behaviour as the whole nation is angry with you. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Farmer gets beaten up outside CMO 
Now, has this become a trend or what? Whosoever does not get anything from the government come to Mantralaya & create a scene. People usually shout, throw their weight around even try to commit suicide but this one yesterday was first of a kind. The farmer started biting the policemen on duty when his demand to meet the CM was not met. But the policemen turning around & beating up one poor person is not at all COOL. See people living in Mumbai or in urban areas, it's a different story. As you must read, if people living in heart of Mumbai, like in Aarey, don't get electricity & water-- just imagine the situation in the interiors of Maharashtra. On top of that they slog throughout the year even when Mother Nature plays the spoilsport. Where do they go? Given CM Fadnavis's clean image in Maharashtra, every person feels to connect with him directly even if that person is at the bottom of the Pyramid. But if a certain work is not done or pending there is a way to deal with it. By the way, where are the MLAs of their constituencies? Aren't they capable of solving problems or what? Anyway, just to inform you, the current CMO staff is the best behaved one (with anyone & everyone) after a long long time 6th floor has seen. What happened yesterday was not human (with the farmer) and surely must be brought on record. 

2. MP of SHIVSENA Ravindra Gaikwad slaps AI staffer
To begin with this MP is from Osmnabad that has had a history to promote MP's who "beat, kill & hook up". Google ex- MP Padmasinh Patil and you will second my thought. Gaikwad has just followed the tradition. Read somewhere he is a Professor. Which Professor (if he is one) beats a person 25 times and then screams to get publicity on TV channels? I haven't seen any. Real professors are against violence! But he is a Sainik right, how can I forget? I think he does not have any other way to get eyeballs. Forget development, temperatures flared just because he was promised an X thing & was given a Y thing.  In the UK and USA whenever convenient, the MP's travel by public transport buses. Our's, I call them, MTM (Marathi Turned Modern) MP's wear slippers and attitude on their sleeve everyday. One RTI query & publishing the same on his performance in the last 2 years will make him sweat. Which is this high Mr. MP you live in?  But mind you professor, just because you are simply dressed does not necessary mean you carry the "simple living & high thinking" funda & we not at all buy this. Bloody Crook!  

3. BJP meet discusses dumping Sena 
Finally if the reports are true, good sense prevail. I mean, look what has happened on Monday & Tuesday just to select an ordinary post of Zilla Parishad Chairman? None of the parties have given a second thought whilst extending their friendship with parties with totally different ideologies & agenda. I thought BJP will refrain from this given the situation they are in, but hey, reality has just stuck us. So friends, even if BJP is meeting to dump Sena or Sena in talks with the NCP or Congress, don't worry they all are again backstabbing us!

4. SHIVSENA Minister Ravindra Waikar wants leopards out of Aarey 
How would Minister Ravindra Waikar feel if the income tax department or the police department just decide to rip him from all his ill doings of the past? Why do people forget their own history and think if they are in power people will forget everything? In fact I feel Devendra Fadnavis should just exchange his portfolio to Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, as heard a lot of favours are been sorted from Mhada by the Ministers. If this portfolio thing happens, then you people will know true colours of this Waikar. How can he demand trapping all the leopards and relocating them out of Aarey? When the Minister went to Aarey to see the condition of a 3 year old after the leopard attack, little did he know what was in store for him. Aarey is one part of Waikar's constituency. The people instead of complaining of the leopard attacks were demanding him basic necessities of electricity & water supply. They treat leopards as their friends, but surely not the MLA is what I could conclude!

5. The curious case of Narayan Rane 
Yesterday it was fun to be at Vidhan Bhavan main porch for like 20 minutes before the session began. Ace politician Narayan Rane along with his MLA son Nitesh, were giving bytes to various news channels on how the entire episode of he joining BJP or Shivsena was motivated from his own party and how people should not believe in any sorts of rumours. But here comes the fun part. Every MLA of the Congress party was sitting on the steps (100 meters away) of the Vidhan Bhavan as a part of protest against the suspension of 19 MLA's & various other issues. They were joined by the NCP as members as well. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil was heading the protest. But to everyone's surprise when media people including the photographers spotted Rane Sr & Jr, they ran to get one-on-one interview or click photos. None of them even for a second thought of covering these 50 odd other MLA's. In fact one of the NCP MLC screamed on top of his voice to cover the agitation but to no one's heed. This is Narayan Rane for you..if he says he will create a stir in politics he is well capable of...No Chavan or Gandhi can stop him. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. BMC set to nail the Dirty Dozen 
Mere blacklisting of the contractors for shoddy road work is not enough for us, BMC! Bloody freeze their accounts, publish their names, photos, family members names in papers, let their neighbours as well as societies where they reside in boycott them, I feel criminal proceedings should also be initiated and every member of the firms that represented these 12 contractors should be behind the bar. After this please  let the Income Tax Department, Sales Tax Department and other government agencies ruin their lives for the next 10 years at least. They in all senses deserve this, people. They have played not only with the lives of Mumbaikar's but also with emotions of every citizen of this city just to fill their own and "Matoshri" pockets! Mere charging them with FIR's and putting some of their junior staff's in Jail will be an absolute eyewash! But let me tell you, such contractors are used to all this-- what they do, they register another company in some relatives name and continue to operate again---as the system is SET and they are the ones who know it the best! 

2.  1000 surgeries cancelled in 3 days, no doctors at OPDs
It is the fault of Doctors on strike. Didn't you all know whom to approach for solution to your problems and woes? Girish Mahajan is not the one surely, instead if you people would have approached CM Devendra Fadnavis directly till now not many would have suffered. Even now time hasn't gone. Hope someone of you may have cordial relations with Shaina NC. She is a master to solve "cases" relating anything to liason & lobbying! 

3. Adjournment of Vidhan Sabha/Parishad for the whole day is the new trend this Budget Session

Been a part of covering Maharashtra's Budget, Monsoon and Winter Sessions since 2010. Since the new government has formed in 2014, never ever the opposition were able to stall the House for even one full day. And this Budget Session, the Cong and NCP have successfully got the House adjourned almost everyday. Time to ponder who is supporting them from inside? I raise this doubt as when the 19 MLA's were suspended yesterday over creating a ruckus over the Budget, Shivsena sprang up from somewhere and was against suspension! Isn't it surprising that the Government suspends 19 MLAs of the opposition  and the partner in the government after sometime goes for those rescue of 19 MLA's? 

4.  Must read today in Loksatta--How proposed Nagpur -Mumbai Highway (Samruddhi) is MANAGED by IAS officers and Politicians-_Sanjay Bapat report. Excellent story!!

