Thursday, 16 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. No provision in law to ban Samna 
Today everyone should read Loksatta's editorial. What an apt reply by the editor on 'Samna' banning issue. Hats off! Shweta Shalini, spokesperson for the BJP, had demanded the Election Commission to ban Samna due to violations of code of conduct. But the Commission rejected the same. Why was it unethical to ban Samna, is what confuses me. They spit fire whilst addressing anything that has the word BJP. They use below the belt language. They are openly promoting their false promises in printed version which they have never completed in the last 20 years, via Samna. In fact if I was in BJP, I would have increased the copies to some lakhs of 'Tarun Bharat' (BJP's sider, Oh! how could I forget Lokmat) and did the same. Saves so much costs. Shivsena does not have to buy all the media houses since Samna has decent reader base. Similar things could have been with TB or Lokmat. Nothing so much turned out of the entire episode, but it surely grabbed a lot of eyeballs for Shweta Shalini, the master strategist of BJP. 

2. Raju Shetti of Swabhiman Shetkari Sanghtna dumps BJP
Raju Shetti of SSS has sided the Sena and dumped the BJP, read headlines of Mumbai Mirror and Lokmat. But why? Was it purely out of "louuu" for Shivsena or the every growing differences with Shetti's best friend who is also a Minister in Devendra Fadnavis government, Sadabhau Khot? 

3. Nitin Gadkari rally in Vile Parle
What a speech by Nitin Gadkari. It was his first address for the ongoing BMC elections campaign. Credit goes to MLA Parag Alawani & team for arranging the rally just 2 days prior to approval of NG. Two sentences took the cake for me which NG spoke: 1. Every Shivsainik Corporator should swear by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and say that no corruption has ever happened at the BMC and 2. Put mine or Devendra Fadnavis's photo on any poster for any candidate in NAGPUR, 100% the candidate, be it anyone, will win any election. Never ever in the whole speech did NG use any below the belt language and continued to address Uddhav Thackrey as UDDHAV "JI". NG also said it was very "disturbing" for him to hear Uddhav "ji" speak that since last 25 years Sena was the sufferer of this alliance. Spoke about development and the grand plans he has in place for Mumbai & Maharashtra. NG was present for campaigning of 4 candidates but to everyone's surprise the 4th candidate (some YADAV) did not turn up for his life's biggest event. 

4. Rahul Shewale dares Kirit Somaiyya
" If you have the guts try and get details of Uddhav Thackrey's properties" grunted Rahul Shewale yesterday. Mr. Shewale, when do people get agitated? When a wrong nerve is pressed at the wrong time and the wrong place. Has Mr. Somaiyya pressed any wrong nerve of Uddhav Thackrey? Your agitation and frustration is just confirming our doubts of Uddhav Thackrey's property details. OK. By the way, Mr. Shewale have you been to Thackrey's home at Central London. They say, it's worth every pound spent! Do let us know, when UT sends you to spend some quality time there!!! 

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