Tuesday, 28 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. 10 classmates sexually abused boy in Andheri, arrested 
Where are we heading? In the name of openness, freedom & technology if our kids are getting raped in this so called society, we are definitely not living in a safe environment. Those who raped the boy are 15 year old themselves---absolutely disgusting, isn't it? Living in shanties/slums, with all the "tapori" attitude on their sleeve, no education, working as pick-pocketer's for their ganja, stunts on the bikes and in local trains, drug peddling, and yes, Dawood bhai as their idol--is what makes their life--- what should we expect from these boys from the slum? Let me tell you, it is not necessary they have to be of a particular caste, before we jump to conclusions. SCRAP of all castes and creed live in the slums.  As far as sodomization goes, the mobile phone technology, something different to experiment at this age (most of us do), or their own horror stories whilst growing up, are the reason behind such heinous act, I could gather.. Just imagine that poor 10 year old child's psychology who was sodomised? It will be itched in his mind forever now. He will either be a psychic patient or turn out to be another man with vegencance and full of anger from this age, or at the same time he can also turn out to be a recluse. Those boys who can rape at this age, just think what they are going to grow up to be--definitely  a menace to our society. Strictest punishment should be imposed on these boys rather than making them appear before the juvenile court. At 15, if they can rape or sodomize (Nirbhaya) and if we can't punish them, it is our country's loss. Bloody, chemically castrate these bastards!

2. Rs. 353 crore road scam & nullah-safai (Desilting) scam in the BMC 
Yesterday in a historic order by the Court,  henceforth the investigation in Road & the Desilting scam will be monitored by the Court so that the investigation will be expedited. Finally justice to Mumbai people shall prevail soon now, claims  the Vivekanand Gupta, Secretary BJP Mumbai, who has filed a PIL against this multi-crore scam at the BMC. Gupta says, all those who have siphoned of public money, who gave us bad roads, and all those who formed unholy nexus of Civiv Engineers, Contractors and third Party Auditors, will all be tried and punished by the Law.

3. Fadnavis meets Modi
What did I write a week back after the results of the BMC elections were declared? The final say of what will happen in the Mumbai BMC post elections will be decided than none other than PM Narendra Modi. Yesterday Mr. Fadnavis was in Delhi and for 90 minutes the meeting lasted on various topics. In relation to the BMC, PM Modi has asked the State BJP to AGAIN extend an olive branch to the Shiv-Sena and come to a compromising solution. He has asked the State BJP to wait for Sena's reaction on this and accordingly action will be initiated if there are no positive signs from the Sena for the future course.  I'm predicting Sena will go with the BJP . 

Monday, 27 February 2017

शिवसेना वाढली का संपली ? पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

दोन प्रकारच्या काचा असतात, पारदर्शी दिसणाऱ्या पण नसणाऱ्या आणि खरोखरी पारदर्शी असणाऱ्या. फडणवीस यांच्याकडून आता आम्हाला पारदर्शी असणाऱ्या काचेसारखे राज्य हवे आहे केवळ पारदर्शी दिसणे किंवा पारदर्शी आहोत हे ठासून सांगणे महत्वाचे नाही त्यासाठी हि युती टिकली तर नजीकच्या काळात फडणवीस यांना मोठ्या प्रमाणावर मंत्रिमंडळात फेरबदल करणे आवश्यक ठरणार आहे, फडणवीस किंवा मुनगंटीवार, रावते, बावनकुळे इत्यादी मोजून चार दोन मंत्री सोडले तर प्रशासनावर वचक असलेले मंत्री या युती सरकारात अजिबात नाहीत, आहेत ते सारे चंद्रकांत पाटील, म्हणजे मोस्ट फेल्युअर मंत्री किंवा मोस्ट खादाड मंत्री म्हणजे वेश्या पोटच्या मुलीस कशी सांगू शकेल कि धंदा घेऊ नको, एकालाच पकडून लग्न करून मोकळी हो, हे असे अनेक मंत्र्यांचे थोडक्यात स्वतः धंदा घेणारे किंवा मंत्रिपद म्हणजे कमाईचे साधन म्हणून बघणारे कसे प्रश्नावर पकड ठेवू शकतील, एकदा का शासनात काम करणाऱ्या अधिकाऱ्यांना, कर्मचाऱ्यांना, कंत्राटदारांना, दलालांना, मंत्री स्टाफला किंवा प्रशासकीय अधिकाऱ्यांना कळले कि मंत्री खाणारा आहे, एकदम चिप आहे कि खेळ खल्लास होतो, फडणवीस मंत्री मंडळात असे अनेकांचे आहे, खात्यावर त्या चंद्रकांत पाटलांसारखी कमांड नाही त्यामुळे फेरबदल अत्यावश्यक आहे. मी हवेत बार सोडणार पत्रकार नाही जेव्हा येथे म्हणालोय, चंद्रकांत मंत्री म्हणून एकदम बोगस आणि फेल्युअर, ते नक्कीच नजीकच्या काळात सिद्ध करून सोडेन अगदी पुराव्यांसहित, ह्या माणसाने त्याच्याकडे असलेल्या खात्याची वाट लावलेली आहे म्हणून पोटतिडकीने येथे सांगत सुटलोय, लवकरच सिद्ध करेन. विशेष म्हणजे अमित शाह यांच्या या लाडकोबाचे जेव्हा अधून मधून मुख्यमंत्री पदाच्या शर्यतीत नाव पुढे येते, जे नेते चंद्रकांत पाटलांचे नाव पुढे करतात त्यांना शंभर माराव्या आणि एक मोजावी हे राजकीय अभ्यासकांना हमखास वाटते....

काही मित्र चालू आणि चतुर असतात, ते स्वतःची बायको पद्धतशीर सांभाळतात, घरात झाकून ठेवतात, तिच्या चेहऱ्यावर कायम बुरखा पांघरून तिला पडद्याआड ठेवतात आणि मित्रांच्या बायकांना पटवून मोकळे होतात, आपली घरातल्या आतल्या खोलीत झाकून ठेवायची, बाहेर मजा मारायची, अशा या चालू मित्रांना दुसऱ्याची देखणी प्रेयसी, बायको नेमकी कशी पटवायची माहित असते, वास्तविक हि अशा चालू मित्रांची मानसिक विकृती पण असे विकृत दुर्दैवाने आपल्याकडे पावला पावलावर आहेत, अशा या चालू मित्रांची मी येथे या राज्याच्या जलसंधारण मंत्री गिरीश महाजन यांच्याशी तुलना करणार आहेत, दुसऱ्याची बायको, प्रेयसी किंवा मैत्रीण पटवून महाजन मोकळे होतात किंवा नाही मला अलीकडे त्यांच्याबाबतीत फारसे ठाऊक नाही पण येथे महाजन यांना दुसऱ्याची बायको किंवा प्रेयसी पटवणाऱ्या चालू मित्राची यासाठी उपमा देणार आहे कि त्यांनी मंत्री म्हणून जे केले ते याच पद्धतीने केले म्हणजे चांगले काम केले पण जे काम आरोग्य मंत्री म्हणून डॉ. दीपक सावंत यांनी करायला हवे होते ते काम गिरीश महाजन करून मोकळे झाले. आरोग्य खात्याची यंत्रणा नियोजनबद्ध राबवून डॉ. तात्याराव लहाने यांच्यासारख्या समाजसेवेची आवड असणाऱ्या डॉक्टरांना हाताशी धरून गिरीश महाजन यांनी विशेषतः त्यांच्या विधानसभा मतदार संघात, जळगाव जिल्ह्यात किंवा विविध ठिकाणी जे महाकाय आणि अत्यंत यशस्वी असे आरोग्य शिबिरे घेऊन ज्यापद्धतीने लोकांच्या हृदयात स्थान निर्माण केले, राजकारणांसारख्या गलिच्छ आणि पापी क्षेत्रात राहूनही हे जे अतिशय सेवाभावी कार्य शिबिराचा मोफत आनंद देणारे काम त्यांच्या हातून घडले, जा गिरीशभाऊ, तुम्हाला आमच्याकडून सारी लफडी माफ....

आता तुमच्या लक्षात आले असेल कि मी दीपक सावंत यांना आपली सुरेख मैत्रीण गिरीश महाजन यांच्या आपणहून गळ्यात बांधून देणारा मंत्री म्हणून का चिडविले आहे. गिरीश महाजन महाकाय अवाढव्य आरोग्य शिबिरे जळगावात घेत असतील तर मी अशी शिबिरे राज्याच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात घेऊन शिवसेना घरोघरी राहणाऱ्या हृदयात पोहचवून मोकळा होईल हे दीपक सावंत यांनी एखाद्या हिरो सारखी शपथ घेऊन करून दाखवायला हवे होते, अजूनही वेळ गेलेली नाही, हि युती नजीकच्या भविष्यात टिकली तर दिपकजी कामाला लागा आणि आपल्या खात्याचा सकारात्मक उपयोग करवून घ्या, शिवसेनेचे राज्यातले लोकांच्या हृदयातून मनातून ढासळेलेले स्थान पुन्हा मिळविण्यात तुम्ही आणि तुमचे खाते मोलाची कामगिरीतुन पार पाडू शकते. खाते तुमचे पण मोठ्या युक्तीने खुबीने राबविले त्या गिरीश महाजन यांनी, निदान यापुढे तरी असे घडता काम नये, आता तरी कामाला लागा, एक समाजसेवी आणि लोकांच्या गळ्यातला ताईत असलेला मंत्री म्हणून त्या दिवाकर रावते यांच्यापुढे जाऊन दाखवा, सेनेत असूनही ' कदम कदम ' पर पैशांसाठी वखवख करणारे, केवळ त्यासाठी मंत्रिपद हा विचार डोक्यात ठेवून वागणारे तुम्ही फार खादाड मंत्री आहेत, अशी नावे ठेवण्याच्या नालायकीचे तुम्ही नाहीत असे अद्याप माझे मत आहे, सध्या तुम्हाला मागच्या दाराने विधानभवनात यावे लागते, उद्या हे कार्य यशस्वी करून दाखविलेत तर या राज्यातल्या कुठल्याही मतदारसंघातून तुम्ही थेट लोकांचे आमदार म्हणून निवडून याल म्हणून उठा आणि युती टिकली तर कामाला लागा....

Sunday, 26 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. First things first...On the occasion of Marathi Divas today, here is wishing all the NON-MARATHI speaking people (people trying at homes with their maids, or a North Indian IAS Bureaucrat in Mantralaya, or a politician like Krupashankar Singh) who genuinely speak good Marathi. And for the one's who speak Marathi at home, does your child speaks, reads and writes Marathi today with the same ease as you did? Time for retrospection...His inclination is more towards English, Spanish & French today. No Marathi kid wants to stay in India and speak in Marathi. Vadapav and Missal have become weekend food and everyday the diet is replaced by Pizza, Pasta & Burgers. Try & imbibe that "Marathi" culture in your children as still our political parties like Shivsena & MNS are betting themselves on "Marathi" votes in a cosmopolitan like Mumbai . If our children are not Marathi's, who will vote for these parties next time? As "marathi" is the only card left with SS & MNS. 

2. Non-Marathis in BMC will ruin Mumbai: Sena 
My God! I read the front page of The Times of India today and was zapped with this comment coming from MP Sanjay Raut. Now, this is what I refer as to what is termed a U-Turn. At first in the press conference held right after the BMC results, party chief Uddhav Thackrey mentioned that he was so happy to win his first seat in Behrampada...In a Muslim ward, a Muslim candidate on Sena's ticket won. So in a way, are you back-stabbing your own party elected corporator's now with this statement of yours? Thank God , none of the Gujrati's chosen and welcomed by your party won--but it was you, your party chief and your newspaper "Samna" that was going ga-ga over newly acquired Gujrati & Marwari friends. Youth scion Aaditya Thackrey was lunching with all Gujju's and Marwari's at Hotels and building his base. Isn't this statement an insult to these businessmen Mr. Sanjay Raut? Basically you wanted to USE all these Non-Maharashtrians like Condom's--hope they understand this...You want to get books published by them, use them for prachaar/rallies, use their monies in building your castles, and now if they haven't won, they will be kicked outside the party on their back side. Wah re Shiv Sena!!! Yes, when you say that Non-Marathi's in the BMC will ruin Mumbai, you are 100% correct--but after using them for everything, you cannot claim this. 

