Tuesday, 28 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. 10 classmates sexually abused boy in Andheri, arrested 
Where are we heading? In the name of openness, freedom & technology if our kids are getting raped in this so called society, we are definitely not living in a safe environment. Those who raped the boy are 15 year old themselves---absolutely disgusting, isn't it? Living in shanties/slums, with all the "tapori" attitude on their sleeve, no education, working as pick-pocketer's for their ganja, stunts on the bikes and in local trains, drug peddling, and yes, Dawood bhai as their idol--is what makes their life--- what should we expect from these boys from the slum? Let me tell you, it is not necessary they have to be of a particular caste, before we jump to conclusions. SCRAP of all castes and creed live in the slums.  As far as sodomization goes, the mobile phone technology, something different to experiment at this age (most of us do), or their own horror stories whilst growing up, are the reason behind such heinous act, I could gather.. Just imagine that poor 10 year old child's psychology who was sodomised? It will be itched in his mind forever now. He will either be a psychic patient or turn out to be another man with vegencance and full of anger from this age, or at the same time he can also turn out to be a recluse. Those boys who can rape at this age, just think what they are going to grow up to be--definitely  a menace to our society. Strictest punishment should be imposed on these boys rather than making them appear before the juvenile court. At 15, if they can rape or sodomize (Nirbhaya) and if we can't punish them, it is our country's loss. Bloody, chemically castrate these bastards!

2. Rs. 353 crore road scam & nullah-safai (Desilting) scam in the BMC 
Yesterday in a historic order by the Court,  henceforth the investigation in Road & the Desilting scam will be monitored by the Court so that the investigation will be expedited. Finally justice to Mumbai people shall prevail soon now, claims  the Vivekanand Gupta, Secretary BJP Mumbai, who has filed a PIL against this multi-crore scam at the BMC. Gupta says, all those who have siphoned of public money, who gave us bad roads, and all those who formed unholy nexus of Civiv Engineers, Contractors and third Party Auditors, will all be tried and punished by the Law.

3. Fadnavis meets Modi
What did I write a week back after the results of the BMC elections were declared? The final say of what will happen in the Mumbai BMC post elections will be decided than none other than PM Narendra Modi. Yesterday Mr. Fadnavis was in Delhi and for 90 minutes the meeting lasted on various topics. In relation to the BMC, PM Modi has asked the State BJP to AGAIN extend an olive branch to the Shiv-Sena and come to a compromising solution. He has asked the State BJP to wait for Sena's reaction on this and accordingly action will be initiated if there are no positive signs from the Sena for the future course.  I'm predicting Sena will go with the BJP . 

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