Wednesday, 22 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Strenuous exercise killing sex drive in men?
Oh yes!! Finally the truth comes out. So all you macho men out there with 6 pack-abs you guys have to prove this Times of India's report wrong. As per the report the testosterone in the body which controls your libido falls down drastically due to the injections (steroid), supplements, and fat burners , which the personal trainers are more keen for you to take. In such case, you may build your body but you may leave your partner unsatisfied. So is that the reason Salman Khan is not marrying? hahaha..

2. The curious case of MLC from Nagpur, Parinay Fuke 
Apparently not many newspapers here in Mumbai covered the hooliganism showed by newly elected MLC Parinay Fuke, right hand man of CM Devendra Fadnavis. Apparently, one of the karyakartas of the BJP Ghanshyam Choudhari was beaten badly by Fuke & his close aides leaving Choudhari fighting for his life in the hospital. The prime reason behind this has been constituted to distribution of some pamphlets used for campaigning which were against Fuke's wife. This angered the MLC and triggered the fight as per reports received from news portal Nagpur Today.  

3. J. S Saharia, State Elections Commissioner, interview in Mumbai Mirror.
When I was in class 4, I had learnt a new concept in English subject, answer your question in one word/sentence. State Election Commissioner J.S. Saharia seems to carry the concept to the interview he gave to Mumbai Mirror. I found the answers of Saharia rude, running away from facts and responsibilities. How can he not be accountable for the mess up of 10 lakh voters of Mumbai? All he has to say was, I haven't prepared the list, blaming the predecessors.   

4. Shoba De tweet dram
Shoba De tweeted a photograph of a fat policeman sitting on chair. She was receiving end from a lot of people including many top bosses of Mumbai Police. But was she wrong? Cross your heart and tell me if 99% of the policemen do their job ethically? Today, everyone in Mumbai knows someone or the other if there is a need to go to the police station. They approach their known person and later with the recommendation approach the PS. I'm sorry to say this, but I'm sure, even after having tremendous influence that person will be treated badly. I also understand the frustration of these cops. Postings, corruptions, erratic working hours, health issues, influencing politicians in every case,  are major constraints these guys face everyday. But.....

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