3. Sharad Pawar indicates support to Sena in BMC 
I think this dialogue from Rowdy Rathore was only written for Sharad Pawar but was put in Akshay Kumar's mouth---जो मैं बोलता हूँ, वो मैं नहीं करता हूँ, और जो मैं नहीं  बोलता हूँ, वह मैं  डेफिनेटली करता हूँ--That's it!! It is so apt to describe Pawar. 

4. Public Eye of ToI, Raag-Darbari of Mid-day & editorial by Vijay Darda & Yadu Joshi in Lokmat 
Just made my mind clear. Public Eye written by 'retired' journalist Prafulla Marpakwar appearing every Monday in The Times of India is not a translated piece from various Marathi papers. It is the synopsis of entire happenings of the week but for the ENGLISH readers who are interested in State Political news. By the way read Mid-Day's Raag Darbaari today. How a Nagpurkar turned around things in Mumbai is well explained By Dharmendra Jore. Marathi daily Lokmat's boss Vijay Darda is leaving no stone unturned to impress BJP every day...Just to remind you people, he is with Congress party since years. Vijay babu, please don't fool people so much...we know how emotional your relations with Devendra Fadnavis are Gadkari are! They will do anything to save you from going to Jail (Coal scam) But these type of articles from you and your reporters only clear by doubt.--सब कुछ बिकता है...and one more dialogue-"-जब आपकी लगे फटने, खैरात लगे बटने"  Yadu Joshi is also not far behind-- once again it is proved how close he is to CM Fadnavis. In his column in Lokmat today he has straight away gone ahead and "dictated" some terms to CM Fadnavis as to what he should be doing now in Mumbai after the BMC success...Wah!! Journalism & dictating terms... And he is no bureau-chief or an editor to do so..he is a common reporter (special correspondent) in Lokmat. This is what irritates me. A common reporter cannot dictate terms to the CM. I feel the only thing left now for our journalists of every newspaper, except Samna, is to bend their knees and formally hand over themselves to the CM. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD post BMC result analysis

OFF THE RECORD post BMC result analysis 

 I'm confused as to how many seats Shivsena has won...BMC on the 23rd, had officially declared Sena with 84 seats right? But with independents & rebels making a comeback, there has been an increase in Sena's seats. The Times of India front page says Shivsena has 87 seats and Mid-Day says SS has 86 seats. Mumbai Mirror says 4 independents have pledged their loyalty back to Sena (2 were rebels) making the tally to 88. I'm assuming it to be 88 now and BJP at 81. Now let's see at various permutations & combinations that will be cleared on the 9th March on the day when one or the other party will commence it's rule for the next 5 years at the richest Corporation of Asia.

Combination 1:
Shivsena & Congress
With the tally of 88 seats for Shivsena and Congress being seated on 31, it will be a simple case of majority and Shivsena will have it's ego polished of having the Mayor post. But, now we have to understand why will Congress associate itself with the SS? Current State President Ashok Chavan  yesterday had issued a statement, that first Shivsena will have to break it's alliance with the BJP in state government and then only it will think about the BMC alliance. Those who have thought of Congress being the King-Maker, think twice. Yes, Congress has the seats. But why you forget that it will take BJP government both in State & Centre to send Congress's State President to jail in next 2 months over Adarsh issue. Many Congress leaders are in the corruption net. Ashok Chavan has always had that Adarsh sword hanging on his head. Will he dare to go against the BJP and invite trouble for everyone, is my main question? But Congress can do one thing--It can remain absent on the 9th easing the way for Shivsena.

Combination 2:
Shivsena & NCP 
NCP has secured 9 seats in the BMC elections. It can easily lend its support to the Shivsena in case Congress decides to be ABSENT. Comfortably Shivsena secures the power. NCP supremo had tried his tricks during one of the rallies of NCP, pre-elections. He had dared Shivsena to tender resignations of it's Ministers and break the alliance. But thank God Uddhav Thackrey did not fall for Pawar's trick! See Pawar is in fag end of his political career. Looking at this, he would want to end his career on a high note rather than getting his image mudded which he has built in last 50 years. He has till now successfully saved Ajit Pawar & Sunil Tatkare over irrigation scams only due to his 'goodwill' & relations with PM Modi. He wouldn't want to end his career fighting against Giant Modi & Fadnavis. Why I call them Giant? Because they are in POWER and nothing else...One wrong move of the Pawar's and it's game over for NCP. So technically NCP should also weigh it's pro's & con's to support the Sena.

Combination 3:
Sena & MNS.
MNS with 7 seats SHOULD NOT join hands with the Shivsena looking at the insult Raj Thackrey faced when he called Sanjay Raut & sent Bala Nandgaonkar for joining hands with the Sena pre-elections. Time for payback Raj saheb! He was left red faced and suffered the humiliation of loosing Nashik too. SO even if Shivsena now extend an invitation to the MNS, with whatever self-respect MNS has, it should not accept it. Only think Raj Thackrey now has, is his accumulated wealth & few followers. He wouldn't dare to this.  But God forbid, If this combination (SS & MNS) ever happens, again with mutual understanding Congress & NCP will remain silent. 

So technically all these possibilities of joining hands with the Shivsena, each party should weigh it's pro's & con's. PM Modi will be involved and watching everything very closely. CM Fadnavis is known to take harsh decisions. Why do we forget that the Centre & the State is still in the control of the BJP. Central investigating agencies are in their control. Congress, NCP & MNS are parties having dirty past. So my advice, would be to look at the future, think of the consequences, think of Chagan Bhujbal, and then only decide to extend an olive branch to the Sena. 

Also all the above 3 parties (Cong NCP & MNS) do have a special thinking tank. Not like the Shivsena where only 1 person speaks and rest follow. So advisors be brave and start contributing. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD Municipal Corporations & ZP results...

OFF THE RECORD Municipal Corporations & ZP results--

  • Had BJP even got 50 seats, for me, they were the winners even then! As coming to Mumbai, hat is the bastion of Sena, and EATING their votes is no joke!! When I entered the BJP office at Dadar yesterday, there was grim all over. There were very few karyakartas around and city chief Ashish Shelar was sitting in his cabin alone & refused to meet anyone including Yuva chief Mohit Kambhoj and his Man Friday, Prashant Dingankar. But once the gap inched closer slowly the atmosphere started building up and finally Shelar acme out & was seen at his jovial best. Had the differences between Ashish Shelar & CM Devendra Fadnavis of 13 seats resolved, boss, history was in making...But no use now...Politics is not based on If's & But's...
  • Every relative whom BJP gave tickets won-- except Ashish Shelar's & Pravin Darekar's own brothers. Yes! 'Amul Baby' Minister Vidya Thakur's son-Deepak also won and so did "Rapist" Bhargav Patel's son--Harsh...now tell me isn't anything possible today in Devendra Fadnavis's wave? 
  • Well, Well, Well!!! Gujrati "imports" of Shivsena --Mangal Bhanushali (ward 131) and Mukesh Karia (ward 108), both with BJP earlier, lost miserably yesterday. Why do people fall for small favours, I fail to understand. All their exercise of buying Mumbai Mirror reporter & spending endless cash on buying votes--was futile, I feel! Hahaha..Now ask any Gujrati & Marwari to join Sena, assuring you they will think 10 times and yet say a NO...Now at least will Uddhav Thackrey kick out these newly imports and make peace with the "upset" one's? Aditya Thackrey--one advice--enough of lunches with these communities youngsters  at 5 star hotels. Now time for some repair & reaching to every Shakha who are your's.
  • Major U-Turn I feel is that of The Times of India & Mumbai Mirror. Just see their political stand for the last 2 months and read these papers today--I'm surprised how these couple of BMC journalists quickly adapt to the change. Only thick skinned can do this...As they say ---it takes time, but surely the tables turn my friends...
  • For me, everyone is the winner in BJP but the person who stole the thunder and next in queue for Mumbai city chief for the BJP is hands down--MLA Amit Satam...All his projected candidates won..A man to watch out for in the near future. Similar with another veterans--MLA Atul Bhatkalkar & MP Kirit Somaiyya--cent percent results...
  •  Special thank you to Congress's own enemy in Mumbai--Sanjay Nirupam. It took 3 election defeats to you to realise that you should not be a leader! Thank you for resigning!!
  • Atul Shah --destiny's man--finally luck smiles at you! Welcome to the bigger ring...
  • Sena's reasons for bad performance in Mumbai--bogus advisors and depending fully on newly acquired friends, corruption to no end that had everyone cursing the Sena, still believing in people like Subhash Desai just for being loyal (remember it is not compulsory that loyal people will bring in results), underestimating Devendra Fadnavis's character,  depending completely on English media --it is not the only media to trust and befriend, arrogance, Uddhav's wife Rashmi's continuous interference in party working and finally overconfidence--these were some of the reasons I think that has surely lowered Sena's popularity...
  • "It will be Shivsena's mayor & CM next time"--Uddhav Thackrey--hahaha..now at least have Gajar ka Halwa Uddhavji--We want you, but a touch mellow. Please understand with all the modernity around, we understand everything. Your means of making money, your rich friends and so on...We will give back Mumbai to you, but it will be --at a promise! I'm sure today Balasaheb Thackrey would be furious with you in his grave, for the reasons best known to you for the 'loss' in Mumbai. 
Now over to Maharashtra--

  • "Even movies starring Amitabh Bachchan flop"--Supriya Sule---haha--Madam it was OK if your party had anyone that was of the calibre of Mr. Bachchan. We would have accepted it. But your party has all Prem Chopra's and villains who starred in forgetful horror movies like Pyasi Jawani & Purana Mandir..But loosing Pune & Pimpri-Chinchwad is something you people need to surely ponder upon. What next CM Fadnavis--taking over Baramati or jailing Ajit Pawar? 
  • Shocker for me was Nashik--I was of the opinion that Raj Thackrey would be able to hold the bastion there due to the numerous things he had done that was showed to us on his computer in each of his rallies. But I guess, like his cousin Uddhav, he too was not given the opportunity due to false and fake promises and no results. Guess Ratan Tata might not pat Raj's back the next time around.
  • Underestimated Nitesh Rane showed us (in fact Aditya Thackrey should take lessons from him now) how only work and relations with the last person in the constituency results in victories. Rane was able to hold fort in Sindhudurg
  • Over-confident, stomach full Amit Deshmukh was dethroned from his hometown Latur's ZP. Time for retrospection for the Deshmukh's. Baap ke naan ka sahara kamjor aadmi leta hai--Guess you never got out of that tag-- Amit Deshmukh.
  • Reticent, arrogant and overconfident Praniti Shinde was also embarrassed with results in Solapur. Sushil Kumar Shinde time for you to teach some lessons to your daughter. Credit entirely goes to both Minister's in Devendra's team- Vijay Deshmukh & Subhash Deshmukh...
  • Nagpur--I remember Nitin Gadkari's statement in one of the rally at Mumbai 10 days ago. He had said, put mine or Devendra Fadnavis's photo on the pamphlet and I assure you, that candidate will win any elections in Nagpur. That's proved yet again, Nitin ji. One of the karyakarta's of the party who has been with the BJP for a decade now wanted ticket to contest this election. But at the last minute when the reservation of the ward changed to that of a women, the karyakarta was lucky enough to secure a ticket for his wife-- who is a school teacher---now  all she did was  to visit door to door having these two giants photos on the pamphlets and guess what friends--she won...But, now Please someone tell me who is responsible for defeat of the biggest candidate of Congress in Nagpur--Vikas Thackre? 
  • Boss they say rule as if there is no tomorrow--Kudos to MLA Uday Samant. Must tell you, Uday Samant is like Suresh dada Jain of Jalgaon. Any party, any election--Samant is the winner always in Ratnagiri...Kudos again!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Strenuous exercise killing sex drive in men?
Oh yes!! Finally the truth comes out. So all you macho men out there with 6 pack-abs you guys have to prove this Times of India's report wrong. As per the report the testosterone in the body which controls your libido falls down drastically due to the injections (steroid), supplements, and fat burners , which the personal trainers are more keen for you to take. In such case, you may build your body but you may leave your partner unsatisfied. So is that the reason Salman Khan is not marrying? hahaha..

2. The curious case of MLC from Nagpur, Parinay Fuke 
Apparently not many newspapers here in Mumbai covered the hooliganism showed by newly elected MLC Parinay Fuke, right hand man of CM Devendra Fadnavis. Apparently, one of the karyakartas of the BJP Ghanshyam Choudhari was beaten badly by Fuke & his close aides leaving Choudhari fighting for his life in the hospital. The prime reason behind this has been constituted to distribution of some pamphlets used for campaigning which were against Fuke's wife. This angered the MLC and triggered the fight as per reports received from news portal Nagpur Today.  