Monday, 20 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Sena wants English Train Station names changed
Now Grant Road will be Gamdevi, Charni Road will be Girgaum, Elphinstone road will be Prabhadevi, Sandhurst Road will be Dongri, Cotton Green will be Kalachowki, Reay Road will be Ghodpdeo and Currey Road will be Lalbaug. What??? Does Mumbai belong to only Marathi people or what? If Shivsena thinks so then why does Aditya Thackrey tweets and reads only in English. Why did the Thackrey family's children studied in English schools and own properties in ENGLISH land? I'm of the view had our country been in Britisher's hand, we would have lived a good life today. We Indians are best when we are told and guided. At least, our country would have been saved from being raped & murdered time & again by the corrupt, illiterate and bogus politicians who were handed a goldmine in 1947.  By the way Shivsena--naming of stations in Marathi is OK but tell me in all sincerity how many Marathi speaking people stay in these areas? Aren't you only responsible (real estate partnerships of Sena & Non-Marathi businessmen) for driving them as far as to Virar & Vashi & outskirts of Mumbai? When 11 people died in bombblast in Dadar  years ago, only 2 people of 11 were Marathi; and Dadar is known for marathi manus right ? Where is Marathi Manus ? 

2. Scam impact: Chief Eng (roads) nod must to dig up & repair roads
Yesterday Chief Engineer  (roads) of PWD CP Joshi's office was occupied by Anti-Corruption Sleuths for hours. Apparently the ACB occupied the CE's office during general publics visiting hours. People who had come from far, who had to stood in the queue for pass in the scorching sun and after 2 hours of hardship when they entered Mantralaya, they are told to come next time as ACB is inquiring corrupt babus or getting information from him in relation to another scams. My question, now in the BMC if the Chief Engineer is only corrupt, again the same thing is bound to happen (read road scam)?? Apparently one Chief Engineer is already suspended for favouring contractors. In my views, the person who will occupy the seat has to be monitored by some agencies regularly (vigilance and ACB)

3.  Resident docs on 'mass leave; 400 ops on hold
This is inhumane. Strike of approx 4500 doctors across the state and keeping patients operation on hold is not what the Doctors are meant to do. Apparently a doctor was attacked by public in Parel which led to the strike yesterday. Ever heard our Indian army or jawans protecting our country refusing to do their duty just because they are attacked? But for one issue, to hold 400 operations (what if some of them are matters of life & death ) and punish so many people is inhumane! The doctors need security but not at the cost of holding people at ransom. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. CM Fadnavis farmer loan waiver statement in the House. 
CM Fadnavis was absolutely right in every word he spoke yesterday. I feel even SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya was right when she said that Loan waiver will turn in into one bad habit of lifetime for farmers, which will be dangerous for the economy.  Did Demonetisation stop Corruption?Will the farmer suicides stop after loan waiver? No, Never!! And, once back in 2009, this formula was adopted by then Cong & NCP. What was the result? Boss, nothing will stop farmer suicides. One time the reason is loan waiver the other time they will blame the climatic conditions for no-progress of Maharashtra's agriculture sector . If MLA's think, shouting in the House & getting loans waived was the solution to stop suicides of farmers, please, we are fooling everyone including the farmer. I ask every MLA who was in the well yesterday, with all honesty how many of you all have actually climbed the Mantralaya steps for a farmer of your constituency? You expect an ELITE Ajit Pawar Or Prithviraj Chavan (Happy Birthday PC sir) to carry a recommendation to the energy department to  for non-working of a meter of a farmer of their constituency? haha...I mean are you dreaming??? The leaders/MLA's /Ministers of Marathwada & Vidharbha lack the basic moral responsibility & the will to help farmers, is what I have concluded. They just concentrate on how party leaders will be happy & how does the money come in via back door.....Farmers on the other hand, are the sufferers. If not the  government than untimely rains, hailstorms, draught are there to worsen their woes time & again. My opinion--CORPORATISATION of farmers & agriculture department along with STRONG POLITICAL WILL  shall be the mantra. NO loans to be waived. 

2. Uddhav Thackrey strikes a chord with a Muslim singer from Assam  
First Gujarati's & now Muslim's...wah Uddhav Thackrey is truly the next gen Shiv-Sainik. Tomorrow he might just announce at Shivaji park that Shivsena was never against Muslims. As per a story in Mid-day today, Uddhav Thackrey has extended an olive branch for a Muslim singer Nahid Afrin against whom a Mullah had issued a fatwa. Uddhav has already labelled them anti-nationals, by the way and is supporting the singing sensation! I'm not surprised when everyone in Shivsena at least once in last 4 years has said either to someone or to themselves, Boss, Shivsena was very different when Balasaheb was there...Do I need to write more? (P.S.--I'm not a casteist journo--my point of view is purely based on thinking of any party--hope you guys remember Shivsena has only one agenda--HINDUTVA) 

3. Parrikar CM of Goa 
I just pray Parrikar should not become the next Prithviraj Chavan. But tell me , Parrikar in all senses, the next apt successor of PM Modi, hasn't he just restricted his career to a state now? I was so sure, if anytime Modi will be replaced/or he gets retired in BJP, it had to be Parrikar who could fill in his shoes. Today look what Prithviraj Chavan has done to himself. A blue eyed boy in the PMO, close to high command, is now merely an MLA...Those who have worked in the Centre will never find it "levelling" to work in the state. 

4. Gadkari the kingmaker in Goa 
Yesterday's press conference of Gadkari was a tell-out secret as to how BJP conquered Goa. May I request hon'ble Gadkari if he has so much of love for a neighbouring state that he had to be awake throughout the night (Read Loksatta) for coming to power, we just require his 8 hours in the day time to solve the current issue between Shivsena & the BJP here in Maharashtra. Also merely 8 hours next day to put PWD back to it's feet and merely 2 hours to straighten Pankaja Munde oops..sorry her department Rural that we can end all the worries of Maharashtra...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

