Monday, 20 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Uddhav Thackrey's properties row & connection with money Laundering...
MP Kirit Somaiyya was badly bashed (not literally) if sources are to be believed, when he wanted to know ALL about Uddhav Thackrey's properties and his connection with companies who are into money laundering. Somayya wanted Uddhav Thackrey to declare all his assets and make them public and come clean with his relation with such tainted companies. When this declaration was made by the MP and when it reached the top bosses of BJP, it is said Nitin Gadkari & CM Fadnavis (yesterday Lokmat's news) actually reprimanded Kirit for hitting Uddhav Thackrey below the belt and reminded him about their 25 years old alliance. I, being a normal citizen of this city, actually wanted to know Uddhav Thackrey's worth. But it's not about me, you know. Tomorrow I would want Katrina Kaif to get married to me...If wishes were horses my friends, I would have been Katrina's husband today... But it came as a major shock to me when yesterday in one of the interviews to a Marathi News Channel, Fadnavis mentioned about if Kirit submits relevant documents to the right agencies establishing Uddhav's role, he wouldn't mind setting up an inquiry commission. Talk about U-Turn of Mr. Fadnavis. Either Lokmat reported false story yesterday or Kirit was never reprimanded. 

2. Sena cadre worry party may split if Uddhav ditches govt-Times of India
See how this Times of India do "badmaashi". Till day before had anyone from the Shivsena or the BJP spoken about continuing the alliance in the government, he would have been actually termed as "Aurangzeb's  child". Now that everything is in place, the opposition in the contest are fixed, mud-slinging has happened than why does Times of India carry such news? Nothing readers this is not carried out of purpose. It is planted by the BJP, am so sure. BJP is hinting and in no mood, of breaking the alliance. 

3. If you bring in the voters , you have a job, if not, you're fired -Mumbai Mirror 
Apparently the BJP has hinted to it's Minister's (Tawde, Prakash Mehta & Vidya Thakur) that if they fail to win their candidates in their own constituency, they will face the ire of the leadership and will make way for new candidates who are wanting a birth in State Cabinet since the last rejig. Atul Bhatkalkar, Ashish Shelar and Raj Purohit will replace them. And apparently a "source" in the BJP confirmed this development only to the reporters of Mumbai Mirror. What were the "Laskhar -e -Devendra" (group of 4 to 5 Journalists who are extremely close to CM) doing? I never read such developments in their papers... Or has CM Fadnavis changed his loyalties to other journo's? Hmmm... but what if even these new aspirants ALSO fail to defend their own constituency?    

4. Uddhav Thackrey tours "Shakha's" from Borivali to Kandivali 
Yesterday, Uddhav Thackrey personally visited 7 "Shakha's" of Sena between Kandivali to Borivali . Inside reports suggested that Uddhav Thackrey himself is on the edge with BJP in action with such great determination to uproot the Sena from the BMC. You will remember how at an awards function in the year 2000, the face of Shahrukh Khan, when the newest kid on the block Hrithik Roshan had performed on the stage to his songs after his debut movie Kaho na Payaar hai, was a blockbuster. The speech Hrithik made after the attack on Rakesh Roshan had sent SRK shivers down his spine. Shahrukh couldn't stop smoking and the next day he changed his entire team to compete with Hrithik at that time. Later they shook hands and till today they sniff cocaine together, such is their friendship. Similarly here also, come what many tomorrow Sena and BJP will shake hands eventually. So Uddhav ji, just relax and let the voters do their job. 

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