3. J. S Saharia, State Elections Commissioner, interview in Mumbai Mirror.
When I was in class 4, I had learnt a new concept in English subject, answer your question in one word/sentence. State Election Commissioner J.S. Saharia seems to carry the concept to the interview he gave to Mumbai Mirror. I found the answers of Saharia rude, running away from facts and responsibilities. How can he not be accountable for the mess up of 10 lakh voters of Mumbai? All he has to say was, I haven't prepared the list, blaming the predecessors.   

4. Shoba De tweet dram
Shoba De tweeted a photograph of a fat policeman sitting on chair. She was receiving end from a lot of people including many top bosses of Mumbai Police. But was she wrong? Cross your heart and tell me if 99% of the policemen do their job ethically? Today, everyone in Mumbai knows someone or the other if there is a need to go to the police station. They approach their known person and later with the recommendation approach the PS. I'm sorry to say this, but I'm sure, even after having tremendous influence that person will be treated badly. I also understand the frustration of these cops. Postings, corruptions, erratic working hours, health issues, influencing politicians in every case,  are major constraints these guys face everyday. But.....

Monday, 20 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Uddhav Thackrey's properties row & connection with money Laundering...
MP Kirit Somaiyya was badly bashed (not literally) if sources are to be believed, when he wanted to know ALL about Uddhav Thackrey's properties and his connection with companies who are into money laundering. Somayya wanted Uddhav Thackrey to declare all his assets and make them public and come clean with his relation with such tainted companies. When this declaration was made by the MP and when it reached the top bosses of BJP, it is said Nitin Gadkari & CM Fadnavis (yesterday Lokmat's news) actually reprimanded Kirit for hitting Uddhav Thackrey below the belt and reminded him about their 25 years old alliance. I, being a normal citizen of this city, actually wanted to know Uddhav Thackrey's worth. But it's not about me, you know. Tomorrow I would want Katrina Kaif to get married to me...If wishes were horses my friends, I would have been Katrina's husband today... But it came as a major shock to me when yesterday in one of the interviews to a Marathi News Channel, Fadnavis mentioned about if Kirit submits relevant documents to the right agencies establishing Uddhav's role, he wouldn't mind setting up an inquiry commission. Talk about U-Turn of Mr. Fadnavis. Either Lokmat reported false story yesterday or Kirit was never reprimanded. 

2. Sena cadre worry party may split if Uddhav ditches govt-Times of India
See how this Times of India do "badmaashi". Till day before had anyone from the Shivsena or the BJP spoken about continuing the alliance in the government, he would have been actually termed as "Aurangzeb's  child". Now that everything is in place, the opposition in the contest are fixed, mud-slinging has happened than why does Times of India carry such news? Nothing readers this is not carried out of purpose. It is planted by the BJP, am so sure. BJP is hinting and in no mood, of breaking the alliance. 

3. If you bring in the voters , you have a job, if not, you're fired -Mumbai Mirror 
Apparently the BJP has hinted to it's Minister's (Tawde, Prakash Mehta & Vidya Thakur) that if they fail to win their candidates in their own constituency, they will face the ire of the leadership and will make way for new candidates who are wanting a birth in State Cabinet since the last rejig. Atul Bhatkalkar, Ashish Shelar and Raj Purohit will replace them. And apparently a "source" in the BJP confirmed this development only to the reporters of Mumbai Mirror. What were the "Laskhar -e -Devendra" (group of 4 to 5 Journalists who are extremely close to CM) doing? I never read such developments in their papers... Or has CM Fadnavis changed his loyalties to other journo's? Hmmm... but what if even these new aspirants ALSO fail to defend their own constituency?    

4. Uddhav Thackrey tours "Shakha's" from Borivali to Kandivali 
Yesterday, Uddhav Thackrey personally visited 7 "Shakha's" of Sena between Kandivali to Borivali . Inside reports suggested that Uddhav Thackrey himself is on the edge with BJP in action with such great determination to uproot the Sena from the BMC. You will remember how at an awards function in the year 2000, the face of Shahrukh Khan, when the newest kid on the block Hrithik Roshan had performed on the stage to his songs after his debut movie Kaho na Payaar hai, was a blockbuster. The speech Hrithik made after the attack on Rakesh Roshan had sent SRK shivers down his spine. Shahrukh couldn't stop smoking and the next day he changed his entire team to compete with Hrithik at that time. Later they shook hands and till today they sniff cocaine together, such is their friendship. Similarly here also, come what many tomorrow Sena and BJP will shake hands eventually. So Uddhav ji, just relax and let the voters do their job. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tomorrow is not a holiday, it's the VOTING day!

So, tomorrow is the voting day for our beloved 'Mumbai mere jaan'. Will I vote? Oh, surely! Which party? Well the answer might surprise you. Will explain my answer to you with a concept. Suppose ,you weight 100 kgs and with all the modern techniques available you suddenly become 70 kgs in say, 2 months. What do you do at first? You change your wardrobe right? You give way to New Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, your expensive suits (dont tell me you have still kept your marriage wala 'coat') and you replace even the last bought expensive inner wears which admerasured XXXL. But back of your mind, you have one fear. What if I fail to maintain this weight? I have spent huge amount of monies to buy my clothes then, which are of no use to me now... You do one thing, you remove one suitcase and dump all your old clothes and still retain them. Now this psychology... call it a basic human tendency..has happened to me since years. I still have a shirt which I had worn for my first date with wife in 2005. 

Voting is going to be somewhat similar as to you getting fat. Our city's Municipal Corporation undoubtedly was ruled by the Shivsena. Now that you have become more active in understanding politics of our country, state and now local, I would want you to experiment. The same thing I did when I went out shopping when I had lost oodles of weight. When I lost weight, my polo T-shirts made way to V-collared slim fit T-shirts. Because of the flat stomach, I had the confidence to roam in V-necked T-shirts, which I did not dare when I was fat and round. Today in stead of the V-necked T-shirts you have RTI, newspapers and various means to ask the authorities to be accountable to you. These are the tools which existed earlier but no one dared to use them. The understanding & the inclination towards country and your city was far less than it is today, thanks to these tools.

You can vote for the party that has been literally begging at your doorstep for votes to see if they actually can make a change. It is the not the end of the world, if you don't vote for the Sena. These elections will happen again after 5 years. You haven't thrown your old clothes right? They are there nah in your suitcase, packed!  SO friends why not experiment? Let's give some else a chance to perform. You never know, what's in store for the city. If the MNS or the BJP or Congress even do 50% of what they have promised, Mumbai will become a better place to live, believe me! 

I can vote for MNS for a change, as say anyone, I have seen Nashik change tremendously in last 5 years. The roads, the sewage and all the other Municipal facilities required for a city to run, is undoubtedly changed drastically and for the good.  I might vote for BJP also. Say anyone, I have seen very closely these people run our Government for past 2.5 years now. Not a single Minister or Bureaucrat has dared to "eat" money the way everyone did pre 2014. Credit has to be given to our CM Fadnavis & even Uddhav Thackrey who maintained the decorum of running our government smoothly. Apart from few ministers, nothing major like that of irrigation scam or like that of Adarsh has surfaced till now. Bits & peaces, that's OK now for us to digest. How will we, the Media, survive otherwise?

So vote for a change, for a change! I would have voted for the Sena but again apart from Hinduism and the "never-to-be forgotten-help" these Sena people have done to Mumbai during 92-93, I don't think any other agenda of their, appeals me. No doubt, the Sena controlled BMC has given us the infrastructure we live today. It is not bad. But as I said, why not to experiment? 

But to experiment, you need to get out of your homes. A lovely piece Dharmendra Jore has written in Mid-day in his column-Raag Darbari on this issue. Must say, in the past week have read all the interviews of CM Fadnavis, Uddhav Thackrey & Raj Thackrey appearing in all print mediums. CM Fadnavis was best covered by Dharmendra Jore of Mid-day in his chopper, Uddhav Thackrey by Meenal Baghel & Chaitanya Marpakwar of Mumbai Mirror and Raj Thackrey's interview that by Naresh Kamath of HT. Rest of the papers just wrote what was spoken. These people made it sound like an interview. Oh, not to forget the interview of Aditya Thackrey by Sanjeev Shivadekar again by the Mid-day was worth the read.  

Thursday, 16 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. No provision in law to ban Samna 
Today everyone should read Loksatta's editorial. What an apt reply by the editor on 'Samna' banning issue. Hats off! Shweta Shalini, spokesperson for the BJP, had demanded the Election Commission to ban Samna due to violations of code of conduct. But the Commission rejected the same. Why was it unethical to ban Samna, is what confuses me. They spit fire whilst addressing anything that has the word BJP. They use below the belt language. They are openly promoting their false promises in printed version which they have never completed in the last 20 years, via Samna. In fact if I was in BJP, I would have increased the copies to some lakhs of 'Tarun Bharat' (BJP's sider, Oh! how could I forget Lokmat) and did the same. Saves so much costs. Shivsena does not have to buy all the media houses since Samna has decent reader base. Similar things could have been with TB or Lokmat. Nothing so much turned out of the entire episode, but it surely grabbed a lot of eyeballs for Shweta Shalini, the master strategist of BJP. 

2. Raju Shetti of Swabhiman Shetkari Sanghtna dumps BJP
Raju Shetti of SSS has sided the Sena and dumped the BJP, read headlines of Mumbai Mirror and Lokmat. But why? Was it purely out of "louuu" for Shivsena or the every growing differences with Shetti's best friend who is also a Minister in Devendra Fadnavis government, Sadabhau Khot? 

3. Nitin Gadkari rally in Vile Parle
What a speech by Nitin Gadkari. It was his first address for the ongoing BMC elections campaign. Credit goes to MLA Parag Alawani & team for arranging the rally just 2 days prior to approval of NG. Two sentences took the cake for me which NG spoke: 1. Every Shivsainik Corporator should swear by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and say that no corruption has ever happened at the BMC and 2. Put mine or Devendra Fadnavis's photo on any poster for any candidate in NAGPUR, 100% the candidate, be it anyone, will win any election. Never ever in the whole speech did NG use any below the belt language and continued to address Uddhav Thackrey as UDDHAV "JI". NG also said it was very "disturbing" for him to hear Uddhav "ji" speak that since last 25 years Sena was the sufferer of this alliance. Spoke about development and the grand plans he has in place for Mumbai & Maharashtra. NG was present for campaigning of 4 candidates but to everyone's surprise the 4th candidate (some YADAV) did not turn up for his life's biggest event. 

4. Rahul Shewale dares Kirit Somaiyya
" If you have the guts try and get details of Uddhav Thackrey's properties" grunted Rahul Shewale yesterday. Mr. Shewale, when do people get agitated? When a wrong nerve is pressed at the wrong time and the wrong place. Has Mr. Somaiyya pressed any wrong nerve of Uddhav Thackrey? Your agitation and frustration is just confirming our doubts of Uddhav Thackrey's property details. OK. By the way, Mr. Shewale have you been to Thackrey's home at Central London. They say, it's worth every pound spent! Do let us know, when UT sends you to spend some quality time there!!! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines....

1. Hoardings all across Western Suburbs 
I stay near Santacruz garden and travel to town everyday. Since last 15 days or so, starting from Sea-link to Juhu where very few Maharashtrians's stay, the hoardings in these areas are dominated with Marathi language. Now this WESTERN side of Mumbai having plush residences of actors & other big-wigs who are not marathi language speakers. Their maid's or staff's are also talking in Hindi or Hinglish (Hindi+English). Marathi Manoos has been thrown away to Diva & Dombivali, let alone be Dadar & Parel, once a bastion of Marathi manoos. So my dear Political parties, none of the sophisticated, rich, semi-rich, who are Gujju's Sindhi's, Marwari's, Punjabi's Muslims don't understand your Marathi language hoardings. Whilst taking a walk on Juhu beach one morning, one of the best looking women on the beach was talking to her friend , "Hey that man on the hoarding has passed away right? How come he is on the hoarding? & What is it written? These political hoardings nah...I'll tell u...sometime back there was gym advert...I so wanted to join that...By the way, I remember this man as I had to miss my kitty which was scheduled at Tanmak Thai and the roads were leading there were blocked due to his funeral"  Even she was surprised to see late Balasaheb Thackrey's photo on a hoarding STILL promoting Sena, at Juhu in Marathi. Who are advising these parties ? 