सुज आलेली भाजपा : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

ये दाग अच्छे है, पद्धतीने मी म्हणतो हा मुख्यमंत्री चांगला आहे, कशाला रे उठसुठ बोंब मारत सुटलाय कि देवेंद्र फडणवीस लवकरच देशाचे पुढले सरंक्षण मंत्री असतील. लहान बाळासारखी हेअर स्टाईल किंवा पूर्वी साधनाची जशी हेअर स्टाईल होती त्या पद्धतीने आपली वेगळी हेअर स्टाईल जपणारे माजी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण आणि देवेंद्र फडणवीस हे दोघे जर लागोपाठ आपल्या राज्याला मुख्यमंत्री म्हणून लाभले नसते तर या राज्यातल्या सुपर अधिकाऱ्यांनी,दिवंगत आर आर पाटील किंवा गणेश नाईकांसारखा एखादा अपवाद सोडल्यास काँग्रेस, राष्ट्रवादीच्या जवळपास साऱ्याच थर्डग्रेड मंत्र्यांनी, दलालांनी हे राज्य आणखी एवढे पोखरून ठेवले असते कि महाराष्ट्र हे देशातले प्रथम क्रमांकाचे भ्रष्ट राज्य ठरले असते, आणि हे मी तुम्हाला नेहमीच सांगत आलोय. फक्त पृथ्वीराज यांना त्यांचा एकच बावळटपणा नडला तो म्हणजे त्यांना या राज्यातली एखाद्याला उंचीवर नेऊन ठेवणारी मीडिया त्या दिवंगत आर आर आबा पाटील यांच्यासारखी सांभाळता आली नाही, एखादा दुसरा अतुल कुलकर्णी सारखा आर्थिक फायदा करून घेणारा दिवटा पत्रकार सोडल्यास आबांकडून अन्य कुठल्याही मीडियाला कधीही आर्थिक अपेक्षा नव्हती, थोडक्यात आम्ही आबांच्या चहाचे देखील लिंपित नव्हतो तरीही त्यांच्यावर राज्यातल्या साऱ्याच मीडियाचे शेवटपर्यंत अतूट प्रेम होते, सामान्य घरातून आलेल्या आबांना या राज्यातली मीडिया, शरद पवार आणि आबांच्या भावुक स्वभावातुन व हातून घडलेल्या कामांनी मोठे केले. हे पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्या ते लक्षात आले नाही. एखाद्या विटाळशी बाई सारखे ते मीडियाची मीडिया जवळ येताच, शिवू नका शिवू नका, म्हणायचे, त्यामुळेच आज ते जवळून गेलेत तरी पूर्वी ते बोलत नव्हते, आता त्यांच्याशी बोलावेसे वाटत नाही. देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांचे नेमके उलटे आहे, त्यांना चार ओळी धड लिहिता न येणारा मंत्रालय प्रेस रूम मधला एखादा वार्ताहर जरी भेटायला गेला तरी ते प्रेमाने चांगले शब्द त्याच्याशी असे काही बोलतात कि त्या वार्ताहराला क्षणभर असे वाटते कि त्याचे स्थान गडकरी, केतकर, गोखले, परुळेकर यांच्या रांगेतले आहे, प्रेस रूम मध्ये बोटावर मोजण्याएवढे वार्ताहर किंवा वाहिन्यांचे प्रतिनिधी धर्मेंद्र जोरे, योगेश नाईक, अभिजित मुळे,किरण तारे, श्यामसुंदर सोन्नर, प्रशांत हमीने, संतोष प्रधान यांच्या पंक्तीला बसण्याच्या लायकीचे आहेत, इतर अनेकांविषयी न बोललेले बरे. मंत्रालय प्रेस रूम मध्ये बसून देखील विवेक भावसार सारखे दीर्घ अनुभवी वार्ताहर जेव्हा आर्थिक ऐपत नाही म्हणून बदलापूर वरून दररोज ये जा करतात, तेव्हा असे वार्ताहर आजही मंत्रालयात आहेत, बघून डोळे आनंदाश्रूने भरून येतात. अमुक एखाद्याने घरात टीव्ही फ्रिज घेतला नाही म्हणून तो स्वच्छ आहे असेही समजायचे नसते. देवेंद्र फडणवीस मीडियाशी नक्की चांगले संबंध राखून आहेत पण त्यांचे चांगले बोलणे, सभ्य वागणे जेव्हा समोरचा एखादा मीडियापर्सन गांडूगिरीचे लक्षण समजतो तेव्हा समोरचा भलेही अगदी टाइम्स ऑफ इंडीयाचा किंवा आज तक चा जरी स्वतःला बॉस समजत असला तरी ते त्याला त्याची जागा क्षणार्धात दाखवून देतात, अशी माझी माहिती आहे...

एक मात्र नक्की कि का कोण जाणे पण राहुल गांधी सध्या काँग्रेसच्या प्रचंड विरोधात असावेत कारण असे म्हटल्या जाते कि नरेंद्र मोदी सांगतात, त्या त्या ठिकाणी कुठल्याही निवडणुकी दरम्यान राहुलजी प्रचाराला जातात आणि भाजपाला जिंकवून देतात, राहुल यांचे भाजपावर उपकार आहेत. येथे देखील म्हणजे या राज्यात देखील काँग्रेसने आदर्श फेम अशोक चव्हाण मुख्य गादीवर आणून बसविलेले आहेत, राहुल यांनी वेळ काढून आमच्याही राज्यात अशोक चव्हाण यांना घेऊन प्रचार फेरफटका मारावा म्हणजे या राज्यातली उरली सुरली काँग्रेस एखाद्या जादूगारासारखी गायब होईल. प्रचार दौऱ्यात पैशांची चिंता काँग्रेसने करू नये खर्च भाजपा उचलेलकी. गमतीचा भाग सोडा पण आम्ही सर्वांनी आता हे देखील बघायला हवे कि या राज्यात अलीकडे अचानक मोठ्या प्रमाणावर जी भाजपा फोफावली आहे ती तिची खरी ताकद आहे कि हि भाजपाला आलेली सूज आहे, मी म्हणतो, वेळीच म्हणजे आता यक्षणापासून भाजपाने काळजी घेतली नाही, सावध पावले उचलली नाहीत तर या राज्यातल्या भाजपचा देखील नजीकच्या काळात शरद पवार होईल, राष्ट्रवादी होईल, जशी शरद पवारांच्या राष्ट्रवादीला माजातून आणि अचानक मिळालेल्या सत्तेतून, काळ्या पैशातून सूज चढलेली होती, तेच या राज्यात भाजपा चे होण्यास विलंब लागणार नाही जर अन्य पक्षातील चुकीच्या नेत्यांचे सततचे भाजपच्या नेत्यांनी इनकमिंग सुरु ठेवले तर. या पक्षाला, या राज्याला आणि या देशाला संघ संस्कारातून घडलेला आणि वाढलेला नेताच योग्य ठिकाणी नेऊन भले साधू शकतो, जर भाजप नेते या संघ संस्कारित नेत्यांना दुय्यम स्थान देऊन जशी मुंबई राम कदम, प्रसाद लाड आणि प्रवीण दरेकरांसारख्या उथळ नेत्यांच्या हाती सोपवलेली आहे हे असेच जर भाजपा मध्ये वेगाने घडत गेले तर उद्या याच भाजपाची अवस्था त्या शरद पवारांपेक्षाही बिकट होईल, माझा हा लेख जपून ठेवा. पवारांकडे आवश्यक असलेली जात तरी आहे, होती, भाजपाला ब्राम्हणीचेहरा आहे, त्यांचे वाटोळे करायला अनेक टपलेले आहेत, त्यांनी सावध निर्णय घेणे गरजेचे आहे. त्या दानवेंचे जाऊ द्या, नशिबाने मोठा झालेला हा नेता पण गडकरी, भागवत आणि फडणवीस सारखी मंडळी जर नको त्यांना भाजपामध्ये आणण्यात आनंद मानणार असतील तर सारे संपायला फार वेळ लागणार नाही. भाजपने हे लक्षात घ्यावे त्यांनी २००० मध्ये या राज्यातली गमावलेली सत्ता तब्बल १५ वर्षांच्या अथक परिश्रमातून पुन्हा मिळविली, परत एकदा जर वनवासात त्यांना जायचेच असेल तर न बोललेले बरे....
काही चुटके तुमचे डोके शांत ठेवण्यासाठी, 
परवा जेवतांना ठाणेकर आव्हाड बायकोला म्हणाले, 
आज पोळ्या करपल्यात...
मिसेस आव्हाडांनी रागाने वळून बघताच, 
आवाज बदलून मिष्टर म्हणाले, 
फार छान लागतात, 
कुरूंम कुरूंम....!! 

