Tuesday, 10 January 2017

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines....

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines...

1. MLA Jaykumar Gore held at Thane; Pravin Chheda too big for his boots 
Hmm...get over South Assemblies...Our MLA's are no less in pornographies & womanising... Not only Congress party but all party MLA's have the itch in their pants when they see other women. Remember BJP's Girish Bapat and his holding hands with his women party candidate episode? Bapat went ahead & whilst addressing students had also confessed on watching pornography; nothing wrong in it...On one hand RSS tells us to have more kids & hands over only Rs. 6,500 for pregnant ladies...we need some motivation right? Are politicos different or what? This one suggestion of the  RSS everyone seems to have taken seriously... BJP's another veteran Girish Mahajan who is modern era's Kaamdev is surely at his peek...His regular visits to JJ Hospital often makes me curious... NCP's Ajit Pawar known for his penchant for Parsis; Congress's Patangrao Kadam is the perfect character of Mandar Ponkshe of the recently released Hindi movie "HUNTER". Shivsena's MLA Vinod Ghosalkar is not yet free from the sexual harassment case....  These  names made it's way to the media; but honestly with MLA's from interiors of Maharashtra at play who knows what happens there? SO Gore's charge does not excite me as a news item. 
Is there any connection here between Pravin Chheda & Garodia builders? As per a news item today Pravin Chheda, Leader of Opposition in the BMC and a corporator from Ghatkoper, is putting up hoardings without any party name, logo or  senior leader's photos. Not his fault. If you are a Congressi, it has become very difficult to judge who is the exact boss now in the party? If one photo comes, other group gets upset. Everyone is a boss in this party. Hence Chheda did this...  

2. Ashish Shelar & Aditya Thackrey spat 
Ashish Shelar is not on the right track in this regard! After having more than a decade of experience & seniority in politics, Shelar needs to understand his opponents. Not that he does not know (he even knows it inside his party as well), but surely it is not "greenhorn" Aditya Thackrey. Aditya has never been a corporator or a MLA or held any official post as a public servant. His only agenda seems to be targeting the "next generation" and he is doing it in a super way. Shelar since a decade is a public servant. So technically Aditya Thackrey is not doing anything directly even if he is the brain behind in exposing the BJP MLA. Shelar must understand that badmouthing Aditya Thackrey is making him (Aditya) big in publics eye. Ashish Shelar is and have been successful in 'disturbing' Uddhav Thackrey and the Shivsena in the Corporation or the Vidhan Bhavan regualrly. Then why to even talk about Aditya Thackrey? If the BJP does not fare well at the BMC elections, it will only Shelar who will held responsible. So Shelar's attention should be on the bigger picture. My whole attention is Mumbai Mirror. Whom do they have favour will be observed as they have imported many candidates as reporters from other papers to do so. 

3.  अखेर मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या आदेशाची अंमलबजावणी --अतुल कुलकर्णी-लोकमत 
Superb Atul ji!! Time & again I say, ONLY if Atul ji removes a scam & takes it to a "logical" end, he is in my eyes the top  3 writing journalist of Maharashtra Politics today. His language, his sources & command over the topic is exceptional. But many times he gets driven by the glitter of journalism.  

4. काँग्रेसला फाजिल आत्मविश्वास--सचिन अहीर--कॉफी विथ सकाळ 
Wow, finally Sakal wakes up Sachin Ahir who goes in hibernation after his "dahi-handi". He should with immediate effect storm the Mumbai streets where his command lies. Get rid of defeated & defunct Sanjay Dina Patil is the only advice I will give him. And only IF the party listens to you promote likes of Mahesh Tapase & infuse more young blood. NCP is loosing the plot. Whatever success our party saw is only based on cadre based leadership in Maharashtra and dominance of some prominent NCP leaderships. 

5. शिवसेनेचे  शाखाप्रमुख-आमदार यांच्यातच आपसात वाद 
Is it anything new. Apparently when Uddhav Thackrey who is on Mumbai Darshan went to a particular area and when the local Corporator presented his "score card" the MLA dismissed it calling it a fake. Heated arguments were exchanged and Uddhav stayed mum. But ill tell you, in honest opinion, NO Corporator or MLA has worked for any betterment of our Mumbaikar's, be it of any party. If they show some works here & there, they have made money in that. In mY view, Mumbai should be controlled as a company BMC chief as the CEO & then giving it such uneducated & raw people with no knowledge. 

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