2. Yadu Joshi's patronage with CM Fadnavis.
When CM Devendra Fadnavis completed 2 years as the CM of our state, Yadu(Kaka) Joshi had written a very emotional article on how our CM's mother use to feed Yadukaka breakfast as my grandmother, had passed away when all these Joshi siblings were very young. I could not digest this story of Yadukaka coming in Lokmat. It was purely out of the "LOUUUU" for CM, I guess. Now another bombarding story today. Just day before Shivsena cable operator mafia cum MLC Anil Parab had exposed a scam in Nagpur Municipal Corporation when our CM was Mayor there. Immediately, yesterday our 'hurt' Yadukaka went ahead and called his friend Nandlal and asked him to give a "clean-chit" over telephone only so that the story appears today. Nandlal is the same person who was the committee head, appointed by late CM Vilasrao Dehmukh to probe the matter of Nagpur Corporation. Nandlal now resides in Varanasi and has over phone, has cleared Devendra's name of the scam that took place in Nagpur. Wah! Jio Yadukaka!! We youngsters should take a cue from such friendships.

3. International Schools begin to make big shift to onscreen exams 
IB schools in Mumbai are taking education to another level. They don't want the child to use their brain for calculation of numbers or learning tables by-heart. They prefer using calculators. They don't want children to mug up their answers and vomit it in the exam papers for the sake of it. They want your child to answer questions papers which have multiple choices as answers. Now they don't want children to write lengthy answers and pass with "managing the professors". The IB board is thinking of making your child as practical as possible and making them "understand" studies and enjoying it rather than forced method. The only problem with this is the IB board is that they are charging anything between Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 14 lakhs per annum per child. Anyone interested ? 

4. Amit's popularity train steams ahead of Aaditya Thackrey 
Mid-day has published a story today on popularity of 2 cousins on Social Media. Apparently Amit Raj Thackrey has 45000 likes & some 46,000 followers on his FB page; whereas Aditya Uddhav Thackrey has 28000 likes and some 28000 followers. I decided to know the real reason behind this. Some of Shivsainiks are saying that Aaditya is more of a ground worker. So he does not have much time to log on to social media whereas supporters of the MNS are saying that in looks department Amit is far more better (like his father Raj) than Aaditya and hence enjoys more fan following amongst youngsters than Aaditya! During all those years when Shivsena was growing, Raj always had an upper hand and enjoyed more popularity than Uddhav. But now with the figures on hand Uddhav has way passed his cousin. Raj enjoyed company of Marathi and Bollywood actresses due to his firebrand image and super orator skills. Ditto seems with Amit. More of a looker but less of a performer, or let's put it this way for Amit-- these likes and followers are just because of daddy dearest. But Amit reminds me so much of actor Anil Kapoor's son Harshvarshan....What say?  

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

ऑफ द रेकॉर्ड

१. Congress Corporator killed by 8 masked assailants in Bhiwandi 
मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र  फडणवीस यांनी मुंबईचे पाटणा केले या वक्तव्यावर उद्धव ठाकरे भलतेच चिड्ले होते.  म्हणाले होते, सगळे विसरेल पण मुंबईची पाटणाशी तुलना कधीच खपवून घेणार नाही आणि ती केलेली विसरणार नाही... पण काय चाललंय तुमच्याच मुंबईच्या आजूबाजूला? कधी भिवंडी, कधी-मीरा रोड, कधी ठाणे तर कधी नवी-मुंबई? कोणीही येत आणि मारून टाकत... पाटणा मध्ये हेच तर घडत.. गुंडगिरी, मुजोरपणा, गरिबी, काहीच विकासकामे नाहीत, अतिक्रमण, आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचा मुद्दा--सावत्र वागणुकीमुळे या शहरांचा कधीच विकास झाला नाही, होणार नाही, असे माझे स्पष्ट मत आहे. मुंबई पण एकेकाळी अशीच होती ना? पण आपण शिकलो, प्रशासन आणले, शहराला वेळीस वळण आपण सगळ्यांनी लावले...यालाच शहरीकरण म्हणतात ना? तेव्हाच आज अख्ख्या जगात मुंबईचा बोलबाला आहे कि नाही.. 
मला वाटते, आपल्या मुंबई मुळेच आजूबाजूंच्या आपल्या या छोट्या शहरांची वाट लागलीय आहे.. आपण वाढलो पण या अगदीच लागून असणाऱ्या लहान भावाकडे मात्र तुम्ही आणि आम्हीपण साफ दुर्लक्ष केल.... भावंडांना छळण्यात आनंद मिळतो का तुम्हला? (हा टोमणा फक्त शहरांपुरताच)...  तुम्ही सांगा, मोजून किती वेळेला या शहरांमध्ये गेलात?...भूमिपुत्र न तुम्ही आणि तुमचे सैनिक? मग का हा फरक? आता कृपया यात भाजपला ओढू नका..ठाण्यात इतके वर्ष तुमचीच सत्ता होती ना...बघा जमले तर... 


२. Uddhav trying to usurp Mayor Bungalow -Raj Thackrey 
अगदी खरं  बोलले राज ठाकरे... सीसीटीव्ही फुटेजेस मागावा आणि या बंगल्यात ३१ डिसेंबरला, होळीला आणि दिवाळीला काय काय घडतं ते पहा... विश्वास होणार नाही बघून..  प्रिन्स आपल्या पेज थ्रीच्या मित्र मैत्रिणींना अगदी अगत्याने बोलावून नुसती इथे मजा मारताना दिसतील... काय काय चालत ते तुम्ही फुटेजेस बघितले कि कळेल...पण एक मात्र खरं... बंगल्याचा वापर योग्य आणि वैधानिक होत नाही...  

३. या आरोपांना सेना भीक घालत नाही--राहुल शेवाळे 
खासदार किरीट सोमय्या यांनी उद्धव ठाकरेंना आपली संपत्ती जाहीर करावी या विधानावर शिवसेना चांगलीच खळवळली दिसते... या आरोपांना आम्ही भीक घालत नाही असे काल पत्रकार परिषद घेऊन राहुल शेवाळेंना बोलावे लागले... भीक नाही घातली तर प्रेस कॉन्फरन्स कशाला राहुल जी? त्यात काही तथ्य आहे का? बरं तुम्ही किरीटच्या एका सी.ए ला फोडून बाजूला  बसवले आणि त्या प्रसिद्धी भुक्या माणसाने किरीट सोमय्यांवर आरोपांचा पहाडा वाचला... खरा शिवसैनिकाने हे नसते केले... तो म्हणाला असता, या भाऊ कोणत्याभी माणसाला घेऊन तपासायला--आम्ही तयार आहोत... हा मर्द शिवसैनिक आजही प्रत्येक शाखेत तसाच वागतो... बिनधास्त... तुम्ही तर उलट या प्रेसमुळे बॅकफूटवर दिसले... दाल में कुछ काला है क्या? 

४. अमितमुळे निवणुकीत लक्ष नाही--राज ठाकरे 
राज ठाकरेंच्या मुलाला, अमितला, लीलावती हॉस्पिटल मध्ये घशाची बियॉप्सी करून घ्यावी लागली असे सोशल मीडियावर वाचण्यात आले... बियॉप्सी का करतात? जर कॅन्सरचे लक्षण असले तर... राज ठाकरे स्वतः चेन स्मोकर... अगदी घरात पितात... जर घरात कोणी इतक्या बिड्या पिट असेल तर सहाजिकच आहे, त्यांचा परिणाम घरच्यांना भोगावा लागतो.. अप्रत्यक्ष धूम्रपानाचा!!  एकतर अमित स्वतः सिग्रेटी फुंकत असावा किंवा बापामुळेच पोरावर ही नामुष्की आली, असेच म्हणता येईल...पण जर माहीमच्या एका काट्यावरच्या बोलण्यावर विश्वास ठेवला तर, निवडणुकीला यश २००% मिळणार नाही हे राज ठाकरेंना अगदी माहीत आहे...लाज राखण्यासाठी हा खेळ राज यांचाच असावा असेही तेथील लोक बोलत होते... पण मला नाही पटलं--कोणीही या थराला नाही जाणार... पोटच्या पोरा बद्दल असे कोणीपण बोलणार नाही... जर हे असत्य असेल, मग हा निचतेचा अगदी कहर आहे...  जे ही असो, अमितला आमच्या शुभेच्छा आणि तो लवकर यातून बरा हो यासाठी देवचरणी प्रार्थना!  

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Congress Corporator killed by 8 masked assailants in Bhiwandi 
In between, when the rallies of Sena-BJP were taking centre stage of political news in Maharashtra, one particular comment on Mumbai becoming Patna by the Chief Minister was not at all taken in good spirit by Uddhav Thackrey. This was an insult of Mumbai, and the people staying here Thackrey had quipped. But friends and UT, in the name of sons of soil i.e. Shivsena--what is going in and around Mumbai? Anyone comes and just kills. Don't these things happen in Patna regularly? Then why was our CM wrong? UT you and your party have been in power at the Corporation in Mumbai & Thane since ages. What have you done? How many times have you visited likes of Mira road, Virar, Thane city, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi & other neighbours? Tell me why will it grow? Time & again, this is what I feel, these cities are been given step brotherly treatment by the corporation and the government. We blame encroachments, illegalities, usurping of lands in these cities. When have you given the best  administrators to these cities? Whosoever comes just rapes them and goes...How will they develop? What facilities are provided to these people? So due to this these cities are nothing but adda's for the goons and land of illegal activities. Murders here are common. Take it in your hand UT and send your best forces here...See the changes...Once upon a time, even Mumbai was like this but will able administration and WILL of the politicians, today Mumbai is a world class city. 


२. Uddhav trying to usurp Mayor Bungalow -Raj Thackrey 
Very rightly said by Raj Thackrey! Just call for the CCTV footages of this place and check as to what happens here at Holi, Diwali & 31st December. They say, the prince invites all his page 3 regular's and creates a havoc. If you don't believe me, call for the footages and see the happening parties. The usage of the Mayor Bungalow is undoubtedly--unparliamentary...

३. या आरोपांना सेना भीक घालत नाही--राहुल शेवाळे 
Shivsena seems to be in a panic mode, after Kirit Somaiya asking the Shivsena chief for declaration of his income and making it public. Shivsena has and will not pay any heed to this, MP Shewale said in a press conference yesterday. If no heed, then why the Press, Mr Shewale? Real Shivsainiks don't do this.. They would have challenged Kirit Somaiya to send anyone and check whatever they wanted. Still this practice of "machoism" is only shown by a sainik, be it anyone...Are we not following the "not scared of anything" formula UT? Why the hitch then?  

४. अमितमुळे निवणुकीत लक्ष नाही--राज ठाकरे  
Amit Thackrey was admitted to Lilavati Hospital for a throat biopsy claimed various social media posts circulated day before. Why is biopsy done? To check the possibilities of cancer. Ok we all know Raj himself is a chain smoker. Is Amit a victim of passive smoking of his own father? Or is he a chain smoker as well? Whatever it is, our best wishes to young boy of the family.  But someone in Mahim was quipping about it being a stunt of Raj Thackrey himself to hide the fate of his party that it will face on 23rd February. But I did not believe this... Which father will stoop to this level? If so, then this is the ultimate low I have experienced in this lifetime...

Sunday, 12 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

१. मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांनी काल काही मिनिटांसाठी एका सभेत हिंदीत बोलले...त्यांचे हिंदी ऐकून अमळनेरचे  माजी आमदार कृषिभूषण साहबेराव पाटील यांनी "माझ्यापेक्षाही कोणाची हिंदी इतकी वाईट असू शकते" यावर हसून गावभर सगळ्यांना सांगत सुटले... अमळनेर मध्ये जो कोणी याहून वाईट हिंदी बोलेल, म्हणे त्याला साहेबरावांनी रु. ५०००/- बक्षीस देणार आहेत. खरं तर मुख्यमंत्री नागपूरचे... आणि नागपूर मध्ये अर्ध्याहून जास्त लोक हिंदीतच बोलतात, अगदी मराठी लोक सुद्धा...मग देवेंद्र फडणवीसांचे हिंदी असे कसे? सीएमने जरा किरीट सोमय्यांशी दूरच राहिलेले बरे!