पुढला चुटका
अलीकडे एक तरुणी पत्रकार हेमंत जोशींच्या 
प्रेमात पडली, ओळख करून देण्यासाठी 
म्हणून ती मुद्दाम आईला घेऊन आली, 
तिच्या आईने हेमंत जोशींना बघितल्या 
बघितल्या त्या बेशुद्ध पडल्या...
चप्पल हुंगवल्यानंतर तरुणीची आई 
शुद्धीवर येताच, काय झाले, 
मुलीने विचारले. 
काही नाही गं..
२२-२३ वर्षांपूर्वी मी देखील यांच्याच 
प्रेमात पडले होते कि...!!

सेनेतले बंड : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

एकनाथ शिंदे तेवढे चांगले, इतर मंत्री ना कामाचे ना धामाचे, इतर सर्वांना म्हणजे दिवाकर रावते, सुभाष देसाई, रामदास कदम, डॉ. दीपक सावंत, संजय राठोड, दादाजी भुसे, विजय शिवतारे, दीपक केसरकर, रवींद्र वायकर, गुलाबराव पाटील, अर्जुन खोतकर या साऱ्याच्या साऱ्या मंत्र्यांची हकालपट्टी करून आमच्यातल्या कोणालाही मंत्रिमंडळात स्थान द्या, अशी काहीशी चुकीची, बरीचशी रास्त मागणी शिवसेनेच्या ५-१० नव्हेत तर तब्बल ६० आमदारांनी एकजूट करून हि मागणी केली आहे. दहा पाच आमदारांनी लायक नसलेल्या मंत्र्यांना, राज्यमंत्र्यांना काढून टाका, अशी मागणी केली असती तर शिवसेनेतून, मातोश्रीवरून जो आरोप केला जातोय कि हि मुख्यमंत्र्यांची फूस आहे, त्यात तथ्य वाटले असते पण एकाचवेळी साठ तेही विधानसभा सदस्य एकत्र येऊन शिंदे सोडून इतर मंत्र्यांची हकालपट्टी करा, सांगतात तेव्हा हे प्रकरण तेवढे सोपे नाही. एक मात्र नक्की त्यांनी शिंदे सोडून, हे जे वाक्य पेरले आहे, त्यावर उद्धव यांनी नेमकी माहिती घेणे आवश्यक आहे त्याचवेळी सध्या आमदार प्रताप सरनाईक भाजपाच्या वाटेवर, हि जी बातमी वावटळीसारखी 
जोरात फिरते आहे, त्या बातमी मध्ये कितपत तथ्य आहे कि एकनाथ शिंदे यांच्या गटातून तशी बातमी पसरविल्या जातेय, हेही उद्धव यांनी जाणून घेण्याची आवश्यकता आहे. अर्थात मी बापडा उद्धव यांना उपदेशाचे डोस पाजणारा कोण? आम्ही उद्धव यांना उपदेश करणे म्हणजे संजय राऊत यांनी आचार्य अत्रेंच्या लिखाणातील चुका काढण्यासारखे किंवा राजे अंबरीश या राज्यमंत्र्याने मी शरद पवारांपेक्षा राज्यात लोकप्रिय आहे, सांगण्यासारखे किंवा दीपक सावंत यांच्या कार्यालयात आचार्य नामें औषध व्यवसायिकाने ढवळाढवळ बंदकरण्यासारखे. अफवा पसरत असतात, बातम्या कानावर येत असतात, मातोश्रीप्रमुख मिलिंद नार्वेकर भाजपाच्या वाटेवर अशी बातमी 
अलीकडे खुद्द भाजपा कार्यालयातून माझ्या कानावर टाकण्यात आली. उद्या तशी वेळच आली तर उद्धव ठाकरे अबू आझमी यांच्या पक्षात शिवसेना विलीनीकरण करण्याची दात शक्यता, अशी बातमी, अफवा देखील पसरावयाला विरोधक कमी करणार नाहीत....

श्रीमान उद्धव ठाकरे यांच्यावर दबाव टाकून फेल्युअर ठरलेल्या विधान परिषद सदस्यांना घरचा रास्ता दाखवून जे थेट लोकांमधून निवडून येतात, त्यांना मंत्रिमंडळात स्थान देण्यात यावे, विधानसभा सदस्यांनी योग्य वेळी केलेली हि मागणी, आता नाही तर उरलेल्या जेमतेम अडीच वर्षात पुन्हा नाही, हे या ६० आमदारांच्या अतिशय योग्य क्षणी लक्षात आले आहे, असे वाटते. आता जमल्यास मी वर्षभरापूर्वी लिहिलेला लेख आठवा, जे मी त्या वेळी सांगितले होते, ते मातोश्रीने सिरियसली घेतले असते तर आजची हि गंभीर परिस्थिती त्यांच्यावर ओढवली नसती. मी हेच म्हणालो होतो, जे शिवसेनेतले वरिष्ठ नेते आहेत त्या रामदास कदम यांच्यासारख्या नेत्यांना मातोश्रीकडून भरपूर मिळालेले आहे अपवाद दिवाकर रावते यांचा कारण सत्तेत नसतांना आणि मातोश्रीच्या खिशातून कवडीही निघत नसतांना दिवाकर रावते यांनी भर उन्हाळ्यात मराठवाडा आणि विदर्भात पायपीट करून शेतकऱ्यांना न्याय मिळवून देण्यासाठी अख्खे शरीर झिजविले आहे, थोडक्यात शिवसेनेतले प्रमुख नेते या नात्याने विदर्भ आणि मराठवाड्यात शिवसेना त्या भाजपाच्या झंझावातासमोर जिवंत ठेवण्याचे काम केले आहे ते फक्त आणि फक्त दिवाकर रावते यांनी. महत्वाचे म्हणजे कोणी काही देईल तर मंत्री म्हणून समोरच्या माणसाचे मग तो शिवसेना नेता जरी असला तरच काम करायचे असे ' कदम कदम ' पर घाणेरडे कुजके सडके विचार रावते यांच्या डोक्यात ना कधी आले ना कधी येतील, अपेक्षाविरहित या मंत्र्यांचे आपण मंत्रिपद काढून घेऊन वाटोळे करू नये असा अनाहूत सल्ला देखील त्यावेळी आम्ही दिला होता....

वाईट वाटून घेण्याचे कारण नाही पण अगदी सहज शक्य असतांना निवडणूक मग ती कोणतीही, कितीही महत्वाची असो, जे शरद पवार 
करतात किंवा भाजपामध्ये देखील जे घडते ते मातोश्रीवरून कधीही घडत नाही म्हणजे निवडणूक लढविण्याची आर्थिक ऐपत नाही का मग हे घेऊन जा, असा निरोप आजतागायत मातोश्रीवरून कधीही कोणालाही गेलेला नाही, म्हणणारे गमतीने म्हणतातही कि मातोश्रीवर इनकमिंग तेवढे माहित आहे, खरे खोटे मातोश्री आणि देव जाणो. अत्यंत महत्वाचा मुद्दा असा कि केवळ पायपीट करून आणि मतदारांची मने जिंकून डॉ. सुजित मिणचेकर यांच्यासारख्या आर्थिकदृष्टया कित्येक कफल्लक आमदारांनी लागोपाठ दोन दोन तीन तीन टर्म आर्थिकदृष्ट्या अतिशय बलाढ्य उमेदवारांना पराभूत करून निवडणुका जिंकल्या आहेत. आता सत्तेत आल्यानंतरही जर या सतत सत्तेपासून दूर असणाऱ्या आमदारांना मंडळे किंवा मंत्रिपद मिळणार नसतील तर कामे खेचून कशी आणायची या चिंतेत सदैव असणाऱ्या आमदारांना बंड करणे किंवा विधान परिषद सदस्यांना मंत्री मंडळातून हाकलून लावा, त्यांनी केलेली हि मागणी अतिशय रास्त आहे, फारच थोडे असे आमदार आहेत कि जे कालपर्यंत त्या रवींद्र वायकर यांच्यासारखे चाळीत राहायचे आणि आज महालात थेट पोहोचले आहेत, इतरांना पुढल्या निवडणुकीचे आर्थिक गणित जमत नाही, आमदार सेनेचा म्हणून भाजपाकडून कामेही होत नाहीत, आणि हाती सत्ता नसल्याने विकासाच्या कामातही मागे, थेट लोकांमधून निवडून येणाऱ्या सेनेच्या आमदारांची संधी न मिळाल्याने मोठी गोची झाली आहे. अर्थात अकार्यक्षम मंत्री आणि राज्यमंत्री भाजपामध्ये देखील बहुसंख्य आहेत पण मुख्यमंत्री हा भाजपामधला हुकमी एक्का, म्हणून तेथे बंड नाही, पण भाजपमध्येही आमदार बंडाच्या तयारीत नाहीत असे सांगणे म्हणजे मुर्खांच्या नंदनवनात वावरण्यासारखे....
प्रकरण नक्कीच गंभीर आहे म्हणजे कुटुंब नियोजनाची शस्त्रक्रिया केलेल्या 

पुरुषाच्या बायकोला दिवस गेल्यासारखे किंवा हागवणीचा त्रास होत असलेल्या रोग्याला जवळपास शौचालय शोधून शोधून न सापडल्यासारखे या बंड प्रकरणाने गंभीर वळण घेतले आहे. शिवसेनेतील जादूगार एकनाथ शिंदे सोडून जवळपास सगळे म्हणजे १२ मंत्री, राज्यमंत्री कुचकामी ठरले आहेत असा थेट आरोप या ६० आमदारांनी बैठक घेऊन केला आहे, कोणत्याही क्षणी हे आमदार थेट उद्धव ठाकरे यांना भेटून आपली कैफेयात मांडणार आहेत, मंत्रीपदे तेवढी उपभोगली, मात्र जनहिताच्या आणि पक्षाच्या दृष्टीने या मंत्र्यांनी काडीमात्र काम केले नाही त्यामुळे त्यांना मंत्रिपदावरून हटविण्यात यावे, त्यांची हि मागणी अजिबात अयोग्य नाही, मात्र उद्या जर कोणा एकाने फूस लावून हे काम सेनेच्या आमदारांकडून करवून घेतले तर मात्र याच आमदारांना अजिबात अक्कल नाही, असे जर उद्धव यांनी जाहीर म्हटले तर त्यात काहीही गैर नसेल. एक मात्र छान कि अमुक एखाद्या आमच्यातल्या आमदाराला मंत्री करा, असे त्यांनी कोठेही, कोणाच्याही नावाचा उल्लेख करून म्हटले नाही, ते एका अर्थाने बरे झाले. समजा त्यांनी प्रताप सरनाईक यांना मंत्री करा, असे म्हटले असते म्हणजे अमुक एखाद्याचे नाव घेतले असते तर मात्र ज्याचे नाव घेतले तो अडचणीत सापडला असता...अपूर्ण....पुढला लेख अधिक खतरनाक...!!

Monday, 13 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. More netas may use the backdoor to enter BMC 
Apparently as per a report in Mumbai Mirror, the government is scratching its head to increase the quota of sending more representatives as experts to the BMC via back door. Though this backdoor entry system restricts the candidates from voting, rest all the powers & perks enjoyed by the Corporator are vested to such candidates. Don't be surprised if the next "in thing" in lobbying will be lobbying for this in political parties. By the way these candidates who enter the BMC are experts in their own fields. Now tell me who on earth will sanction the expertise these candidates possess? Boss, those who have money will be the experts. Take it writing from me! If these seats or candidates do even 1% of the expectations of this quota, Mumbai will be a different place to live in. But CM Fadnavis thinking of increasing the quota is a little disturbing fact for me. As what I know him and his thinking, in fact Fadnavis would have been the one to scrap this quota...He does not believe in such thing as back door. He believes a loss is a loss!! But CM surely can amend some rules here if he is persistent with the quota. The person who has lost the election cannot apply for such type of entry in the Corporation and secondly the expert in his field has be interviewed with a panel of super -experts from the field he is in. 

2. Social Justice MoS 'castes' himself in controversy
A Minister who possesses the portfolio of "Social Justice" uttering these words is shameful. If he himself is so casteist how will he do justice to his department? Has he forgotten his Pune boss & CM are Brahmins? What he meant was surely aimed at Minister Girish Bapat. Hailing from Pune, Minister Kamble whose friend in the cabinet Girish Bapat is always butt of the joke for many leaders in this part of Maharashtra pre-dominantly occupied by Brahmins themselves. Bapat by nature is a very docile man. He takes criticism but does not respond. He lets his actions speak including holding hands... Kamble might have forgotten the Taluka/Council and Corporation election results in December and now. This is what Bapat does and are capable of. They will never use guns and swords to win a battle. A very famous dialogue I had heard in Hindi Movie: ब्राह्मण भूका तो सुदामा, समझा तो चाणक्य और रूठा तो रावण! 

3. Shivsena with Cong & NCP over Farmer Loan waiver issue 
Apparently nagging wife in the government, Shivsena, is back doing what it knows best! Nagging & not knowing what to do!! Apparently Uddhav Thackrey has warned his MLA's to stall the proceedings of the house (Vidhan Sabha & Parishad) till the loans of the farmers in Maharashtra are waived! Some way or the other Shivsena wants to disturb the harmony of this government, I feel. Now how many times does more BJP need to prove that they are way ahead & above Sena in all senses? Ministers of Sena have understood, but the party chief fails to understand. Loan waiver is not the only solution, but yet if the Sena feels so, they have decent number in the Cabinet & in the House, to force the government to think. To stall the proceedings of the house and not let it run costs the government. It is tax payers money. Devendra Fadnavis is capable of silencing the opposition in 10 minutes over any issue but if the partner in the Government is blackmailing, how is it going to be smooth functioning? Yes, loan waiver for farmers is one issue, but hey, didn't the Cong-NCP do it in 2008? What was the result? Need formidable steps to encounter this problem. Instead of fighting Sena, how about joining hands for one time with the BJP and thinking on positive steps to help the farmer. Your farmer leader who made maximum noise when he was a MLA, is merely a cat nowadays. Yes, Gulabrao Patil the Minister is hardly seen speaking these days, forget his fiery speeches.  