२. "सौजन्य" वीर आणि साई मार्केटिंग आणि ट्रेडिंगचे मालक सुनील झंवर यांच्या मुलाचे लग्न शनिवारी जळगावला पार पडले..सहजच "खुजली" म्हणून गिरीश महाजन यांचे दोन दिवसाचे दिनक्रम मंत्रालयातून मागितले...ते पत्रकार असून सुद्धा नाही मिळाले...पण लोकं सांगतात गिरीशभाऊ मुख्यमंत्र्यांची सभा आटोपल्या आटोपल्या, झंवर कुटुंबियांसोबत दोन दिवस अगदी घरातल्यांसारखे लग्नात हिंडत होते... कशाची निवडणूक आणि काय जिल्हा परिषद... ते होत राहतील म्हणे... सुनील बाबू, आता पोरं सुनांच्या हनिमूनला तरी गिरीश भाऊला इकडेच ठेवा...नाहीतर भाऊ एखाद्या मैत्रिणीसोबत जातील पण नवीन दाम्पत्य सोबत "गाईड" म्हणून!!  

३. Uddhav warns of mid-term polls 
आजच्या टाईम्स ऑफ इंडियाची बातमी. उद्धव ठाकरेंनी म्हणे मध्यवर्ती निवडणुकीचे संकेत दिलेले आहेत. पण स्वतः उद्धव ठाकरेंचा पक्ष निवडणुकीला तयार आहे का, याकडे आपण लक्ष दिले पाहिजे. त्यांनी आयात केलेली मंडळी जे आज आमदार आहेत, ते सगळेच भाजपच्या उंबरठ्यावर पाय झिजवत आहेत. खुद्द सेनेचे मुंबईतले लोकांमधून (सभेवरचे) निवडून आलेले  आमदार मंत्रिपद आणि महामंडळ न मिळाल्याने प्रचंड नाराज आहेत. मग ते पुन्हा निवडणुकीसाठी तयार होतील का? पण एक सांगू, जो कोणी उद्धव ठाकरेंना राजकीय सल्ला देत आहे, त्यांनी मात्र आपले काम चोखपणाने केले आहे. काँग्रेस, राष्ट्रवादी आणि आता भाजप सुद्धा उद्धव ठाकरे नेमके काय बोलतील यावर लक्ष ठेवून आहेत...सगळ्यांना हलवून सोडत आहेत उद्धवजी! तुम्ही स्वतः ५ वर्ष आधीचे उद्धव ठाकरे आठवा... तेव्हा ते हसताना सुद्धा फोटोग्राफर सारखे वाटायचे...आज जरी बोलण्यात ते राज सारखे नसले, तरी त्यांचे मुद्दे आणि ज्याने सैनिकाचे रक्त खळवळेल, अशी विधान करताना हमखास उद्धव ठकरे दिसतात. तर याच श्रेय कोणाला? मध्ये ऐकलं होत, कि भय्यू महाराज उद्धवजींचे आणि आदित्यचे एकदम खास आहेत... बर आदित्य ठकरे सुद्धा कोणत्या न कोणत्या कामा निमित्त सारखा चर्चेत असतो. कधी अक्षय कुमार सोबत तर कधी जुहू मधील गुजराथी आणि मारवाडी धंदेवाईक लोकांमध्ये वावरताना  आणि पक्ष बांधताना....शिवसेना यावेळेला (बाळासाहेब गेल्यापासून) पुन्हा पहिल्या सारखी प्रचंड प्रभावी आहे यात कोणाचे दुमत नाही. 

४. Did note-ban affect Uddhav, asks CM?
नोटबंदीमुळे उद्धव ठाकरेंना काही फरक पडला का, असा टोला कालच्या सभेत मुख्यमंत्र्यांनी लगावला. तुम्हाला आठवत असेल  संपूर्ण देशात ८ नोव्हेंबरला नोटबंदी सुरु झाली.. पण दुसरं कोणीच नाही पण उद्धव ठकरे एकटे असे नेते होते ज्यांनी अगदी सर्वप्रथम या नोटबंदी विरोधात आवाज उठवला... मग १० दिवस रेग्युलरली बोलत राहिलेत. त्यांनंतर आधी नितीन गडकरी आणि मग स्वतः देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांनी मातोश्री गाठली आणि लगेच ठाकरे शांत झालेत. तोपर्यंत मग मिळमिळीत ममताला त्यांनी साथ दिला, पण तो मुद्दा पुन्हा 'जोरात' चर्चेस आणला नाही. असे लोक म्हणतात, कि उद्धव ठाकरेंचे दररोजचे उत्पन्न काही कोटींमध्ये "कॅश" मध्ये आहे... आणि नेमकी त्याच वेळेला ग्राम पंचायती निवडणुका लागलेल्या होत्या. निवडणुका म्हणजे पैसे लागणार.. पक्षप्रमुखांकडून काहीच आले नाही, तर सेनेला कसे यश मिळणार या मध्ये सगळेच (आमदार) चिंतेत होते. तुम्हाला आठवत असेल या निवडणुकीत उद्धव ठकरे किंवा एकहि मंत्र्यांनी (एकनाथ शिंदेनी एकच सभा घेतली) सभेला सुद्धा नव्हते आले.. पैसेच नाही तर कसे मत पडतील या काळजीत खुद्द उद्धव ठाकरे आणि निकटवर्तीय होते.  का असे झाले असेल? असे काय त्या १० दिवसात घडलं असावं ? गडकरी आणि फडणवीस यांनी काय जादू केली कि उद्धव ठाकरेंनी नोटबंदीवर  युटर्न घेतला? परत तेच लोक पुन्हा सांगतात, कि खुद्द भाजपने सेनेवर येणारे संकट दूर केले... पैसे व्हाईट करून... म्हणून हा मुख्यमंत्र्यांचा उद्धव ठाकरेंना आठवण करून देणारा टोला... 

५. Uddhav praises Congress
उद्धव ठाकरेंनी काँग्रेसची तारीफ कुठेच नाही केली हो! तुम्ही भाषण नीट ऐका... एका मुद्द्यावर भाजपने काँग्रेसची कशी कॉपी केली त्यावर ते बोलले... उद्धव ठाकरे काँग्रेसला जवळ करून उगीच पक्षाला चिंतेत नाही टाकणार... 

६. A must read for today: Dharmendra Jore's Raag Darbari: Match fixings and strange political bedfellows: Click the link below 

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Yesterday in one of his speeches at Mumbai, CM Fadnavis spoke in Hindi for few minutes. On listening to his speech, Amalner's Ex MLA Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil who I think ranks last in Hindi speaking in all time MLA's list, has been so happy that he has been running around his constituency awarding people with monies if he finds someone with such bad Hindi... But how come CM is so bad in Hindi is not known. After all he belongs to Nagpur and most of the Marathi's staying there for years speak Hindi as a regular dialect. I think CM should stay away from our very own Kirit bhai, for obvious reasons. 

2. Good friend and sponsorer of various events of Minister Girish Mahajan and owner of M/s Sai Marketing & Trading Company Sunil Zavar got his son married in Jalgaon, last weekend. Apparently even CM was in Jalgaon on Friday for campaigning for the upcoming ZP elections. People say, as soon as the rally got over, Minister Mahajan rushed to the wedding venue for two continues days was seen at the wedding like a family member...reason...dont know! Just for a kick, had asked for Minister's schedule list for the weekend, but as usual it was not given... Now Mr. Zavar kindly let the newly married couple go for their honeymoon alone, else there also Mahajan will be ready with one of his many "friends" to play the guide. 

3. Uddhav warns of mid-term polls 
Today's Times of India's front page news. Apparently, UT has given hints for mid-term polls. But is your own party ready for it, Uddhav Thackrey? The "imported" Sena MLA's  are hobnobbing with various BJP functionaries. Also the elected MLA's of Sena are themselves in a foul mood due to not been considered either for Ministerial birth or for any Corporation. So how come and who will support mid-term polls is a big question mark. But let me tell you all something. Isn't this a different Uddhav Thackrey we seeing? Just go back 5 years and compare that Uddhav Thackrey to this one. Something somewhere is going absolutely right for him and the Sena. Whosoever is advising him on speeches UT is surely creating a buzz not only in Congress & NCP, but also in the BJP camp. They all are waiting for his speeches eagerly as to what next UT will say. Had heard in between that political baba Bhaiyyu Maharaj use to often be seen at Matoshri and various family functions of Sena honcho. Also, son Aditya Thackrey is not behind. He seems to be in news one or the other way. Sometimes he is seen promoting a sport or hobnobbing with Gujrathi & Marwadi businessmen from Mumbai for lunches and building a base for himself. After the sad demise of Balasaheb, this is the actual Sena we wanted to see.  

4. Did note-ban affect Uddhav, asks CM?.. 
Yesterday, CM Fadnavis in one of his rally taunted Sena supremo Uddhav Thackrey on the demonetisation drive. You must recollect this particular incident. Demonetisation drive began on 8th November 2016. Almost no one in the country, except UT spoke openly against this drive of PM Modi. For 10 days continuously this marked headlines. UT also extended his support then to Mamta. But then PM sent his trusted aide Nitin Gadkari & CM Fadnavis to Matoshri to silence the ever growing criticism from Uddhav. Here UT and Sena were tensed to no extend due to this sudden demonetisation drive. Now, people say, that the income of UT and family runs in some crores per day in cash. And also elections for Gram panchayat had begun. Elections means money, which was gone. All Sena MLA's were in a state of shock and were ready for any result. If you recollect except Eknath Shinde, none of the Sena bosses also campaigned during that period. But then why all of a sudden did UT do a u-turn on his stand on demonetisation? What did Gadkari & Fadnavis do that made UT happy? Again as people say, the cash was all managed and hence the taunt of CM Fadnavis yesterday. 

5. Uddhav praises Congress
उद्धव ठाकरेंनी काँग्रेसची तारीफ कुठेच नाही केली हो! तुम्ही भाषण नीट ऐका... एका मुद्द्यावर भाजपने काँग्रेसची कशी कॉपी केली त्यावर ते बोलले... उद्धव ठाकरे काँग्रेसला जवळ करून उगीच पक्षाला चिंतेत नाही टाकणार... 
Uddhav Thackrey never praised Congress. He just reminded BJP of a practice that Congress did which the BJP people had forgotten. That's it. 

6. A must read for today: Dharmendra Jore's Raag Darbari: Match fixings and strange political bedfellows: Click the link below 

Friday, 10 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines....

1. Battle over Juhu 'citizens' candidate confuses voters 
मुंबईच्या पॉश जुहू विभगात भाजपने रेणू हंसराज हिला तिकीट देऊन चांगलीच नामुष्की स्वतःवर ओढवून घेतली आहे. काहीही राजकीय बॅकग्राऊंड नसलेल्या रेणू हंसराज हिने मात्र आमच्या जुहू भागात चांगले कामे केलेली आहेत. त्यात दुमत नाही.  पण इथला आमदार अमित साटम. आज टाईम्समध्ये इथे होणाऱ्या गडबडी बद्दल वाचले...ऑफ द रेकॉर्ड माहिती घेतली.. तर असे कळले कि रेणूला ज्या काही खऱ्या अर्थाने आमच्या विभागात काही एन.जी.ओ आणि ए.एल.एम कामे करतात त्यांनी ह्या बाईला पाठिंबाच दिलाच नाहीय. एखाद -दोन अश्या ज्या संस्था इथे कार्यरत आहेत त्यांनीच तिला पाठिंबा दिला आहे.  आमच्या इथे दर निवडणुकीत अगदी सामान्य माणसांमधून आम्ही आमचा नेता निवडतो. मग कळले कि २०१४ मध्ये जेव्हा विधानसभा लागल्या होत्या तेव्हा रेणूचा गॉडफादर आणि आमदार अमित साटमने ज्या युक्त्या वापरल्या होत्या त्याच या वेळेला रेणूला तिकीट मिळवण्याकरिता वापरल्या आहेत. साटमची तिकीट मिळवण्याकरिता काय करतात त्याबद्दल सांगतो --  आमच्या इथे एक ब्लॅकमेलर आहे पण त्याची संस्था आणि त्याचे वलय खूप मोठे आहे... नाव आहे अशोक पंडित... म्हणजे एखाद वेळेला जर पंडित एका पेज ३ च्या पार्टीत दिसतील तर दुसऱ्या वेळेला ते कोणाला पण स्मशानात नेताना ही दिसतील. आमच्या जुहू मध्ये गुजराथी आणि मारवाड्यानी अनधिकृत बांधकामाचे जे हौदास मांडले आहे, त्यामुळे पंडितांसारखेची चलती आहे. माहितीचा अधिकार वापरायचा आणि हे व्यापारी स्वभावाने तसे घाबरटच... बस्स!! मग काय विचारायचे? अमितने यांच्याशी गट्टी करून अश्या ५ ते ६ संस्थांचे सही केलेलं पत्र पक्ष प्रमुखांकडे दिले आणि आपल्या "मैत्रीण" रेणू हंसराजसाठी तिकीट मिळवले. 