Saturday, 11 March 2017

चहापेक्षा किटली गरम : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

अत्यंत महत्वाचे सांगतो, कुठल्याही क्षेत्रातली माणसे आभाळाला टेकल्यानंतर म्हणजे अशी माणसे जेव्हा व्यवसायात, अभिनयात, राजकरणात अन्य कोणत्याही क्षेत्रात उत्तुंग शिखर, कळस  गाठतात, मिळालेल्या अमाप यशानंतर जर अशी माणसे हाताखाली, सभोवताली उर्मट, करप्ट, भानगडबाज, अर्धवट विचारांचे सवंगडी मित्र पिए कार्यालयीन स्टाफ, नातेवाईक जमा,गोळा करीत असतील तर उत्तुंग शिखर गाठलेल्या महापुरुषाचा ह्रास व्हायला, त्याची संपत्ती नाश पावण्यास, बदनामी होण्यास, कुटुंब कलहाची सुरुवात होण्यास वेळ लागत नाही, मूर्ख माणसे आपल्या दरबारात पाळली कि आयुष्यात उत्तुंग शिखर गाठलेल्या महा पुरुषास खाली खेचण्यासाठी कोणत्याही शत्रूची किंवा विरोधकांची आवश्यकता उरत नाही, जवळ जमलेले हुजरे आपले काम फत्ते करतात....

आम्हा पत्रकारांना या राज्यातल्या अमुक एखाद्या महापुरुषाच्या शेजारी जागा मिळविणे अजिबात कठीण नसते, आणि असे शेजारचे स्थान मिळविण्यासाठी आमच्यातल्या बहुतेकांची केविलवाणी, लाजिरवाणी, स्वाभिमान सोडून लाचारी पत्करायला लावणारी धडपड सतत सुरु असते. अमुक एखाद्या पत्रकाराला वर्ष बंगल्यावर चहा पोहे मिळाले कि तो ते गावभर सांगून पैसे मिळवून देणारी कामे भराभर त्या भरवशावर करवून घेतो पण बदनाम होतो त्या त्या वेळी गादीवर बसलेला मुख्यमंत्री. एक विशिष्ट अंतर राखून जे निधडे पत्रकार आहेत त्यांनी आपली पत्रकारिता करायला हवी. निखिल वागले किंवा मी हेमंत जोशी अमुक एखाद्याला चिटकून बसलोय, कधी बघितलेत का, मी विदर्भातला आहे म्हणून मी फडणवीसांना चिपकून बसलो तरच त्यांच्या जवळचा, असा गांडू हलकट विचार माझ्या मनात आजतागायत कुठल्याही सत्ताधीशांच्या बाबतीत आला नाही. च्यायला, एक असा पत्रकार मी बघत आलोय, बसता उठता ज्याला त्याला एकेरी नावाने आवाज देऊन, उल्लेख करून दादागिरीने खाजगी मलिद्याची कामे करवून घेतो, येऊ द्या ती वेळ, त्याची शंभर लफडी तुम्हाला सांगून मोकळा होईन, हलकट कुठले, कवडीची अक्कल नसतांना पत्रकारिता रंडीछाप पद्धतीने करून मोकळे होतात.... 

वाचकहो, आमच्या या मंत्रालयात असा पत्रकार मी बघितला आहे कि फक्त आणि फक्त पैसे मिळविण्याच्या हव्यासापोटी हा बिलंदर पत्रकार ज्यांच्याकडे सत्ता त्यातल्या पॉवरफुल नेत्याशी जवळीक करतो, अशा मोठ्या व्यक्तीला तो फास टाकून पूर्णतः जाळ्यात अडकवतो, एकदा असा बडा मासा जाळ्यात अडकला कि याचे काम फत्ते, हा पत्रकार पैसे मिळवून देणारी कामे अशा बड्या माशाकडून करवून करवून घेतो आणि बडा मासा मात्र याच्या नदी लागून नजीकच्या काही वर्षानंतर देशोधडीला लागतो. एक अत्यंत महत्वाचे तेवढे लक्षात ठेवा, करिअरला वाहून घेतलेल्या जातीं देसाई, भाऊ तोरसेकर सारख्या ऋषितुल्य पत्रकारांना वाचकायचे असते, मंत्रालयात असोत कि अन्य कुठेही जे तुम्हाला ब्लॅकमेल करून आपले खिसे गरम करण्या तुमच्याकडे येतील, अशी नावे माझ्याकडे द्या, बघा पुढल्या काही दिवसात ते कसे सरळ वागतील तुमच्याशी. तर या पत्रकाराने आणि त्याच्या पत्रकारितेतल्याच एका साथीदाराने दिवंगत आर आर पाटलांना व्यवस्थित आधी जाळ्यात ओढले, तदनंतर त्याने आर आर आबा यांच्यासभोवताली आपल्या माणसांचे एक कडबोळे निर्माण केले आणि आबांच्या नावाने कधी बदल्यांमध्ये तर कधी विविध फाईल्स क्लिअर करून तर कधी ब्लॅक मेलिंग करून त्याने आणि त्याच्या कंपूने करोडो रुपयांची माया जमा केली, विद्देशेष म्हणजे या गॅंग मधला एक अतिशय भामटा, बेरकी, करप्ट पत्रकार सध्या थेट माननीय मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या सभोवताली जागा बळकावून बसला आहे....

आर आर आबा पाटलांना या जगातून थेट स्वर्गात सोडून आल्यानंतर आता करायचे काय,हा प्रश्न या उध्दट, वात्रट, ब्लॅकमेलर पत्रकाराला फार काळ पडला नाही, त्यानंतर युतीची सत्ता आली आणि आर आर आबा जसे आघाडीच्या काळात पॉवरफुल मंत्री होते किंबहुना आबा यांच्यापेक्षा राज्यात, मंत्रिमंडळात कितीतरी पट अधिक दरारा, सत्ता, महत्वाची खाती असलेल्या मंत्र्याकडे म्हणजे एकनाथ खडसे यांच्याकडे मग या भामट्या लबाड, हलकट पत्रकाराने आपला मोर्चा वळविला आणि खडसे तसेच त्यांच्या डोकेदुखी ठरलेल्या अतीभ्रष्ट स्टाफला या वाह्यात, संधीसाधू पत्रकाराने आपला मोर्चा वळविला, आधी जाळ्यात ओढले नंतर पॉवरफुल एकनाथ खडसे यांना वापरून दोन्ही हातात मावणार नाही एवढे प्रचंड, अतिप्रचंड त्याने खडसे यांना घालवेपर्यंत दरदिवशी थोडक्यात दोन्ही करांनी मिळविले. ह्या बेरकी पत्रकाराच्या आहारी जो जातो तो पुढल्या काही महिन्यात फारतर चार दोन वर्षात आयुष्यातून उठला म्हणून समजा. युतीच्या मंडळींना, विशेषतः देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांच्यासाठी मोठी आनंदाची बातमी म्हणजे हे असे केवळ स्वतःसाठी ' अतुलनीय ' काम करणाऱ्या या महाबिलंदर पत्रकाराचा आता बसता उठता मुक्काम असतो तो विधान परिषद विरोधी पक्ष नेत्यांकडे म्हणजे सत्ताधाऱ्यांना पुरून उडणाऱ्या एकमेव जबरदस्त युवा नेत्याकडे, त्या धनंजय मुंडे यांच्याकडे....