2. Linking road stall owners seek FIR against BMC 
सहायक मनपा आयुक्त शरद उघाडे बद्दल माझे मत वेगळे आहे. पण उघडे यांनी ही जी मोहीम हातात घेऊन बांद्रा येथील लिंकिंग रोड वरील माजलेल्या मुसलमानांना जो धडा शिकवला आहे त्यासाठी आपण त्यांचे अभिनंदन केले पाहिजे. मुंबई मधील लिंकिंग रोड हा शॉपिंग साठी जग प्रसिद्ध! ९० मीटरच्या रोड वर दोन्ही बाजूने फक्त १ रांग गाड्यांची जाऊ शकत होती, इतके इथले माजेल दुकानदारांनी आपले स्टॉल अनधिकृतपणे पुढे आणले होते. स्टॉल तर ठीक आहे, पण चादर रस्त्यावर अंथरून उरल्या सुरल्या जागेत सुद्धा हे लोक माल विकतात. बरं, बोगस माजी आमदार बाबा सिद्दीकीने या दुखनदारांसाठी अगदी लागून असेललेल्या के.एफ.सी च्या पाठीमागे दोन मोठे शॉपिंग कॉम्प्लेक्स बांधलेले आहेत.. तिथे त्यांना कायदयानुसार जागा सुद्धा दिल्या.. पण कसले काय...एक ग्रुप त्या कॉम्प्लेक्स मध्ये गेला तर दुसरा ग्रुप पुन्हा रस्तयावर माल विकायला लगेच आला. याची खरी मोहीम वर्षभरापूर्वी सुरु केली ती अतिरिक्त आयुक्त डॉ. पल्लवी दराडे ह्यांनी. पण हे दुकाने बंद करून किंवा तोडून आज काहीच ट्राफिक जाम होत नाही आणि सगळे सुरळीत सुरु आहे. माझा विरोध इथल्या नियमित कायद्यानुसार चालणाऱ्या दुकानांना नाही आहे.  जर तुम्हला या हरामखोर दुकानदारांची कीव येत असेल, तर तुम्ही तुमच्या बहीण-मुलीला या थर्ड क्लास दुकानदारांच्या इथे शॉपिंगला पाठवा...आणि मग त्यांचा अनुभव ऐका... मग तुम्हाला मनपाचा हा निर्णय निश्चितच पटेल!!

3. Uddhav must declare income, says BJP MP 
मस्त किरीट सोमय्या! तसे आमचे भाजप खासदार नेहमीचीच काही न काही गौप्यस्फोट करत असतात पण हा खरोखर नो बॉल वर सिक्स आहे!! असे उगीच लोक म्हणत नाहीत कि जर संपूर्ण ठाकरे कुटुंबीय आणि पवार कुटुंबीय यांनी जर आपले खरंच उत्पन्न जाहीर केलेत तर आपला महाराष्ट्र ३ लाख कोटींच्या कर्जातून मुक्त होईल... किरीटभाई, फक्त या मुद्द्याला तरी लावून धरा !!

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines....

1. Battle over Juhu 'citizens' candidate confuses voters 
BJP has been put in a very embarrassing situation after the candidature declaration it made to social worker Renu Hansraj from the Juhu constituency for the upcoming BMC elections. Today Times of India has done a story on the same.  Renu Hansraj has no political background but is known here to do some good quality work in Juhu area, specially! But the same constituency belongs to MLA Amit Satam, so wherever Satam is, I try and get OFF THE RECORD information. So, in brief to tell you, Juhu, which is considered as a plush area, is governed by local NGO's and ALM's. On speaking to various people, I concluded that none of the "actual" ALMs and NGOs working here have given a go ahead for Renu Hansraj. This is also reported by times. But now what I got to know, is since Juhu is considered "rich", there are couple of NGO's and ALM's who thrive on them. The survival modus is nothing but blackmailing. Since Juhu is also famous for its many illegal constructions, people like Ashok Pandit (yes he is an activist too, Page 3ites) are on top of their game. Amit Satam is known to have excellent terms with people like Ashok. He took his help when he himself wanted a ticket during the MLA elections in 2014. Help in the sense, take a NOC from 5 to 6 bogus NGO's and ALM's and send the recommendation to party bosses for getting the ticket. People here are saying Amit used the same people and same agencies to secure ticket for his "friend" Renu Hansraj! Hence the confusion at Juhu. 

2. Linking road stall owners seek FIR against BMC 
Asst Municipal Commissioner Sharad Ughade must be applauded for this bold move! No one apart from AMC Dr Pallavi Darade had the guts to close down these illegal shops on the Linking Road. Linking road is world famous for street shopping in suburban Mumbai. The road has shops extended to such an extend, that on the 90 feet road only one car can pass at a time in the otherwise heavily crowded area. At times, during the peak hours, it sometimes takes 20 mins to pass 200 meters, such is the mayhem. Forget the stalls, in whatever open space available on the road, these people sit on the road and do business by putting their stuff on a carpet. This menace had to stop. Ex MLA Baba Siddique has built two separate malls adjoining to the KFC here. One lot of shopkeepers were shifted there with all legalities, I presume, but to everyone's surprise next day the same shops on the road were filled with new vendors. Muslims dominate this place. But now since all the shops have been closed, there are no traffic snarls and people are being able to use the footpath. Please note, I was not against their legal business in the marked premises. Problem was when they went overboard with their illegal extensions. 

3. Uddhav must declare income, says BJP MP 
Great going Mr. Somayya!! Why Mumbai Mirror did not cover such a fantastic allegation is no surprise to me now. Yes Uddhav Thackrey who is a public figure as rightly said by you should declare his income. It is a common joke in our Mantralaya, that if the Thackrey's and the Pawar's declare their income and offer it to the Government, Maharashtra will be debt free of it's 3 lakh crore loan. But again, Mr Somayya, please don't leave this demand of yours in the middle. Take it to a logical ending!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines...

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines...

1. BJP's Parag Shah is richest candidate worth Rs. 690 crore 
 प्रत्येक पेपर मध्ये आज ही बातमी वाचली... रु.६९० कोटींचा मालक पराग शहा भाजप तर्फे निवडणुकीत उभा राहणार.  पडलेला प्रश्न.. ज्याच्याकडे पैसे आहेत त्याने निवडणुकीत उभ राहू नये का? पण सांगतो पराग शहा निवडून येवो कि नाही पुढच्या निवडणुकीसाठी किंवा याच निवडणुकीत त्याला आता काही खास जणांना "फायनयांस" जरूर करावा लागणार... एकतर एखाद दोन उम्मेदवारांना निवडून आण्याची जबाबदारी किंवा एखाद पेपर किंवा चॅनेलला सांभाळण्याची... पैसे तर खर्च करावेच लागणार...  मोहित खांबोज आठवतो ना? तोही होता भाजप तर्फे निवडणुकीच्या रिंगणात. पडला, पण आजतागायत फक्त मुंबई युवा चीफ चे गाजर त्याच्या हातात देऊन त्याकडून पैसे लाटले जातात.. अर्थात मोहितचे ही काय जात...  म्हणतात बुवा कि मोहीतचा संपूर्ण पैसा हा काँग्रेसच्या कृपाशंकरचा आहे... असो. एका पेपरमध्ये वाचले पराग शहा म्हणतो कि हे ६९० कोटी मी २२ वर्षांच्या मेहनतीने कमविले. मला प्रश्नच पडला... आज गणपतराव देशमुख हे ५५ वर्ष झालीत आमदार आहेत, बिचारे कफ्फलक आमदार म्हणून ओळखले जातात, "जणता राजा" शरदचंद्र पवार यांना राजकारणात जवळपास ५० वर्ष उलटून गेलीत, पवार साहेबांकडे तर फक्त २ कोटींच जमले.. काय बोलावं? म्हणतो २२ वर्षात ६९० कोटी कमवले... अजून एक गुपित इथे उघड करतो...  जो जे नेहमी डिकलेर करत असतो, त्याच्याकडे नेहमी तेवढेच दुप्पट पैसे असतात... म्हणजे आपले पराग शहा हा कमीत कमी १००० कोटींचा मालक असेल... त्याला निवडणुकीला शुभेच्छा... बघा आता मुंबई मिरर कशी मस्त मुलाखत घेते त्याची!! 

2. BJP & Sena's war of words 
सेनेने मुंबईचे असे केले, भाजपने असे केले, खंजीर खुपसणे, मुंबईची पाटणा करणे--- आता मित्रहो, नुसती मजा बघत रहा... सेना आणि भाजप आता एक दुसऱ्यांचे नुसते कपडे फाडणार... आता एकमेकांवर थुकणार, पण जसे निकाल जाहीर होतील तसे लगेच हेच दोघे ह्याच थुकी परत चाटणार... भाषण, एकमेकांवर आरोप-प्रत्यारोप करणे, ह्याला तुम्ही खरं  तर मनोरंजन म्हणून बघा.. जे हे राजकीय नेते बोलतात तसे काहीही कधीच घडत नसत. या लोकांची कातडी लई जाड असते.. यात खरी कसोटी असते ती  कार्यकर्त्यांची! निवडणुकीत कार्यकर्ता "सांभाळणे" हा प्रत्येक पक्षाचा जणू अधिनियमच असतो. मग हे लोक रक्त उफाळणारे वक्तव्य करतात आणि इकडे कार्यकर्ते भिडतात... त्यांना थोडीच पुढचे दिसत असते.. तसेच सामान्य माणसाचे... ट्रेन मध्ये प्रवास करणारा हा सर्व साधारण माणूस! बिचारे दिवसभर पोटासाठी वाट्टेल तेवढी मेहनत करवून घरी येत असतो, आणि मग पेपर मध्ये हे सगळे वाचतो...मन विचिलित करणारे हे राजकीय नेते विधान करतात. मग सामानय माणूस चिडतो, आणि त्या बूथ मध्ये जाऊन तरी सुद्धा शिवसेनेलाच मत देतो... कारण काय सांगू का? शिवसेना एकाच पक्ष आहे जो सामान्य माणसाची नस/ पल्स ओळखतो... उद्धव ठाकरे भाषणात हेच बोलतात जे आपण सगळ्यांना आवडते.. शिव्या देणे..धमकी देणे... पण एक सांगतो, जे जे काही राजकीय नेते बोलले आहेत ते तसे कधीच वागत नसतात.... म्हणून या सगळ्या घोषणाबाजी मध्ये बिलकुल पडू नका... कोणीही वाईट नसत...उद्या यांच्याकडेच आपले काम पुनः पडणार आहे...  

3. मुंबईचे पाटणा केले-मुख्यमंत्री 
अगदी खरे बोलले देवेंद्र फडणविस! खरंच मुंबईचे पाटणा केले हो ठाकरे कुंटुंबाने! हे बघा, मी पत्रकार म्हणून किंवा तुम्ही अधिकारी किंवा नेते म्हणून सगळंच आतला ओळखता.. कोण किती पाण्यात आहेत ते... हेच उद्धव आणि राज आपल्याला अगदी पहिल्यापासून आठवतात... अगदी प्रकरणे सुद्धा... पण एका सामान्य माणसाच्या अँगल मधून विचार करा..तेच ते फेरीवाले, तेच ते परवाने घेण्यासाठी पैसे मोजणे, फूटपाथ गायब, मुजोर अधिकारी आणि यामुळे आमच्या मुंबईची झालेली दयनीय अवस्था... ती झोपडपट्टी, ते पिण्याचे पाण्याचे हाल, कुठेपण कोणीही राहतात, शिस्त नाहीच --नुसतं रामभरवश्यावर आपली मुंबई चालली आहे... गेली २५ वर्ष तुम्हीच काय सगळ्या पक्षांनी या शहराची नुसती वाट लावून ठेवली आहे.. एक गोष्ट सांगा उद्धवजी, ज्यात तुम्ही पारदर्शकता ठेवून कामे केलीत..मग ते पेंग्विन असोत की शहराचे विस्कटलेले ट्रॅफिकचे धोरण, मरतो तो फक्त सामान्य मुंबईकर... जो अनिल परब तुमच्याकडे आहेत, एखाद रावते किंवा सुभाष देसाई सोडले, तर तुमचा शिवसैनिक नुसता राकट आणि गुंडगिरी करत असतो... त्याच्या चेहर्याकडे बघून शाखेत जावेसे वाटत नाही... सगळयांना एकच हवं असत--पैसा!! इतकी गरिबी असताना कसा आणि कोण सैनिक शाखेत फुकट काम करणार? संध्यकाळी काय जेवायचे हे त्याला उमजत नाही-- मग तो करतो, दलाली! मग त्यामधून तयार होतो एखादा नगरसेवक जो आपल्या वॉर्डाचा नुसता बलात्कार करतो...जर यातली एकही गोष्ट खोटी असेल, मला एक वॉर्ड दाखवावा जिथे सगळं परफेक्ट आहे... आयुष्यात कधी विरोधात लिहिणार नाही... मीच म्हणत आलोय, मुंबईला सेनेशिवाय पर्याय नाही, पण तुम्हीच तुमचे पर्याय उभे करत आहेत... हिंदुत्व सेनेमुळेच टिकले आहे, आम्ही तुम्हे रक्षण करतो--अहो बस्स झाले !! आता यावेळी निवडून आलात तर खरं कामे करून दाखवा... शरम वाटते मला... (डोळ्यात अश्रू)

४. महाराष्ट्राच्या इतिहासतील अकार्यक्षम, हतबल मुख्यमंत्री --खासदार राहुल शेवाळे
हे कोण म्हणतंय बघितले का--आपले कार्यक्षम आणि डॅशिंग खासादार शिवसैनिक राहुल शेवाळे--- अरे शेवाळे सोडून द्या सगळ्यांचे... जरा तुम्ही आत्मचिंतन करा.. तुम्ही स्टँडिंग कमिटीचे अध्यक्ष असताना माझा एका गुजराथी मित्र (सॉरी मित्रा, प्रकरण लिहितोय) तुझ्याकडे एक प्रकरण कमिटी मध्ये पास करून घेण्यासाठी आला... तुमचे सगळे ठरले.. फक्त पैसे कुठे पोचवायचे त्याबद्दल माझा मित्र वाट पाहत होता.. तुम्ही त्याला एका मंदिरात बोलावले... तुम्ही तेथे नव्हताच.. मग मित्राला फोन केलात आणि म्हणाला कि कोणाचे लक्ष नसताना "ती बॅग " मंदिराच्या पुजाऱ्याला देण्यास सांगितली... महिन्याभरात तुम्ही ती नसती कमिटी मध्ये ठेवली आणि त्यात मित्राच्या बाजूने निकाल लावून घेतला... जो माणूस देवाच्या मंदिरात दलालीचा पैसा ठेवतो आणि तो इतरांना हतबल आणि अकार्यक्षम कसे काय बोलू शकतो? 

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines...

1. BJP's Parag Shah is richest candidate worth Rs. 690 crore 
Read about BJP's richest fielded candidate Parag Shah worth Rs. 690 crore in all papers today. So what? I mean, can't rich people enter politics? But will surely tell you something. If Parag Shah wins or no is not a matter anymore, but he surely will be used! Used to finance couple of other fielded corporators or manage some newspapers or channels. He has to spent! Hope you people remember who Mohit Kamboj is?  Yes, the same millionaire who had fought one of the elections on BJP's ticket & lost. Mohit is currently heading the youth wing of BJP for Mumbai. But with this one carrot he is been used extensively.  But how does Mohit care. Allegedly, they say all of Mohit's money is that of Congress's Krupa bhaiya. Back to the new kid on the block Parag Jain..Apparently read in one of the papers today that Parag claims his 22 years of hard work for collection of such huge monies. I mean on one hand we have MLA like Ganpatrao Deshmukh who is the assembly for 55 years now and Maharashtra's veteran Sharad Pawar who even after spending more than 50 years in politics have gathered only Rs. 2 crore. Which business gives Rs. 690 crores in 22 years? I'm ready to waste my years. Also readers, one more thing-person who "declares" the amount has definitely exactly double the amount hiding somewhere...Our wishes to Parag Bhai!


2. BJP & Sena's war of words
Sena did this to Mumbai, BJP did this, Mumbai has become Patna, we have been backstabbed--now for the next 20 days these will be the headline gatherers.. Now commoners like us, this is entertainment and nothing beyond. Please note, once the results are out, these parties will hug each other and end their so called animosity and will be ready to rule us again. Believe me when I say this, nothing of what these people say, actually happens. But all these sharp usage of words in speeches are actual testing times for the real followers of these netas--- the karyakarta's. See to keep their karyakarta's happy is the foremost agenda these days for all the parties. They have to keep them happy or else who will work? Who will go door to door with the neta? Once they are happily managed (food & free flow of alcohol) any "aadesh" from the boss.. and that's it...Why & how will they think of being used? Anyway, these netas also know how and what to speak. Such are their hair-raising slogans it motivates the karyakarta's in the wrong sense. Why only  karyakarta's, don't at times we get affected? We love the way Raj or Uddhav give dhamki's publicly...we love the way they know our pulse... It is actually we speaking our minds on that stage fearlessly......They exactly know what our mind is thinking and they speak the same. Such great is their study. But what do we do? We control  our emotions as we aren't paid servants right? But still we vote for such people. So at the end this is just a battle for tabloids to fill in spaces. Don't get emotional and believe me don't speak against them, tomorrow you might have a work or two with one of them !!

3. Mumbai has become Patna--CM Fadnavis
Yes, what wrong did CM Fadnavis say? Mumbai is actually Patna in every lateral sense. Don't take this wrong, but as a journalist or a leader or a bureaucrat don't we know what actually happens in the city? How mudded is this political water? But for once lets think from a common mans view. His basic understanding of politics is --everywhere there is corruption, any ward any office and so on...He curses the traffic everyday, he cannot walk on the footpath, his grounds have been confiscated, his drainages are in bad shape and his roads condition is in doldrums. Right from the Penguins purchased to polish the Prince's ego, to the overall municipal facilities, the common man is tired...but mind you for last 25 years he has gone to the same booth and voted for the same party who is responsible for this--ShivSena. If you minus Ravate or one Subhash Desai, tell me why should I visit Shahka's for any help? The Sainik's sitting there are meant for only making money but yes--with confirmation of our work. One of these ugly looking guys become our corporator and for years rape our ward. Tell me one ward Uddhavji, where you claim PERFECTION. I swear, if I find any, will stop writing against you or the party in this lifetime. It is me who is the strongest supporter of Sena in Mumbai, but on what basis? The hinduism carrot is there, but how about making Mumbai--Mumbai again... (tears)

४. महाराष्ट्राच्या इतिहासतील अकार्यक्षम, हतबल मुख्यमंत्री --खासदार राहुल शेवाळे
Look who is talking? The dashing MP from Sena Rahul Shewale -I think its time for some retrospection Shewale. My friend is going to kill me for spilling this. This Gujju friend of mine had some file to be cleared in the Standing committee where Shewale was chairman till 2014. Obviously Shewale was approached. Deal was fixed, but where to deliver the bag was mystery for my friend. One day he gets a call and he is summoned to a temple with "the bag". No where Mr. Shewale or any of his staff or friend are there at the spot. A call comes and the bag has been asked to handover to the pujari of the temple...I was like...what?? So Mr Shewale, the man who uses GOD to make money, he speaking about anything is like a prostitute claiming being a virgin every night to her customer. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

1. Sena Corporator ranked among top in city, held accepting 15,000 bribe.
तंग  आलो आहे टाईम्स ऑफ इंडियाच्या दलालीने.. जिथे बघो तिथे एकतर जुन्या राजकीय बातम्या (ट्रान्सलेट केलेल्या) नाहीतर पेड न्यूज...आज टाईम्सच्या दुसऱ्या पानावर बातमी आहे ती सेनेची एक नगरसेविका लाच घेताना पकडल्याबाबत.... बातमीनुसार जी बाई पकडली गेली आहे, हेमांगी चेम्बुरकर, म्हणे हि मुंबईची टॉप नगरसेविका होती.. कोणत्या आधारावर टी टॉपवर होती हो टाईम्स ग्रुप? आता हा मजकूर कोण तपासत? मध्ये असेच मुंबई मिररने (टाईम्स ग्रुप) असेच आपल्या एका "छपरी" पत्रकारानुसार टॉप नगरसेवकांची बातमी फ्रंट पेज लावली... एका नगरसेवकाने त्या बातमी मध्ये येण्यासाठी प्रयत्न केलेत, पण पत्रकाराचा आकडा ऐकून त्याने स्वतः माघार घेतली...एखाद दुसरे पत्रकार सोडले तर बाकीचे नुसते दलाल्या करत असतात.... आता तर ऐकले आहे कि टाइम्स मध्ये रिटायर पण होण्याची भीती नाही... जर तुम्ही "बिझनेस" मध्ये उत्तम असाल तर तुम्हला प्रत्येक वर्षी नवीन कॉन्ट्रॅक्ट दिले जातील... वाह !! 

2. Uddhav meets Hardik Patel 
कोण हार्दीक पटेल? गुजराथ मध्ये पाटीदार आंदोलनाचे प्रमुख आणि 'पटेल' जातीच्या आरक्षणासाठी लढणारा हा गुजराथमधला तरुण! अख्ख गुजराथ याने खुबीने बंद पाडले होते... आठवत ना?का असे केले होते त्याने?तर म्हणे जातीच्या आरक्षणासाठी? हो...आजकालच्या तरुण पिढीला जर राजकारणात नाव करायचे असेल तर त्यांना जातीच्या भरवशावर आंदोलन केली तरच मोठं होता येत, अशी कदाचित त्यांची समजूत दिसते.. असो...पण हार्दिक पटेलने मातोश्रीवर जाणे आणि उद्धव ठाकरेंनी त्याचे जंगी स्वागत करणे आणि गुजराथ मध्ये १०० सीट हार्दिकच्या भरवशावर लढणे जा निर्णय घेणं, हे जरा अतीच झालं.. मग उद्धवचा जातीचे राजकारण करणाऱ्यांचे छुपे पाठीराखे आहेत का? मग शिवसेनेने मराठा, धनगर आणि महाराष्ट्रातून निघणारे अनेक 'जातिवंत' मोर्च्यांना खुले पाठिंबा का देत नाही? आरक्षणाला विरोध आहे ना तुमचा? कसलं काय... सत्तेसाठी काहीपण का?  मित्रहो, आश्चर्य वाटून घेऊ नका जर उद्या उद्धव ठाकरेंनी 'स्वतंत्र विदर्भ' ला भाजपला पाठिंबा दिला तर... केवढं हे डेस्परेशन ठाकरेंचं? 


3. Not tied to BJP: Sena hints at govt walkout 
मागच्या आठवड्यात लिहिले होते.. पुन्हा सांगतो...शिवसेना सत्ता सोडणार नाही... त्यांच्याकडून सोडवतच नाही... अहो, सेनेच्या एका जेष्ठ मंत्र्याकडे परवाच बसलो होतो आणि हा विषय निघाला...म्हणाले आम्ही सगळे २० वर्षानंतर सत्तेवर आलो आहोत...इतके वर्ष नुसते घरातून पैसे टाकून निवडणुका लढवल्या... कफल्लक झालोत.. आम्ही भरपाई तर करणारच ना... हीच स्थिती सेनेच्या आमदारांची सुद्धा आहे... आता सत्तेत असल्यामुळे थोडीफार तरी त्यांची कामे होत आहेत.. कसा पाठिंबा काढणार? पण मला सांगा,  जे सेनेचे खासदार संजय 'पवार' पाठिंबा काढू असे  सारखे  चिमटे काढत आहेत त्यांना सेने मध्ये तरी किती महत्व आहे, हे सगळ्यांना ठाऊकच आहे... 