विधान परिषदेतील विरोधी पक्ष नेते धनंजय मुंडे हेही खडसे किंवा आर आर आबा या दोघांप्रमाणे लोकप्रियतेच्या रांगेत जाऊन बसलेले, पंकजा मुंडे 
असोत कि युतीचे नेते, त्यापुढे जाऊन हे म्हणता येईल कि मुंडे यांना जे मोठे यश अल्पावधीत मिळालेले आहे, ते बघून मुंडे यांना काँग्रेस मध्ये आणि 
त्यांच्या राष्ट्रवादी पक्षातही असंख्य विरोधक निर्माण झालेले आहेत, त्या सर्वांसाठी आनंदाची बातमी हि कि हे महाशय यादिवसात बसता उठता मुंडे यांच्याकडे मुक्काम ठोकून असल्याने नजीकच्या काळात मिळविलेली प्रचंड लोकप्रियता धनंजय मुंडे अधोगतीला लागल्यास मला आश्चर्य वाटणार नाही आणि धनंजय विरोधकांची हि अतिशय आनंदाची बातमी आहे, पंकजा यांनी तर ह्यो पत्रकार यादिवसात धनंजय यांच्याकडे जाऊन बसत असल्याने सकाळी उठल्यानंतर स्वभोताली न चुकता आनंदाने गिरक्या घ्याव्यात, खासदार भगिनीसंगे झिम्मा फुगडी खेळावी, कारण लवकरच जर हे पत्रकार महाशय धनंजय यांच्या संगतीला आणि पंक्तीला असेच नियमित नेहमीप्रमाणे उठबैस करू  लागले तर तो काळ मुंडे भगिनींसाठी दूर नाही, ज्या दिवशी त्या हत्तीवरून साखर वाटून मोकळ्या होतील....

या पत्रकाराला वाटल्यास हिंदी सिनेमातली ' रेखा ' म्हणा, तिच्या जो प्रेमात पडला तो आयुष्यातून उठला, अमिताभ तेवढा त्या खडसेंसारखा वाचला पण तिकडे खडसे आणि इकडे अमिताभ दरदिवशी खिसे भरभरून औषधी गोळ्या खाऊन खाऊन कसेबसे जगतात, आर आर आबा अनपेक्षित वर गेले, ज्यांना मुख्यमंत्रीपदाची स्वप्ने पडत होती त्या खडसे यांच्याशी आजचे मुख्यमंत्री भर मंचकावर देखील बोलण्याचे टाळतात एवढे खडसे राजकारणातून बाजूला झाले, धनंजयभाऊ तुम्ही तेवढे सावधान.....!! 

एक युक्ती हा लेख संपवितांना सांगतो म्हणजे माझ्या ज्या मित्रांना निद्रानाश जडला आहे त्यांची मी नेहमी एखाद्या नवकवीशी ओळख करून देतो, मग हा नवकवी बसता उठता निद्रानाश जाडलेल्याला केलेल्या कविता ऐकवतो. या माझ्या नॅचरोपॅथीचा असर लगेच दिसतो, निद्रानाश दूर होऊन माणूस चक्कघोरायला लागतो. तुमच्यातल्या ज्याला कोणाला सत्तेत बसलेल्या, असलेल्या नेत्याबद्दल राग, असूया, जेलसी असेल, तुम्ही एकच करायचे आहे, वर उल्लेख केलेल्या या बिलंदर पत्रकाराची तुमच्या विरोधकांशी ओळख करून द्यायचा अवकाश, बघा त्याचा पुढल्या काही महिन्यात आर आर आबा किंवा एकनाथ खडसे कसा होतो ते...

Thursday, 9 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Budget Session OFF THE RECORD: Apparently, since two days, the lower house (Vidhan Sabha) is not able to complete business of the day due to continuous ruckus over continous demands from the opposition for loan waiver for our farmers. The issue is such grave that any MLA or party who does not participate in the ruckus for sure, his/her 2019 dream of becoming an MLA is surely quashed. Hence every MLA (even Mumbai MLA's don't know which farmer they are supporting)  from Opposition was in the well chanting anti government slogans and not letting the HOUSE function smoothly. But surprising was the ruling government's "sleeping" partner Shiv-Sena  MLA's joining opposition party in the well against it's own government. Now what information I collected, apparently, "Land-Banker" Minister Eknath Shinde called up LoP Upper House Dhananjay Munde day before to know the strategy as to how to blackmail the government. Yesterday early morning before the house commenced, both leaders were enjoying cup of tea over a closed door meeting. Many things I could relate to this:

A. Dhananjay Munde is the ONLY and the NEXT best leader of opposition and a master strategist. 
B. Shivsena's Leaders (Uddhav Thackrey) NCP's (Ajit Pawar) and Congress's (Vikhe Patil & Ashok Chavan) are in regular touch since last 4 days and meeting at private bunglow, 5 star Hotel or guests houses to "disturb" BJP. 
C. Shivsena has primarily agreed to support Cong & NCP against the BJP indicating what I call "back-stabbing".

Now, everything depends on Saturday. If BJP makes a clean sweep in UP & other places Shivsena will not dare to pull out their support from the Government. But if not, then you never know, Shivsena & Cong & NCP can pull some strings. Hope CM Fadnavis is listening and acting fast. 

2. Paricharak, MLC who uttered sheer non-sense against wives of army jawaan was suspended for 1.5 years. Aptly punished! No one can tolerate such type of "cheap" comments for our army men, even if I have heard horrid stories about them for being "insensitive" & "corrupt" & "lethal" in North-East belt. We respect them even if I have again "heard" horrid stories about them when the entire belt of Kedarnath & Badrinath was flooded. People, we respect the army but it is the people who talk non-sense and give me gruesome stories....I don't believe in anything. I respect the army jawaan! Period!!

3. 100 crore for Balasaheb Thackrey Memorial. 
My heart says let's do it. Times of India report says Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for Shivsena Supremo Balasaheb Thackrey's memorial. Ok. No problem! Let us all come to a conclusion that he was the only person who will be remembered for years & generations to come. No doubt, a great personality who was responsible for installing fears in the hearts of notorious people from across the border. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Rs. 900 crore. No problem at all again. Another great man who gave the dalit's the reason to live with their heads being held high. But the problem is why State Government will bear the cost ? Is Rs. 100 crore a big amount for Uddhav & Raj Thackrey. Boss , people who have just looted us for years and years, one phone call from Uddhav or Raj, the memorial cost will be collected. If not and if these guys decide to disassociate themselves from being labelled as corrupt, the legal way suggests that EVERY Sainik contributes Rs. 1,000 for their beloved leader , I promise memorial will be done with money to spare. And as for Babasaheb, where is Uttam Khobragade? apparently all the Dalit leaders & bureaucrats compulsorily deposit a certain amount to a fund every month from mantralaya which is directly connected to Mayawati. This fund is then used for their people in solving various problems. Why not Dalits of the country unite and make contribution. My point is why a debt ridden state is spending its tax payers money for this? Cant we instead spend the same amount for more facilities or infrstructrure for our state instead?   