4. BJP pledges to probe 20,000 cr BMC scams
अरे मग इतके वर्ष झोपले होते का तुम्ही? यात भाजपची सारासर चुकी आहे... आम्ही सामान्य जनता...इतके वर्ष तुम्ही सेनेसोबत महापालिकेत सत्तेत होता हेच आम्हाला ठाऊक आहे... जर सेनेने २० हजार कोटींची चोरी केली आहे, तर तुम्ही पण त्यांच्या  एवढेच गुन्हेगार आहात ना?....असेच का भाजपचे नगरसेवक ज्यांची अगदी काल पर्यंत जेवणाची सोय नव्हती ते आज एकदम मस्त लाईफ जगतात का... महापालिकेला नुसतं सेनेनं नाही लुबाडलं.. इथे एकच रुल  आहे... कोणताही पक्ष असो.. प्रत्येक ठेकेदाराला प्रत्येक पक्षाच्या प्रमुखाला हिस्सा द्यावा लागतो.. टक्के ठरलेले आहेत... आणि त्यात ते हरामखोर अधिकारी... मी तुम्हला सांगतो, येत्या महिन्याभरात कोणाचीही सत्ता येऊ द्या, पुन्हा आम्ही पत्रकार काही हजार कोटींचे भ्रष्टाचार तुमच्या समोर नव्याने पुढे आणूच!! 

5. Munde was keen to ditch BJP, join Congress, says Ajit pawar 
अजित पवारच्या या विधानाला कोण दुजोरा देणार? आपले पत्रकार मनमोहन सिंहला थोडीच जाणार हे विचारायला... म्हटले तर, मला विश्वास नाही बसत या बाबतीत...गोपीनाथ मुंडे दरम्यानच्या काळात नाराज होते, पण मला आठवत त्यांनी केलेलं त्यावेळेला केलेले विधान... कि कधीही पक्ष सोडणार नाही... म्हणून तथ्य वाटत नाही..  अजित पवारांचं काय बाबा... उद्या थेट पारशी समाजात जायचं सुद्धा ठरवतील... अल्पसंख्यांक म्हणून... नाहीतरी पारश्यांवर खास 'प्रेम' आहेच दादांचं... 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. Sasikala chosen leader by MLAs, to be next CM. 
एखाद्या नेत्यासाठी जर आपण आपले आयुष्य वाहून दिले आणि देहभान विसरून त्यांचीच  कामे करत बसलो, तर कदाचित आपले भवितव्य सुद्धा असेच उजळ ठरू शकत.. शशिकला तामिळनाडूच्या मुख्यमंत्री होणार यावरून हे सिद्ध होत आहे.... अहो, आपल्या महाराष्ट्रात सुद्धा याची प्रचिती बघायला मिळते की !! आजच्या भाजपच्या आमदार भरती लव्हेकर यांची शरद पवार, "शिपाई" अमित साटम यांची स्व. गोपीनाथ मुंडे, बाबा सिद्दीकी यांची स्व. सुनील दत्त, प्रसाद लाड यांची छगन भुजबळ, हनुमंत डोळस यांची विजयसिंह मोहिते पाटील यांची, मधुकर चव्हाण / कालिदास  कोळंबकर यांची नारायण राणेंशी,  खासदार राहुल शेवाळे यांची उद्धव ठाकरेंशी, "भाजपवाला" मोहित कंभोज यांची काँग्रेसच्या कृपानशांकर सिंहांशी, "लॉयल्टी" फेमस आहेतच ना? त्यांचे फळ सुद्धा या लोकांनी मिळवून घेतले की नाही, तुम्ही सांगा? शशिकला हिला बघून आता मात्र महाराष्ट्रात अविनाश भोसले यांनी मुंबई आणि पुणे महानगरपालिका सोडून वर्षा गाठलाय, सतीश मुंडे यांनी मुलगा आणि सुनेची अय्याशी (लग्न म्हणे काही कोटीत केले) पूर्ण करण्यासाठी पंकजा मुंडे यांना "कधीच तुमची साथ सोडणार नाही" अशी चिठ्ठी दिल्याचे समजते आणि जाता जाता जेष्ठ सनदी अधिकारी प्रभाकर देशमुख हे पवारांचे "बच्चा" म्हणून हिणवलं तरी चिडणार नाहीत असे कळले आहे. लॉयल्टी ठेवायची कि नाही, जर नाही ठेवली, किंवा काळानरूप तुम्ही ती बदलत राहिले, तर त्यांचा मात्र हेमराज शहा किंवा उज्वल पगारिया होत असतो... म्हणून लगे रहो...  


2. 12 Municipal engineers dance with tainted builders in Vasai, suspended
हे काय नवीन आहे का? मनपा अधिकारी बिल्डर सोबत धांगड-धिंगा घालतात आणि पोलीस गॅंगस्टरांच्या पार्टीत नाचतात हे आपण बऱ्याचदा ऐकलं आहे. गणेश नाईक यांचे लाडके आणि वसई-विरार मनपा आयुक्त सतीश लोखंडे यांनी मात्र मस्त स्टॅन्ड घेतला आहे. आता या १२ निलंबित केलेल्या अधिकाऱ्यांचे प्रॉपर्टीची आणि यांच्याकडे असलेल्या मालमत्तेची चौकशी अँटी करप्शन कडून करून घेतली पाहिजे. खूप भयंकर आहेत हे सर्व अधिकारी... गुंडांपेक्षा जास्त मुजोर आणि लालची!! तेथील स्वरूप खानोलकर हा स्वतःला दबंग म्हणून घेतो. आता कळले याचे असली रूप.... पार्टी मध्ये अनधिकृत बांधकाम करणारे बिल्डर्स होते. तुम्हाला मी या गुजराथी-मारवाडी बिल्डर्स असू द्या किंवा दलाल-- यांची मानसिकता सांगतो... ह्या लोकांना कधीच नियमात काम करायचे नसते. थोडं फार आपण समजू शकतो, पण यांना पैसे दिलेच आहेत तर वाट्टेल तशी मनमर्जीने काहीही पास करून घेतात. आणि यांना हे माहित असत कि मनपामध्ये काम करणारा मग तो अभियंता असो कि आयुक्त, सगळेच "भुके" असतात... फक्त टक्क्यांवरून नाटकं करत असतात... ते मग पोरी सप्पलाय करून किंवा दारूच्या बाटल्या देऊन यां "आसुसलेल्या" अधिकाऱ्यांना पटवतात आणि कामे करवून घेतात... अगदी सगळेच बिल्डर्स असेच... ठाण्याचा सुरज परमार आठवतो का , ज्याने स्वतःला गोळी मारून घेतली होती? हा प्रकार सगळीकडे अगदी उघडपणे सुरु आहे...एक सुरज परमार गेला, त्याने सगळं पितळ उघड पाडलं, पण नांतर झालं काय? चारही नगरसेवक आज निवडणुकीच्या रिंगणात उभे आहेत... मुख्यमंत्री फडणवीस साहेब, जर तुम्हाला "पारदर्शकता" आणायची असेल, तर तुम्ही अगदी चपराशी पासून ते अभियंता पर्यंत सगळ्यांना बदलायला हवं... तरच बदल घडेल...मंत्र्यालात असेच झाले...म्हणून आज मंत्रालय थोडं फार तरी सुरळीत चाललंय...  

3. 64% of cancer patients in Mumbai diagnosed in 2nd stage & later: Survey
यांचं कारण म्हणजे आपण आपल्या तब्येतीकडे केलेले दुर्लक्ष... आजच्या प्रदूषणात आणि जिथे सगळ्या गोष्टींमध्ये भेसळ असते तिथे साधं तापला सुद्धा कमी लेखून चालणार नाही.. २ दिवसात जर ताप नाही उतरला तर आपण आपले रक्त तपासतो... तसे आता या सगळ्या रक्त तपासणी केंद्रांकनडे वेगवेगळ्या स्कीम्स असतात... माझे जर ऐकाल तर तुम्ही प्रत्यकाने दार ६ महिन्यात संपूर्ण चेक-अप करून घ्यावं... आणि हो.. कॅन्सर हा काही कितीही तपासण्या करा लगेच कळत नसतो.. पण आपण सगळ्या तपासण्या करून योग्य डॉक्टरांकडून सल्ले घेतले पाहिजे... आबांना (आर.. आर पाटील) अगदी शेवटच्या स्टेज मध्ये कळला, तर शरद पवारांना अगदी पहिल्या स्टेज  मध्ये... आजही (देवकृपेने) पवार साहबांनी आजारावर मात केली आणि आपले आबा मात्र आपल्याला सोडून कायमचे निघून गेलेत. दुर्लक्ष करू नका!!  

4. Cong Sena sealed secret deal on 42 seats: Ashish Shelar 
मला नाही वाटत-- सेनेला काँग्रेसशी काय करायच आहे? ते स्वबळाबवर ९० च्या वर स्वतः जातील... अगदी गरज पडली तर अपक्ष आहेतच की...आणि एकदम जर वेगळे निकाल लागले तर भाजप बरोबर एखादवेळा युती करतील... पण काँग्रेसशी ---नो नेव्हर!! 

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. 64% of cancer patients in Mumbai diagnosed in 2nd stage & later: Survey
This is solely because of ignorance to our own health. We don't pay enough attention to our health until it takes an ugly turn. Boss, we stay in Mumbai which is filled with pollutants at every juncture & we eat & drink everything that is mixed with artificial things, colours & fragrances. We are being badly compromised in the name of Health. Anyway, how if the fever stays for more than 4 days we immediately rush for testing our blood, I would request all of you that with the number of pathologies available at every corner of our city, please go for six monthly or annual FULL body check-up regularly. That does not determine that Cancer will be detected for sure. Cancer is all of a sudden!! It just arises one day. There are symptoms. But with these regular health check ups I suggested, consult you family doctor & show him the reports. Everything should go below his eyes. He can caution you & treat you at the earliest. At the end, I always say, whatever has to happen will happen, but precaution is surely better than cure!! 


2. Sasikala chosen leader by MLAs, to be next CM. 
Just imagine, how loyalty pays! Sasikala who served Jaylalita for all her life, today she is becoming the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu even when she hasn't contested one single election in her life. See the price for loyalty! But where our Maharashtra is behind? Today's MLA BJP's Bharti Lavhekar had her loyalties with Sharad Pawar all her life, than "peon or PA" MLA (one & the same for me) Amit Satam was extremely loyal to Late Gopinath Munde, Baba Siddique was like a peon with Late Sunil Dutt, Prasad Lad was close to Chagan Bhujbal, MLA Hanumant Dolas's affection towards NCP's Vijaysingh Mohite Patil is well known, then Madhukar Chavhan & Kalidas Kolamkar swear their career by Narayan Rane, MP Rahul Shewale owes everything to Uddhav Thackrey and "BJP"'s youth leader Mohit Kamboj's swears by Kripashnakar Singh. See where are all these men today... They are rewarded in a very big way for staying "loyal". Likes of Avinash Bhosale has now left the Municipality offices of Mumbai & Pune and his sole concentration is on Varsha these days, Satish Munde (unsaid/unclaimed) brother of Pankaja Munde is with her since ages & senior IAS Officer won't mind being labelled as "Pawar's chamcha". Even if the loyalists change parties, very rarely they change their mentors. But if they regualrly change their mentors then no one can help them become Hemraj Shah (after NCP, BJP cajoling & now finally with Sena) or illustrious Ujjwal Pagariya. 

3. 12 Municipal engineers dance with tainted builders in Vasai, suspended
What is new in the news? Haven't we heard babus dancing away to glory in parties thrown by errant builders or policemen dancing in the parties organised by the underworld? But hats off to Ganesh Naik's loyalist & now Commissioner at Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation for suspending 12 officers involved in parties thrown by the builders. Satishji, would request you to handover them to the Anti Corruption Department for further inquiries. I'm sure a lot of skeletons will be out of the closet. Read that Swarup Khanolkar who liked to be called "Dabang" is also in this list. Good ! How hearsay can be dangerous. Had heard a lot of good things about him till he was exposed. But readers, this will continue to happen. I will tell you the mentality of these errand builders who believe only in "throwing" weight & money around to get any type of work done. Remember Suraj Parmar right? He had killed himself to expose these corporation's big bad world to us and the 4 politicians who were named in the conspiracy are now contesting elections. Nothing changes here, friends. CM Fadnavis if you actually want transparency, just at one go, right from the peon to the highest level just change everyone. You saw the result when you did this at Mantralaya with the Minister's staff... 

4. Cong Sena sealed secret deal on 42 seats: Ashish Shelar 
I dont think so!! Why will Sena approach Congress for seat deals. They will fight for it. Also I never heard that any Sena functionary met Congress people behind closed doors. Whom to meet in Congress is the question that is in everyone's mind when anyone thinks of having a word. Such is the confused state of Mumbai Congress.