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Minister Ranjit Patil needs help !!
Be ready for this Shivsena! Yesterday in the question answer hour, one question pertaining to inquiry of the road scam took a heavy toll on otherwise reticent Minister Ranjit Patil who couldn't convince the House one bit in his reply.  Forget answering he was not able to control his own party MLA's who were shooting questions to him form all corners. Either Ranjit Patil was not briefed properly or he seriously lacks communication skills. A pet of CM Fadnavis, Ranjit Patil needs to attend Chate (english & marathi also i guess) Speaking Classes with immediate effect. And yes, he acts like "Ghajini" too...He does not remember anyones names or faces, for heaven's sake! Heard his staff has to regularly go to his cabin and remind him that they still work with him only, as once when the PA entered his cabin  for briefing, Patil asked him what work he had and where had he come from? hahaha..

2. My God! Apparently as per a Times of India report High Court yesterday rapped state government for a call made from Minister's office in Mantralaya to the court receiver  asking him to not take possession of an illegal building. Apparently the call was made from the Guardian Minister's PA. Now who is the Guardian Minister? Of course "land banker" and in literal sense who has opened a shop "delivery against cash" for any work in Thane--Mr. Eknath Shinde. Whose his PA who must have made the call? Apparently I don't like this but this arrogant, corrupt & bogus PA shares my surname--Hate Brahmins for being like this !! 

3. OFF The Record--Vidhan Bhavan 
Yesterday just when the upper house got adjourned for the day, thought this was the best chance to meet newly elected MLC's, but something else was in store which had to make it's way in my review. Apparently, the main porch, otherwise always scarcely crowded, was filled with sea of people yesterday for about 20 minutes. Just next to Vidhan Bhavan's main porch, is the place for our TV cameras. So thought the crowd must be for that. But that also was not the real reason. In middle of  the crowd stood a man whom everyone was listening too. He was in a jovial mood and spoke to every one who approached him. Yes, even to the journalists who have often asked him stupid questions. Such was the atmosphere that for a second Dhananjay Munde, LoP of the Upper House after finishing his byte to a channel, did not realise that the person who was standing next to him amongst the crowd was his estranged cousin Minister Pankaja Munde. These both Munde's don't see eye-to-eye. Such is STILL the charisma of one and only Narayan Rane. There were more than 3 to 4 Ministers who dared not to enter the premises without acknowledging Senior Rane. They say, Maharashtra politics is incomplete without this man from Sindhudurg. What aura!! As soon as Rane left, the place was back to the usual best--being scarcely populated--BTW we have named that place as Jitendra Ahwad Chowk--as always you will find him there with bunch of anti-brahmin (sicular) journalists, who by the way have Brahmin wives at home! 
PS-Senior Rane was also looking proud. Why? Because he was joined by son Nitesh --who single handedly won whole of Sindhudurg all by himself! Kudos !!!b

4. Bill for Balasaheb Thackrey Memorial 
Yesterday, late evening during the ongoing proceedings of the house came the bill for erecting memorial for late Balasaheb Thackrey. Surprisingly, leaving one MLA, none of the Sena Ministers nor 60 odd MLA's were present in the lower house to welcome this giant move. Diwakar Raote, one of the senior most Sena leaders and my personal favourite was at mantralaya at that time. Yes! He works till late night! He immediately rushed to the Vidhan Bhavan and appreciated the kind gesture of the House and thanked the Speaker and the Chief Minister for passing the bill. But to tell you, not only for this incident, but many MLAs and even the Ministers avoid sitting in the House after 6pm. Hats off to couple of journalists who actually sit through the business of the house till it is concluded for the day, one of them being a young women from a leading channel. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. 19 female foetuses were found dumped in Sangli region yesterday  The heinous crime came to light when the police were investigating a death of a 26 year old from Sangli following the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), unearthed remains of 19 female foetuses, some 500 metres from Mhaisal village near Miraj in Sangli district. Sex determination of this foetuses is yet to be confirmed but the concerned doctor whose name is doing the rounds for doing such heinous crime, remains  absconding. What could be the reason for killing of female child? How can a mother do this?--- Strictly my views and surely it can be one of the major reason for killing of a girl child there-- see Mhaisa is very nearby to Miraj. Miraj is famous for prostitution (flesh trade) not today but since early 80's.  Just google this article that appeared in India Today in 1986 and you will know where I'm coming from ("The annual Arab influx has not only come to exert a stranglehold on the economy of Miraj but has corrupted the ethics of many a local doctor") But yet today in small towns and the mentality of the people residing there must be traditional, I presume! Any girl born (in that particular tribe) surely will be forced in the flesh business /prostitution, is what the the tradition must be. There is no law & order there when it comes to traditions in rural parts. The MLA's there know everything including the police.  Though the crime committed by the mother's (yes I hold them equally responsible) or the doctors is heinous, boss which mother wants her child become a prostitute, you tell me-- Hence it won't come as a surprise to me, if the State Government is coming clean on this, that there was equal participation of the mother or the immediate family. These are just my thoughts given at the history of Miraj and nearby areas. Rest government has ordered a probe, let us wait for the report. 

2. Blog in Marathi on MLA Uday Samant: Please click the following link :
सामंत दणाणून सोडला आसमंत : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Today began Maharashtra State's Budget Session 2017. Address delivered by the Governor did not see much turnout of MLA's. By the way, the upper house, Vidhan Parishad has gone completely paperless. Detachable Tabs installed on the desks of all the members. All members will now have to refer to tabs while speaking. Now no one can tear up papers while creating uproar in the house. 

4. Those who thinking that the BJP after say 2 to 6 months will withdraw their support in the BMC and get it's Mayor & Standing Committee Chairman, nothing of this sort will happen, confirmed a senior Mumbai MLA. BJP will support the Shivsena. But the MLA also did not deny mid-term polls looking at the election results of the remaining states. Looks like someone wants the whole majority. 

5. Apparently, office of Jaykumar Raval, Minister for Tourism, does not take CMO seriously. Not once but it has become a regular habit of the Minister's staff to keep the CMO in a fix over certain issues. Today, Energy & Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule's daughter is getting married. Obviously majority of the Ministers will be flying to Nagpur to grace the occasion. CM will be going via a chartered flight as per reports. But this chartered flight has limited seats and Jaykumar Raval had confirmed his seat earlier. But today, the Minister's staff till morning was not confirming if the Minister will actually attend the wedding or not. Senior other Minister's were turned down as Raval had  earlier confirmed his seat. But continous back forth  angered the CMO and the PA of Raval was reprimanded for this casual attitude of the staff and even the Minister, towards the CMO. 

6. LOP Dhananjay Munde demanded suspension of BJP MLC Prashant Paricharak. Paricharak had passed derogatory remarks against wives of Army Jawan's. Army Jawan are posted on the border for a year and still he gets letter from his wife of a child been born, was the comment made by Paricharak. Surely not a humane thing to say about our Jawan's, Mr. Paricharak.